Grand Funk Railroad / Korakuen Stadium 1971 – New / 1CD

Grand Funk Railroad / Korakuen Stadium 1971 – New / 1CD / Zion
Live at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan 17th July 1971

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The concert “Arashi Korakuen” engraved a legend that was too huge in the history of Japanese Western music. A miracle live album that can be experienced in its entirety on site is a reprint.

[First full record to testify to the legend] Of course, this work was recorded on July 17, 1971: Korakuen Stadium. This is GRAND FUNK RAILROAD’s only first visit to Japan, which came to Japan prior to PINK FLOYD and LED ZEPPELIN. This show is nothing but a legend. It’s not just a new music “New Rock” attack, but also the first stadium in Japan (and probably the first outdoor concert in Japan). Everything for the audience and the staff was an unexplored groping, and it was hit by a torrential rain. In the baseball game, it is unknown only when it is normal to cancel rainy weather. Despite such chaos and troubles, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD not only completed the show, but also developed a tremendous masterpiece that is rarely seen worldwide. It was a miracle and a legendary crystal.
This work was the first to convey the whole picture of “Arashi Korakuen” as “real sound”. An original cassette that first appeared in 2011. After all, since it is the best legend in Japan, recordings existed until then. But it is fragmentary. Even the existing combination that combined them was up to the fourth song “Heartbreaker” (less than 30 minutes). However, this master recorded “afterwards” for about 34 minutes. Although the tape was exhausted when the last “Inside Looking Out” was played for 13 minutes and 40 seconds, this second half was the first achievement in history, and all the songs of the day had been recorded almost completely. Moreover, “All songs of the day” is not just GRAND FUNK RAILROAD. It has been recorded up to the stage of MASHMAKHAN who came to Japan as a forerunner, and further narration by Mr. Goto Itoi who worked on the day and manager Terry Knight. (As expected, there is no Japanese group with dew wiping out.) The whole “Legendary Legend” was recorded.

[Super realistic MASHMAKHAN and the legendary MC] Actually, it is a masterpiece from MASHMAKHAN in the undercard. He plays two songs, “Children Of The Sun” and “Gladwin”, but not only the acoustic ensemble but also the surrounding mood is clearly captured. This is amazing. “It’s a sight to see if it rains!” “Everyone wouldn’t be naked anymore !?” “I will take my clothes off and get naked!” “Oh, it’s raining !!” “Don’t die!” Is clearly heard with a beautiful performance (by the way, Les Harvey and Keith Relph were electrocuted later).
Especially, it was around 5 minutes when “Gladwin” was played. There is no element of excitement in a quiet improvisation, but a furious shout swells. Actually, one of the legends of the day is that the banner of the GRAND FUNK RAILROAD (signboard) was blown away by a gust of wind, but that is the moment (which is also indicated on the cassette). . The enthusiasm of the audience, who is excited about the trouble in a different dimension from the heated performance, is super realistic.
The legend of this day is that it took almost an hour to change the set after MASHMAKHAN. As expected, the tape was stopped, but recording resumed from the appearance of Mr. Itoi and Terry Knight. Immediately after the resumption, “Begin early, idiot!” It is interesting to return! After that, Terry shouted “GFR is waiting here” (Grand Funk Railroad is here now!), “The stage gets wet in the rain. Sorry for the delay. But GFR is tonight. “Because of rain, the stage is very wet. We are sorry for the delay … Grand Funk Railroad will play for you tonight!” This greeting part and the next performance SE “Tsaratustra Talk” are different masters (about 4 minutes 40 seconds), but this is also a superb noiseless master different from the noise-covered ones circulated among traders. .

[The truth of Daimyo’s performance that made me say “career best”] And finally, the leading role appears! This moment is tremendous !! Mr. Goi Itoi’s “Let’s wait, let me introduce you. Ladies & Gentlemen, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD !!” and the intro of “Are You Ready” However, the sound pressure and the powerful cheers! The frustration that has been waiting for almost an hour in the rain is exploding, but the performance that completely twists it is a nuclear explosion. Because the undercard was acoustic and beautiful MASHMAKHAN, the dynamism of the assault force is not perfect. Although it is clear that even conversational voices can be heard clearly between songs, the sound of the performance is totally different, although it can be understood as the same recording. To be honest, it is a sound that requires some familiarity with the audience, but this energy and dynamism are also important evidence.
Of course, if you are familiar with customer records, you can feel the subtlety of the performance with a very thick core. This is also amazing. Although it was a very iron walled performance, it was disseminated to “Mouth Park Suspicion” at that time, but that was also a sign of the still-fair Japanese Western music scene. Live music with plenty of ad lib wherever you listen. It ’s also superb. When this recording first appeared, in a review of a professional magazine, “The image of“ GFR = Kuchipaku ”spread by Showa’s media is foolishly said that this Japan alone will still be spoken today. However, now that this sound source has appeared, they will be feelings that they want to run away barefoot. Rather, the phrase “Zeppelin is also crazy” comes more comfortably, and a great performance that surpasses the great name board “LIVE ALBUM” is completely blown out.

Not only did many anecdotes have been recorded in the Japanese Western music scene, but Mark Farner himself later became a “famous career”. It is a genuine cultural heritage album where you can experience the whole picture with super real sound. The legend that has been spoken of is true and false. A press CD that keeps the truth and tells forever. A legendary record that has been sold out.


そんな本作が記録されたのは、もちろん「1971年7月17日:後楽園球場」。PINK FLOYD、LED ZEPPELINに先駆けて来日を果たしたGRAND FUNK RAILROAD唯一の初来日公演です。このショウは、まさに伝説以外の何物でもない。シンプルに新しい音楽“ニューロック”の襲来というだけでなく、日本にとっても初のスタジアム(そして恐らく日本初の野外)コンサート。観客にとってもスタッフにとってもすべてが未体験の手探りであり、しかも生憎の豪雨に見舞われた。野球の試合も雨天中止が当たり前の時代だけに「どんな音楽?」以前に「本当に開催されるのか?」「どう観るもの?」までもが未知。そんな混沌とトラブルの連続にも関わらず、GRAND FUNK RAILROADはショウを完遂しただけではなく、世界的にも希に見る凄絶な名演を繰り広げた……。まさに奇跡と伝説の結晶だったのです。
そんな「嵐の後楽園」の全貌を初めて「現実の音」として伝えたのが本作。2011年に初登場したオリジナル・カセットです。何しろ、日本随一の伝説ですから、それまでも録音は存在していました。しかし、それはあくまで断片的。それらを組み合わせた既発でも4曲目の「Heartbreaker」まで(30分弱)でした。ところが、このマスターには「その後」も約34分間も収録。ラストの「Inside Looking Out」が13分40秒演奏されたところでテープが尽きてしまうものの、この後半部は史上初の快挙であり、当日の全曲をほぼ完全に記録しきっていたのです。しかも、「当日の全曲」はGRAND FUNK RAILROADだけではない。なんと前座として来日したMASHMAKHANのステージまで録音されており、さらに当日の進行を務めた糸居五○氏やマネージャーのテリー・ナイトによるナレーションまで収録。(さすがに露払いの日本人グループはありませんが)まさしく「伝説の全貌」を丸ごと記録されていたのです。

実際、前座のMASHMAKHANからして圧巻。「Children Of The Sun」「Gladwin」の2曲を演奏しているのですが、アコースティカルなアンサンブルだけに演奏だけでなく、周囲のムードまで綺麗に捉えられている。これが凄い。「雨降ったら見ものだな!」「皆、もう裸になっちゃうんじゃないの!?」「俺、洋服脱いで裸になっちゃう!」「あ、雨降ってきた!!」「感電して死ぬなよー!」といった会話が美しい演奏と共にハッキリと聞こえる(ちなみにレス・ハーヴェイやキース・レルフが感電死したのはさらに後年でした)。
特に強烈なのは5分ほど「Gladwin」を演奏したあたり。静かなインプロで盛り上がる要素は皆無なのに、猛烈な大歓声が沸き上がる。実は、この日の伝説の1つに「GRAND FUNK RAILROADの横断幕(看板)が突風で飛ばされた」というのがあるのですが、それがこの瞬間(カセットにもそのように表記されています)。加熱していく演奏とは別次元でトラブルに興奮する観客の熱気が超リアルなのです。
そんなMASHMAKHANの後、セットチェンジに1時間近くかかったのもこの日の伝説。さすがにそこではテープが止められていましたが、糸居○郎氏とテリー・ナイトの登場から録音再開される。再開直後の「早く始めろ、バカヤロウ!」「座って!座って!」からして殺気だった現場を伝えてくれますが、テリーによる「ミナサン、コンバンワ」で一気にムードが変わり、平和に「こんばんわー!」と返すのが面白い。その後、テリーは「GFRはここで待ってるんだ(Grand Funk Railroad is here now!)」に大歓声が沸き、「雨でステージが濡れてしまって。遅れて申し訳ない。でも、GFRは今夜キミたちのために演奏する!(Because of rain, the stage is very wet. We are sorry for the delay…Grand Funk Railroad will play for you tonight!)」に熱気が吹き上がるのです。この挨拶パートと続く開演SE「ツァラトゥストラかく語りき」は本編とは別マスター(約4分40秒)ですが、これもトレーダー間で流通していたノイズまみれの物とは異なるノイズレスな極上マスターです。

そして、いよいよ主役が登場! この瞬間が凄まじい!! 糸居五○氏の「どうもお待ちどおさま、じゃあご紹介しましょう。Ladies & Gentlemen, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD!!」とシンクロして「Are You Ready」のイントロが唸りを上げるのですが、その音圧と大歓声のド迫力! 雨の中で1時間近くも待たされたフラストレーションが爆発しているのですが、それを完全にねじ伏せる演奏はまさに核爆発。前座がアコースティックで美しいMASHMAKHANだったせいもあって、その突撃力のダイナミズムが半端ない。曲間になると相変わらず会話声までクリアに聞こえるので同じ録音と分かるものの、演奏音はまるで違います。正直なところ、多少なりともオーディエンス慣れを必要とするサウンドではあるのですが、このエネルギーとダイナミズムこそが重要な証拠でもあるのです。
もちろん、客録慣れした方なら極太の芯で演奏の機微もしっかりと感じ取れる。これがまた凄い。あまりに鉄壁な演奏ぶりに当時“口パク疑惑”まで流布されましたが、それもまだまだ稚拙だった日本洋楽シーンの表れというものでしょう。どこをどう聴いてもアドリブたっぷりの生演奏。それも飛びっきりに極上の。この録音が初登場した際には、専門誌のレビューで「昭和のメディアによって広められた“GFR=クチパク”というイメージは愚かにも、この日本だけで21世紀の今も尚語られる事となるのだが、本音源が登場した今となって、年老いた彼らは裸足で逃げ出したい心境であろう」とまで書かれていましたが、まさに至言。むしろ「ツェッペリンもぶっとんだ」というフレーズの方がしっくりと来ますし、かの大名盤『LIVE ALBUM』とはまったく異なりながらも凌駕する大熱演が猛烈な勢いで吹き出してくるのです。




1. Children Of The Sun
2. Gladwin


3. Goro Itoi & Terry Knight Stage Announcements
4. Also Sprach Zarathustra / Soundcheck
5. Goro Itoi Introduction
6. Are You Ready
7. Paranoid
8. In Need
9. Heartbreaker
10. Mark Says Alright
11. T.N.U.C.
12. Inside Looking Out

Mark Farner – Guitar, Vocal
Don Brewer – Drums, Vocal
Mel Schacher – Bass


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