Rainbow / Osaka 1984 / 2CD

Rainbow / Osaka 1984 / 2CD / Darker Than Blue

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Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan on March 11th, 1984.


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Latest bullet original cassette series of Kinney is a 1984 RAINBOW full unpublished! Series starts from the first edition and in 1980 became the Budokan, but has been a string of super masterpiece recording of RAINBOW, which it has been known as the LP bootlegs until now. However, it’s been this excavation have not been published as well as analog, it’s a recording of the world premiere !!
It became the the scene, just before the dissolution of the 1984 Japan tour. The first day become “March to the 11th-Osaka Castle Hall, 1984” is the performance. Here, let’s check the dates of 1984 Japan tour.

– March 11: Osaka Castle Hall [this work] – March 13: Nippon Budokan
– March 14: Nippon Budokan ※ official video

Only, this only. Ritchie Blackmore but went 8 degrees Japan tour through to here, the DEEP PURPLE’s first visit to Japan since successive least because three times. Richie popularity despite were still high, I have only 1/5 as compared to the 15 performances of 1978. “BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984” of the schedule is small, it was not Japan alone. UK Tour Nordic but tour what was conventional, or movement to the DEEP PURPLE reunion that was accelerated under the surface of the water, in Central Europe, Southern Europe of schedule absolutely not, North American tour was only about half of the conventional.
This work, such valuable “BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984” But, best of audience recording. The neat sound, indeed truly of Kinney recording. Even while space feel of Osaka Castle Hall, musical tone that penetrate to straighten the crystal clear air in a transparent, like sparkling to the outline. While have been cleanly recorded from bass to treble, it is not rough to the difference and say whether perfect balance. From which all of the instrument sounds neat, are out in front and is one step jerk Ritchie of guitar, it has stretched the lead role of the ensemble in the whole volume. Of course, it is not supposed to will any inconvenience and easy to listen to Richie guitar, and Romp Osaka Castle Hall while Katsuaki up nuances in freely, to dominate that wide space.
Its the Richey then straight reach is, Joe Lynn Turner of singing voice. Richie in the first, the balance of Joe in the second, put the hit at the time of RAINBOW to have at all. The balance of the site does not may have been so, but there I also the recording you have fully captured it faithfully. And, fascinating thing of singing voice of the Joe! “BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984” is, but is there some days too much is not good tone, top form this day. Youthful also sing in a forceful voice, and whisper, shout. It is a jaw that has been visited Japan many times in his career, but the singing voice of this work might be best.
1984 live that such Richie and Joe show off is exactly what vividness of rainbow colors. If you say the 1980s medium-term, ASIA and GENESIS, but British rock heavyweights who like YES was going to create a style that inscribe a strong impression in compact, this live is very Ritchie version. While the music from the one before and made 1982 Atari of this work has come to play in compact, there was still also an unfamiliar feeling. However, in this work is completely new style to things, compact Toro Keru such improvisation phrase even in the pivotal piece of music (different Although the initial style to lengthy play one song one song) It is the spree holding the Tokoro.
Confidence the first time without the hesitation, it felt even from the performance. “Spotlight Kid” while Tatamikake in explosion tempo from “Fool For The Night”, brilliantly played as possible exhilarating of the beginning! This sharpness is, will the contribution of Chuck Vaghi was large. Sharpness to impress the delicate phrase among accurately matchless sense of rhythm is a rarity. Truly is virtuoso of the original BRAND X. We do not go do this by Bobby Rondineri. Its momentum, unabated even the late show. “Stranded”, “Death Alley Driver”, “Fire Dance” Fast 3 that ensues of volley! Playing the first time you have with this lively, it might be a synergistic effect by the last concert in the spurt and the normal organization of the towards the dissolution. Even say, but the orchestra played at the “Difficult To Cure” in the Budokan two shows after this was the centerpiece, this is in the Osaka Castle Hall without the co-star. In other words, this work is the last concert of the band only, it is for the good of rock out there is no tension while before the special challenge is felt.

While dissolution just before, RAINBOW to comfortably sail fast without sharp so far. “BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984” It is a great masterpiece that has unearthed the best condition of Meien from unpublished cassette of Kinney among. Thinner board which triple time was aligned with Bishitsu of preciousness-performance sound. By all means, please enjoy without reserve!

キニーのオリジナルカセット・シリーズの最新弾は、完全未発表の1984年RAINBOWです! シリーズ第1弾となった1980年武道館から始まり、RAINBOWの超傑作録音を連発してきましたが、今まではLPブートレッグとして知られてきたもの。しかし、今回発掘されたのは、アナログとしても発表されていない、全世界初公開の録音なのです!!

・3月11日:大阪城ホール 【本作】
・3月14日:日本武道館 ※公式映像

わずか、これだけ。ここに至るまでリッチー・ブラックモアは8度ジャパンツアーを行ってきましたが、3回というのはDEEP PURPLE初来日以来の歴代最少。リッチー人気は相変わらず高かったにも関わらず、1978年の15公演に比べて1/5しかないのです。“BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984”の日程が少ないのは、日本だけではありませんでした。UKツアー・北欧ツアーこそ従来通りでしたが、水面下でDEEP PURPLE再結成への動きが加速していたのか、中欧・南欧の日程は一切なく、北米ツアーは従来の約半分だけでした。
本作は、そんな貴重な“BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984”でも、極上のオーディエンス記録。その端正なサウンドは、さすがさすがのキニー録音。大阪城ホールの空間は感じさせつつも、透明に透き通った大気を真っ直ぐに突き抜ける楽音は、輪郭までキラキラと輝くよう。低音から高音まで綺麗に記録されていながら、完璧なバランスかと言うとさにあらず。総ての楽器が端正に聞こえる中から、リッチーのギターが一歩グッと前に出ており、全編でアンサンブルの主役を張っている。もちろん、リッチーのギターが聴きやすくて何の不都合もあろうはずがなく、ニュアンスまで克明ながら大阪城ホールを縦横無尽に駆け回り、あの広い空間を支配する。
そのリッチーに次いで真っ直ぐ届くのが、ジョー・リン・ターナーの歌声。第1にリッチー、第2にジョーというバランスは、まったくもって当時のRAINBOWに打って付け。現場のバランスがそうだったのかも知れませんが、それを忠実に捉えきった録音でもあるのです。そして、そのジョーの歌声の艶やかなこと! “BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984”は、あまり調子の良くない日もあるのですが、この日は絶好調。若々しくも張りのある声で歌い、ささやき、叫ぶ。そのキャリアで幾度となく日本を訪れてきたジョーですが、本作の歌声はベストかも知れません。
その迷いのない自信ぶりは、演奏からも感じられる。冒頭の「Spotlight Kid」「Fool For The Night」からして爆テンポで畳みかけつつ、見事に弾ききる爽快さ! この切れ味は、チャック・バーギの貢献も大きかったのでしょう。正確無比なリズム感の中でも細やかなフレーズを叩き込むシャープさは絶品。さすがは元BRAND Xの名手。ボビー・ロンディネリではこうはいきません。その勢いは、ショウ後半になっても衰えない。「Stranded」「Death Alley Driver」「Fire Dance」のファスト3連発の凄まじいこと! この生き生きとした演奏ぶりは、解散に向けてのスパートと通常編成でのラスト・コンサートによる相乗効果かも知れません。と言うのも、この後の武道館2公演では「Difficult To Cure」でのオーケストラ共演が目玉でしたが、この大阪城ホールでは共演はなし。つまり、本作はバンドのみのラスト・コンサートであり、特別な挑戦を前にしながら緊張もない思い切りの良さが感じられるのです。

解散間際ながら、これまでになくシャープに気持ちよく快走するRAINBOW。“BENT OUT OF SHAPE TOUR 1983-1984”の中でも絶好調な名演をキニーの未発表カセットから発掘した大傑作です。貴重さ・演奏・サウンドの三拍子がビシッとそろった新名盤。ぜひ、存分にお楽しみください!

Disc 1 (61:44)
1. Land Of Hope And Glory 2. Over The Rainbow 3. Spotlight Kid 4. Fool For The Night
5. I Surrender 6. Can’t Happen Here 7. Catch The Rainbow 8. Miss Mistreated
9. Difficult To Cure 10. Keyboard Solo 11. Difficult To Cure(Reprise) 12. Guitar Solo
13. Drum Solo 14. Power

Disc 2 (42:37)
1. Blues 2. Stranded 3. Death Alley Driver 4. Fire Dance 5. Maybe Next Time 6. All Night Long
7. Woman From Tokyo/Since You Been Gone 8. Smoke On The Water 9. Over The Rainbow

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar Joe Lynn Turner – Vocals Roger Glover – Bass
David Rosenthal – Keyboards Chuck Burgi – Drums

Darker Than Blue 211/212

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