Red Dragon Cartel / Sellersville 2019 / 2CDR

Red Dragon Cartel / Sellersville 2019 / 2CDR / Shades

Live At Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, PA, USA 25th March 2019.

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This is a schedule that has been released to date. Conducted a North American tour from February and landed in Japan with a rest. It’s still undecided after that, but recently drummer Phil Vallon announced that he would retire. Do you say that you don’t get on track very well, but it may be that the selfish pace suits Jake’s sex. Under such circumstances, the Cellarsville performance of this work was the concert that hits the “North America” ​​tour 19 performance.
This work which recorded such a show is transcendent audience recording of the liver crushing level. No, I am not convinced psychologically even though I know it as an audience recording. Anyway there is no sense of distance and there is no super close contact. All sorts of notes come close to your eyes, yet it’s beautifully separate. The vocal is also a sigh level, and it seems that a string that shakes the guitar can be seen in front of you. Everything is ugly, but the base is that it is missing by impact. This is already Gorigori’s bucky baki. Although it is ugly only by capturing a strong attack sound, it is beautiful without distortion. There is also a vibe on the Gorit’s Go, and the Li is super glossy. The base tends to be a difficult question for audience recording, but this work is such a high-quality sound that is so extraordinary that it feels even a margin. Other than the sound board, what kind of bass sound is possible … Honestly, I was able to expand the recognition of the audience recording by force.
Those who recorded such a book are those who are well-known and reputed for today, “bcironmaiden”. As the name suggests, it is a recording house known as a masterpiece group of IRON MAIDEN, but this work is sure to increase its name a few steps further. I have always thought that it was a master, but to record it with a great sound until here …. As a matter of fact, Y & T’s “SELLERSVILLE 2019 (Shades 1037)” released simultaneously this week is also the work of this person. There are also many classic HR / HM works, and I want to pay attention as an overseas version of “Western Japan’s Strongest Taper”.
It is a full show of the reborn RED DRAGON CARTEL that is drawn with such a transcendental sound. In the new work “PATINA”, I drew the hot blues rock that Jake of BADLANDS era got, but the world also blooms on the stage. The opening is the previous work “Wasted”, but after that it is a rush of the “PATINA” number, and 8 out of 11 songs in the album will be played on a large scale. “PATINA” itself was a reborn album, but the world is a huge explosion on the stage. We are spreading the feeling of a fierce active duty that you just want to say “re-debut”.
Of course, not only new songs. The key points of the show are BADLANDS, and also the famous songs of the Ozzie era. However, the selection is also bitter. The highlight will also be the deadly “Highwire”, but in the middle of the show “3 Day Funk” of “VOODOO HIGHWAY” comes out, and the number of the Ozzie era was “Europe’s only in the moon” only in the European edition ” Spiders In The Night only. It may be that I think about the compatibility with the new song, “Bark At The Moon”, “The Ultimate Sin”, “Shot In The Dark”, etc. … while holding a lot of famous songs that shine in rock history, this select . You can fully experience the intense Shiv and Scorching show with super-super-quality sound that feel uniqueness of Jake.

Jake E. Lee who regained the bluesy HR which can be said to be the original figure in “PATINA”. It is a live album that has never been seen before for the Japanese performance, but it is also a music work that strikes the current progressive form that is fierce. The sharp guitar and the hot rock can also be tasted with the soundboard barefoot transcendent sound. Please thoroughly enjoy “Jake’s present” until radical.

そんな本作を記録したのは現代の名手と評判も高まっている人物「bcironmaiden」。その名の通り、IRON MAIDENの名作群で知られる録音家なのですが、本作はその名を更に数段グイッと上げる事間違いなし。これまでも匠とは思っていましたが、ここまで凄い音で録るとは……。実のところ、今週同時リリースとなるY&Tの『SELLERSVILLE 2019(Shades 1037)』もこの人物の作品。クラシックなHR/HM系作品も多く、“西日本最強テーパー”氏の海外版として注目していきたい名手中の名手です。
それほどの超絶サウンドで描かれるのは、生まれ変わったRED DRAGON CARTELのフルショウ。新作『PATINA』ではBADLANDS時代のジェイクが甦ったような熱いブルース・ロックを描いていましたが、ステージもまたその世界が花開く。オープニングこそ前作の「Wasted」ですが、その後は『PATINA』ナンバーの猛ラッシュで、アルバム全11曲中8曲が大盤振る舞いされるのです。『PATINA』自体が生まれ変わったようなアルバムでしたが、その世界がステージでも大爆発。まさに「再デビュー」と言いたくなる猛烈な現役感を振りまいています。
もちろん、新曲だけではありません。ショウの要所にはBADLANDS、そしてオジー時代の名曲も散りばめられています。しかし、そのセレクトも渋い。ハイライトには必殺の「Highwire」も登場しますが、ショウの中盤には『VOODOO HIGHWAY』の「3 Day Funk」が飛び出し、オジー時代のナンバーも『月に吠える』の欧州盤オンリーだった「Spiders In The Night」のみ。新曲との相性を考えての事かも知れませんが、「Bark At The Moon」や「The Ultimate Sin」「Shot In The Dark」等々……ロック史に輝く名曲を大量に抱えていながら、このセレクト。ジェイクならではの矜持を感じる激シブ・灼熱のショウを超極上サウンドでフル体験できます。


Disc 1(40:04)
1. Intro 2. Wasted 3. Havana 4. Punchclown 5. Speed Bag 6. Bitter
7. Chasing Ghosts 8. 3 Day Funk

Disc 2(46:58)
1. MC 2. Luxury Of Breathing 3. Drum Solo 4. Crooked Man 5. Spiders
6. Ink And Water 7. Highwire 8. Feeder

Jake E. Lee – Guitar Darren Smith – Vocals Anthony Esposito – Bass
Phil Varone – Drums

Shades 1036

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