Rainbow / Rising Rough Mix / 1CD

Rainbow / Rising Rough Mix / 1CD /Rising Arrow

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Directly copied from 7 1/2 IPS magnetic recording tape on 7″ speed (I.D.label “Schneider”) belonged to Cozy Powell


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The legendary famous masterpiece “RISING ROUGH MIX”. The final version is on permanent storage press CD.
No longer need this explanation in this legend title. It is the biggest impact shoot by RAINBOW in history, discovered from the tape collection of the late Koji Powell treasure by making it a temporary mix one step before completion of the Daimyo board “RISING”. Its first appearance dates back to 2002, but after that it was also titled as remastered board and re-digitized. The shock jumped over the collector world and was adopted to the official Deluxe Edition (It is not officially recognized, but according to mania’s verification it is said to have been officially made from ‘2003’ DEFINITIVE EDITION ‘ We are). This work is the last version of such a legendary sound source.
The master used was the 1/2 inch reel of the same Koji collection as before. This time we also digitized with the latest equipment from the actual thing, this time is the last challenge. Actually, this master reel is also exposed to the test of time, and little by little, regeneration becomes difficult little by little. While paying careful attention to the limited life span, we have been trying to digitize high-end in the era, but this limit has reached that limit.
Then, if it says whether this work is a rashboro / sound just before the end of life, it is not so. Although it played several times in this challenge, the sound differs subtly different each time, and the thing of the best sound among them was recorded in this work. As a result, I realized a natural and glossy sound more than ever.
There is no word for that beautiful ringing. Although the performance and the mix itself are the same, noiseless beauty, the air feeling of the studio, the stability of the running …… Both are the best ever. And the presence of the “sound” that the master tape had sucked in was even wonderful. In the Officialized Deluxe Edition, silent parts between songs were edited, and small noises remained in one channel, but this work has no such thing. Everything including the silence part is the master tape itself, and there is no slight playback noise in the smooth tone (Actually, the left channel is stormy for a moment at “Stargazer” 3: 05, But it seems like roughness engraved on the master itself).
Of course, as it is non-remastering. Cozy · Lille who had lost a lot of excitement existed, it is a press CD to leave its existence forever.

To be honest, the final challenge was also an adventure. For vintage masters, it is not always possible to upgrade the highest peak sound even if we arrange the equipment and the environment. Nevertheless, once the life of the tape runs out, you can not bring out the sound again. It was digitalization of the original. That is beyond the highest peak of Nojima. It fascinated the highest sparkle at the limit of unreproducible limitation.
A press CD that permanently preserved its sparkle without sacrificing its radiance. “RISING ROUGH MIX” carved the sound of the masterpiece reel itself, which is the most beautiful so far. I want to face the whole spirit “one piece of extreme”.

★ (remaster memo) ★ It contains all the tapes running, including between songs. Record 2 times and collect the best one. The sound quality has not changed at all. Since the state of the magnetic tape has come to its limit, this time will be the last playback. (★ Sound is the best so far, I will guarantee this.)


伝説の大名盤『RISING ROUGH MIX』。その最終バージョンが永久保存プレスCDで登場です。
もはや、この伝説タイトルに説明は不要でしょう。大名盤『RISING』の完成一歩手前の仮ミックスにして、故コージー・パウエル秘蔵のテープ・コレクションから発見されたRAINBOW史上最大の衝撃作です。その初登場は2002年に遡りますが、その後もリマスター盤や再デジタル化でタイトル化。その衝撃はコレクター界を飛び越え、オフィシャルのデラックス・エディションにまで採用されたほどでした(公式に認められてはいませんが、マニアの検証によると2003年の『DEFINITIVE EDITION』からオフィシャル化されたと言われています)。本作は、そんな伝説音源の最新にして最終バージョンなのです。

その輝きを寸分漏らさず、永久保存したプレスCD。これまでで最も美しく、最もマスター・リールそのものの音を刻みつけた『RISING ROUGH MIX』。全霊で正対していただきたい“極みの一枚”です。



1. Tarot Woman 2. Run With The Wolf 3. Starstruck 4. Do You Close Your Eyes
5. Stargazer 6. Comin’ Home

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