Rainbow / Down To New Jersey / 1DVDR

Rainbow / Down To New Jersey / 1DVDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Live at Capitol Theater, Passaic, New Jersey, USA 1st December 1979 PRO-SHOT


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This work suddenly appeared in the end of 2014, shook the RAINBOW mania around the world, of Graham Bonnet era pro-shot live video. Masterpiece was a big hit in the press DVD, DVD is the rainy day gift of determination!
This work, “DOWN TO EARTH TOUR 1979-1980” of the initial to become America tour even, “1979, December 1, Passaic performance” that was the whole volume recorded in the relevant parties outflow of multi-camera professional shot. Speaking of large heyday of RAINBOW, everyone It would answer “Ronnie James Dio era”, it is also the fact. But, the most popular Nanoha in the world of the Son and of the boot leg, in fact Graham Bonnet era. Explosive Vaud Cali THEY tion of his own, luxury five everyone was a star player, the medieval flavor of the set list …… Ronnie full of delicious song was revealing in that faded “royal road hard rock” is, phase 2 DEEP since PURPLE. Moreover, in the live I do not let go by because I was full of sparkle more than much of the album, “DOWN TO EARTH”, I caught quick to notice mania our heart to “the world of the non-official”.
There are a number of live recordings that tell the live, critically missing has been the video. Speaking of professional shots of it to “DOWN TO EARTH TOUR 1979-1980”, is only the first time MONSTERS OF ROCK of the last concert, it is also intended only about 30 minutes that has been edited for television programs. Otherwise also is about “no it is not”, either piecemeal, such as the scene at the time of the live, was not intended take the very imagination. 2014 jumped over such 35 years of time, (although there is a black-and-white) suddenly to full professional shot flew out. The impact of the appearance, the more the head is dizzy even remember now. The it was a historic large excavation that does not think of the other even in this decade.
It was confined to the visual impact on the press DVD of permanent preservation, this work. Among the images that rocked the world, direct use of the master was obtained from the broadcasting officials that make full use of special root overseas. Was the fastest of the press on DVD in all the world, is still fresh in memory was a big hit of the unprecedented.

Start the video from the “Eyes Of The World” (intro unreleased). Missing early Only partially the video of the song, it is easy to have turn now even mix of voice, but from the middle will be stable. The video while as described above monochrome, contour Sharp more than enough. It is clearly a shot that was conscious of broadcasting, such as the beginning Graham and Don Ritchie, accurately close-up the part of “want to see here” of members. Praise the SCORPIONS was the day of the main act following the MC of Graham when it is about to “Love’s No Friend” is also eliminates the deficit, and later will be rock solid. Including the Graham to become a texture face in close-up, also can be seen clearly even Richie and Don of finger handling in any song!
Then, the audio is also perfect sound board. Let me hear firmly the ensemble at the center Ritchie of guitar, guitar with a thick waist is nice, also highlight sing of Graham that do not lose it. Performance in the mood and condition both the name is, but it’s also the day that does not stable, or are you aware of the shooting, a string of play loving polite force in this live! Boot leg of Graham era is one of the reasons why it is popular, there is this instability. If you think the first half of the day is ridiculously highest or the second half or become gudaguda, even in average show to the whole, or there is a brightly shining one song. Ronnie is not disturbed in most of the show, but it it’s also in his splendor, Graham is best when a shine to more than Ronnie, would come out even bitter smile when not. I wanted to look for its charm, it would catapult thought, “another performance.” And, great performance this work is to be eagerly among them. Not be a miraculous professional shot gudaguda, really it was good ….
Digress, let’s get back to live. The day will not be playing, “Since You Been Gone”, is directly linked from the “Brandenburg Concerto” of the band playing to “Over The Rainbow” pattern. However, thrilling to the highest then the Kanpatsu to Irezu begins, “All Night Long” scene! In its second half, “All Night Long”, but Graham will showcase the dialogue of the audience and promise, is exactly taking both the stage and the audience, is perfect communion of Graham and fan. Multi-camera sight of pro-shot unique.
And live in the climax “Lost In Hollywood”! Songs from the main part of the angry waves that Graham of the shout is exploding, “Beethoven 9th” of Richie, and to the “1812 Overture” Cozy, is trying to come the day when the whole story of endless large medley can watch a pro shot … …. More encore of last, this work finally to have waited until the guitar crash to be a maximum of fascinated field. Richie unfolds a flashy action pounding to the amplifier or the floor, (unawares) firing the cabinet …. This satisfaction, this sense of fulfillment. “Finally, Mitodoke was”, you professional shots that I think comes welled up.

MONSTERS OF ROCK what, it is a huge symbol of shining in RAINBOW history. However, satisfaction of taste in this work, “I watched Graham RAINBOW!” Is hazy even Kano historical pro shot. Graham era also was only shining moment in the history of RAINBOW. I would like you to clenching the joy that enjoy the full show in RAINBOW fan all. And put their feelings, will send a super masterpiece video became a huge excavation since “Cozy Tapes”.

本作は、“DOWN TO EARTH TOUR 1979-1980”でも初期となるアメリカツアーのうち、「1979年12月1日パセーイク公演」を関係者流出のマルチカメラ・プロショットで全編収録したもの。RAINBOWの大全盛期と言えば、誰しも「ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオ時代」と答えるでしょうし、それは事実でもあります。ですが、ことブートレッグの世界において一番人気なのは、実はグラハム・ボネット時代。彼自身の爆発的なヴォーカリゼイション、5人全員がスタープレイヤーであった豪華さ、美味しい曲を満載したセットリスト……ロニーの中世風味が薄れたことで現出した“王道ハードロック”は、第2期DEEP PURPLE以来。しかも、ライヴではアルバム「DOWN TO EARTH」を遙かに超える輝きに満ちていたのですから、“オフィシャル以外の世界”に目敏いマニア達の心を捕らえて放さないのです。
そのライヴを伝えるライヴ録音は数多くありますが、決定的に欠けていたのは映像。それまで“DOWN TO EARTH TOUR 1979-1980”のプロショットと言えば、ラスト・コンサートの第1回MONSTERS OF ROCKだけであり、それもテレビ番組用に編集された約30分しかないもの。それ以外も“ない事はない”程度であり、いずれも断片的で、当時のライヴの光景など、とても想像のつくものではありませんでした。そんな35年の時間を飛び越えた2014年、突如として(モノクロではあるものの)フル・プロショットが飛び出した。その登場の衝撃は、今思い出しても頭がくらくらするほど。この10年でも他には思いつかない歴史的な大発掘だったのです。

映像は「Eyes Of The World」(イントロは未収録)からスタート。曲の序盤こそ部分的に映像が欠落し、音声のミックスも移ろいやすいのですが、中盤からは安定します。映像は前述の通りモノクロながら、輪郭は充分以上にシャープ。明らかに放送を意識した撮影であり、リッチーをはじめグラハムやドンなど、メンバーの「ここを観たい」という部分を的確にクローズアップ。当日のメイン・アクトだったSCORPIONSを讃えるグラハムのMCに続く「Love’s No Friend」になる頃には欠損もなくなり、以降は磐石になります。クローズアップでキメ顔になるグラハムを始め、どの曲でもリッチーやドンの指捌きまでもが鮮明に見える!
そして、音声も完璧なサウンドボード。リッチーのギターを中心にアンサンブルをしっかりと聴かせてくれ、太くコシのあるギターは素晴らしく、それに負けないグラハムの熱唱もまた圧巻。両名とも気分やコンディションでパフォーマンスが安定しない日もあるのですが、撮影を意識しているのか、本ライヴでは丁寧で力のこもったプレイを連発! グラハム時代のブートレッグが人気である理由の1つに、この不安定さがある。ある日の前半はとんでもなく最高かと思えば、後半はグダグダになったり、全体に平均的なショウでも、まばゆく輝く1曲があったり。ロニーはほとんどのショウで乱れなく、それが彼の素晴らしさでもあるのですが、グラハムは最高なときはロニー以上に輝き、そうではない時には苦笑いも出てしまう。その魅力を探したくて、ついつい「もう1公演」と思ってしまうのです。そして、本作はその中でも指折り数えられる名演。奇跡的なプロショットがグダグダでなくて、本当に良かった……。
閑話休題、ライヴに戻りましょう。この日は「Since You Been Gone」が演奏されず、「Brandenburg Concerto」からバンド演奏の「Over The Rainbow」へ直結するパターン。ところが、その後間髪をいれずに「All Night Long」が始まるシーンが最高にスリリング! その「All Night Long」後半では、グラハムが観客とお約束の掛け合いを披露しますが、ステージと客席の双方をきっちり撮影され、グラハムとファンの交感もばっちり。マルチカメラのプロショットならではの光景です。
そしてライヴのヤマ場「Lost In Hollywood」! グラハムのシャウトが炸裂する怒涛の曲本編から、リッチーの「Beethoven 9th」、そしてコージーの「1812 Overture」まで、延々と続く大メドレーの一部始終がプロショットで観られる日が来ようとは……。さらにアンコールのラストには、本作最後にして最大の魅せ場となるギター・クラッシュまで待ち構えている。アンプや床に叩きつけるド派手なアクションを繰り広げるリッチーに、(いつの間にか)発火したキャビネット……。この満足感、この充実感。「ついに、見届けた」、その思いが込み上げてくるプロショットなのです。

MONSTERS OF ROCKこそ、RAINBOW史上に輝く巨大な象徴です。しかし、本作で味わえる「グラハムRAINBOWを観た!」の満足感は、かの歴史的プロショットさえも霞む。RAINBOW史上でも一瞬の輝きに過ぎなかったグラハム時代。そのフルショウを楽しめるという喜びをRAINBOWファン全員に噛み締めていただきたい。その想いを込めて、“コージー・テープス”以来の大発掘となった超傑作映像を贈ります。

1. Eyes Of The World 2. Love’s No Friend 3. Brandenburg Concerto / Over The Rainbow
4. All Night Long 5. Keyboard Solo 6. Lost In Hollywood 7. Guitar Solo incl. Beethoven 9th
8. Keyboard Solo 9. Drums Solo feat. 1812 Overture 10. Lost In Hollywood (Reprise) 11. Guitar Solo
12. Lazy 13. Man On The Silver Mountain 14. Blues 15. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
16. Kill The King incl. Guitar Crash 17. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise) 18. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Graham Bonnet – Vocal Roger Glover – Bass Don Airey – Keyboard
Cozy Powell – Drums

PRO-SHOT B&W NTSC Approx. 76min.

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