Rainbow / Definitive Aalborg 1980 / 2CD

Rainbow / Definitive Aalborg 1980 / 2CD / Black Box

Live at Aalborghallen, Aalborg, Denmark 10th August 1980

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Once … No, still in the Graham Bonnet era, still praised as “the strongest RAINBOW”. The upgrade master of the traditional recording is newly discovered. It is a permanent preservation press CD.
What is included in this work is “Aalborg Performance on August 10, 1980”. This is the finest audience recording that recorded the last day of the Nordic tour that was also a warm-up for that “1st MONSTERS OF ROCK (hereinafter, MOR)”. Yes, this show is a night that is known for its famous masterpieces “PERFECT ON LINE” and “ASTROLOGIST MORE”. This work is Omoto master of such a legendary recording, and it is a new masterpiece that updates the longest and highest peak quality ever!

[Countdown of “one more performance” to the finale] が I wrapped up with “warm up” and “that show”, but speaking of 1980 was 40 years ago. First, let’s look back at the activities of the Graham era in order to evoke memories.

● 1979
<< July 28 “DOWN TO EARTH” release >>
・ September 18-October 12: North America # 1 (18 performances)
・ November 6-December 13: North America # 2 (24 performances)
● 1980
・ January 17-March 8: Europe (35 performances)
・ May 8-15: Japan (6 performances)
・ August 8-16: Northern Europe + MOR (4 performances) ← ★ coco ★

This is RAINBOW of the Graham era. During the tour, Cozy Powell announced his withdrawal from the band on the music magazine New Musical Express. The headliner appearance at the MOR on August 16 has been decided as the last stage of Cozy in RAINBOW. The “Northern Europe” leg was a mini-tour that warmed up before its last major stage. In this mini tour, all performances can be enjoyed on live albums. Here, zoom to “Northern Europe + MOR” and let’s review along with the representative sound source.

● Nordic tour
・ August 8: Aarhus performance (Denmark) “ASTROLOGIST (DISC 1-2)” “ANOTHER ONLINE”
・ August 9: Performance in Malmo (Sweden) “ASTROLOGIST (DISC 3)” “ON LINE”
・ August 10: Aalborg performance ASTROLOGIST MORE, “PERFECT ON LINE” ← ★ This is here ★
* Only representative albums on each day.

… and it looks like this. As you can see, this Aalborg performance is the last day of the “Northern Europe Tour” and is the last count of “one more performance” until MOR. This short-term Scandinavian tour is recorded by audience recording for all three performances, and all are standard. Aarhus performances on the 8th have a reputation for soundboard quality, and feature excellent performances and recording conditions on the 9th, as well as accidents that are expected to stop in the rain.
And 10 days of the main subject. It is said that the best performances were made in the three Nordic performances on this day, but the recording state was blurred and “one piece dropped” was the usual market price as before.

[Finally full length excavation!伝 統 Traditional name master who charms true figure】
However, such reputation is “so far”. The new master discovered this time has the same recording system as the previously released “PERFECT ON LINE” and “ASTROLOGIST MORE”, but this is exactly the “Omoto”. He was a master who breathed the air of the venue, and contained a surprising sound that shattered the traditional image.
First of all, the biggest difference is that you can listen to “The Land Of Hope And Glory” and “Countdown Intro” (2 minutes or more in total) before the performance and “Over The Rainbow” after the performance, which were not recorded in the past. Even now, a new work of the imperfect master has been released, but you can tell at this point.
Of course, these lengths are just “proof of the original”. The key is the sound that goes through the whole. Its clearness and reality are overwhelming. Even though it was recorded in 1980, the view is as good as DAT recording, and the scene of the venue spreads right before the moment of playback. The image of the past, which was described as “sound is blurred”, is instantly shattered. Although the recording itself is not different, I picked up the hall noise, but the sound that stripped the veil of noise, Ritchie’s guitar and Graham’s singing voice came through just as “I am the main character!” Rather, the sound of this expansive, big sound doubles the appeal of “Eyes Of The World”. The most surprising thing is the drumming of Cozy. Hard snare tone, powerful bass drum resonating with Zudong, all real cozy signs. “Love’s No Friend,” which breaks into the leading role between Ritchie and Graham, is a must-see performance.
“Stargzaer” with live highlights set for MOR! On August 8th in Aarhus, you could see the hardness and roughness of the premiere, despite the high sound quality, but here the performance was also familiar, and Richie’s solo was a work of color. Graham is even more striking. He is a type that tends to appear on the surface when the live continues, but at this time he does not feel tired and makes the song firmly his thing. Rather, they control their voices precisely and sing while holding them down. The rising nuances also appear in the sharpness of “Catch The Rainbow”. The contrast between Richie’s “Brandenburg Concerto” played at the beginning of the song, the beautiful tone of the first half, and the emotions of the latter half erupts. It is also said that “Northern Europe is the best performance on the third day” on this day, but it is more clearly drawn with the upgrade sound.
And a long “Lost In Hollywood” medley that encompasses each person’s solo. This dramatic performance feels even more special, given the coming August 16 Donington. The ending “Over The Rainbow” will be the first appearance to push such a great performance. It is about 30 seconds, but without it, the lingering sound is completely different. The Graham era is a period of prominence even in live composition, and this epilogue completes the “style beauty” of RAINBOW.

北 The “Northern Europe Tour”, where the potential for MONSTERS OF ROCK was raised at a stretch. It is a press 2CD that permanently saved the last day with the highest peak update quality. Although this work itself is a masterpiece of a live album, the appearance of this work has made it possible to complete the highest peak collection of the three Nordic performances with a press CD. In terms of personality, the Aarhus recording on August 8 was a “quasi-sound board” focused on performance, and the August 9 Melmo recording on an accident was a “document”. And on August 10, Aalborg (this work) will be an “on-site experience” that includes even the live atmosphere. It is a masterpiece collection of three people.
描 か The true appearance of a legendary recording drawn over the longest 97 minutes recorded in the past. A great performance that was realized only because of the countdown, “One more performance until the strongest RAINBOW is over.” Please experience the polarization on this work!

★ Significantly improved sound quality and recording time! Super high-quality sound of master sound! !

そんな本作に収められているのは「1980年8月10日オールボー公演」。あの“第一回MONSTERS OF ROCK(以後、MOR)”のウォームアップでもあった北欧ツアーの最終日を記録した極上オーディエンス録音です。そう、このショウは歴代の名盤『PERFECT ON LINE』『ASTROLOGIST MORE』等で知られる夜。本作は、そんな伝説録音の大元マスターであり、過去最長・最高峰クオリティを更新する新名盤なのです!


《7月28日『DOWN TO EARTH』発売》


・8月8日:オーフス公演(デンマーク)『ASTROLOGIST(DISC 1-2)』『ANOTHER ONLINE』
・8月9日:マルメ公演(スウェーデン)『ASTROLOGIST(DISC 3)』『ON LINE』
・8月10日:オールボー公演ASTROLOGIST MORE』『PERFECT ON LINE』 ←★本作はココ★


【遂に全長版発掘! 真の姿を魅せる伝統の名マスター】
しかし、そんな世評は「これまで」のもの。今回発掘された新マスターは、録音の系統こそ既発の『PERFECT ON LINE』や『ASTROLOGIST MORE』と同じですが、これはまさにその“大元”。会場の空気を吸い込んだマスターであり、従来のイメージをガラリと切り返す驚きのサウンドが封じ込められていたのです。
まず最大の違いが、既発では未収録だった開演前の「The Land Of Hope And Glory」「Countdown Intro」(合計で2分以上)や終演後の「Over The Rainbow」が聴けること。現在でも不完全マスターの新作がリリースされていたりしますが、このポイントで見分けることができます。
もちろん、こうした長さはあくまでも「大元の証拠」に過ぎない。肝心なのは、全体を貫くサウンド。そのクリアさとリアリティは圧倒的。1980年録音だというのに、さながらDAT録音のように見通しが良く、再生した瞬間に目前に会場の光景が広がるよう。「音がボケている」と評された過去のイメージが一瞬にして打ち砕かされるのです。録音自体が異なるわけではないのでホール鳴りを拾ってはいますが、ノイズのヴェールを剥ぎ取ったサウンドは、リッチーのギターもグラハムの歌声も「俺が主役だ!」とばかりに突き抜けてくる。むしろこの広がりあるビッグなサウンドで鳴ると「Eyes Of The World」の魅力を倍増している。そして何より驚くのがコージーのドラミング。硬質なスネアの音色、ズドンと響くバスドラの迫力、いずれもリアルなコージー印。リッチーとグラハムの主役合戦に割って入る「Love’s No Friend」は、是非ともお確かめ頂きたい名演です。
そしてライヴのハイライトがMORに向けてセット入りした「Stargzaer」! 8日のオーフス公演では高音質ながら初演の硬さと粗さが観られましたが、ここでは演奏も馴染み、リッチーのソロは出色の出来映え。さらに目を見張るのがグラハム。彼はライヴが続くと表面に出やすいタイプですが、この時は疲労が見えず、曲をしっかりと自分のモノにしている。むしろ的確に声をコントロールし、抑えるべきは抑えて歌っているのです。その右肩上がりのニュアンスは「Catch The Rainbow」のメリハリにも現れている。リッチーが同曲の冒頭で爪弾く「ブランデンブルク協奏曲」と、前半の美しいトーン、後半の情念が噴き出す演奏のコントラスト……。この日は「北欧は3日目が一番優れた演奏」とも言われているわけですが、それがアップグレードサウンドで一層ハッキリと描かれる。
そして、各人のソロを包括する長大な「Lost In Hollywood」メドレー。この劇的な演奏は、来るべき8月16日のドニントンを思うと、より一層スペシャルに感じられる。そんな大名演にダメ押しするのが初登場となるエンディングの「Over The Rainbow」。およそ30秒ではありますが、これがあるとないとでは余韻がまるで違う。グラハム時代はライヴ構成でも突出している時代であり、このエピローグによってRAINBOWの「様式美」が完成するのです。

大舞台MONSTERS OF ROCKに向け、一気にポテンシャルを高めていった「北欧ツアー」。その最終日を最高峰更新クオリティで永久保存したプレス2CDです。本作自体がライヴアルバムの大傑作ではありますが、さらに本作の登場により北欧3公演の最高峰コレクションをプレスCDでコンプリートできるようにもなったのです。個性で言うならば、8月8日オーフス録音は演奏にフォーカスした「準サウンドボード」、アクシデントを記録した8月9日メルモ録音は「ドキュメント」。そして8月10日オールボー(本作)はライヴの空気感まで含めた「現場体験」となるでしょうか。三者三様の傑作揃いなのです。



Disc 1 (50:15)
1. The Land Of Hope And Glory ★既発未収録
2. Countdown Intro.★既発未収録 / Over The Rainbow
3. Eyes Of The World
4. Love’s No Friend
5. Since You Been Gone
6. Over The Rainbow
7. Stargazer
8. Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Catch The Rainbow

Disc 2 (46:42)
1. Keyboard Intro.
2. Lost In Hollywood
3. Guitar Solo incl. A Light In The Black
4. Beethoven 9th
5. Keyboard Solo
6. Drums Solo feat. 1812 Overture
7. Lost In Hollywood (Reprise)
8. Guitar Solo
9. Lazy
10. All Night Long
11. Blues
12. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
13. Kill The King
14. Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Reprise)
15. Over The Rainbow ★既発未収録

Ritchie Blackmore – Guitar
Graham Bonnet – Vocal
Roger Glover – Bass
Don Airey – Keyboard
Cozy Powell – Drums

Black Box 031

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