Renaissance / Camera Tour Philadelphia / 2CDR

Renaissance / Camera Tour Philadelphia / 2CDR / Highland Project

Translated Text:
Live At Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA November 26th 1981. Soundboard


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Soundboard sound source appeared from precious 81-year tour of “Renaissance” which is the representative of lyricism of progressive rock in the 1970’s!

In the 1980s when the waves of New Wave jumped, “Renaissance” also changed to pop line with members / changes.

Live at the time of releasing the album “camera / camera” is now valuable.

It is the appearance of 80’s rare live, which is a period when live was changed in the trend of the times though contents including 70’s number are included!





01. Intro
02. Can You Understand – The Vultures Fly High
03. The Day Of The Dreamer
04. Camera Camera
05. Faeries (Living At The Bottom Of The Garden)
06. Running Hard
07. The Northern Lights
08. Tyrant-Tula

01. Mother Russia
02. Band Intros
03. Jigsaw
04. Bonjour Swansong
05. A Song For All Seasons
06. Ashes Are Burning
07. Outro

Live at Ripley Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA November 26th 1981

Highland Project. HLP-153A/B

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