Queen / Lyon 1979 / 2CD

Queen / Lyon 1979 / 2CD/ Wardour
Live At Palais des Sports, Lyon, France 17th February 1979

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Impact … …. There is only word that comes. It is a new excavation of the shock where trembling occurs beyond surprise. Record of phantom which was rumored only to exist “so far, even without even the core collector heard. Finally, the day when the whole picture was revealed finally came.
The phantom sound source was recorded, “Lyon Performance February 17, 1979 (France)” which is just 40 years ago from now. Yes, it is an audience recording full of live recorded as one of the traditional official live “LIVE KILLERS” recording days. In order to explain the circumstances, let’s first look back from the whole view of “JAAZ TOUR” that gave birth to “LIVE KILLERS”.

● 1978
· October 28 – November 9: North America a (8 shows)
“November 10” Jazz released “”
· November 10 – December 20: North America b (27 performances)
● 1979
· January 17 – March 1: Europe (28 shows) ← ★ Coco ★
· April 13 – May 6: Japan (15 shows)
“June 22” LIVE KILLERS “released”
· August 18: SAARBRUCKEN OPEN AIR appearance

This is the big picture of “JAAZ TOUR 1978 – 1979”. Among them, the recording was made for “LIVE KILLERS” was “Europe” leg. Although it is known that this official work is an editing work that combines takes of any performances, the whole thing has not yet been elucidated. Not only one song but one song, not only one song but also complicated editing has been done, and since audience recording at the time is not even available, verification does not proceed either. Here I will present the known verification results ……

○ Rotterdam (30th January): God Save the Queen
○ Frankfurt (February 2nd): Killer Queen, Bicycle Race, ’39, Bohemian Rhapsody, Tie Your Mother Down, We Will Rock You, Get Down, Death on Two Legs (part), Make Love (part) Love of My Life (part)
○ Zurich (4 February): I’m in Love with My Car
○ Barcelona (February 20): Death on Two Legs (part), Get Down, Make Love (part)
○ Paris (February 27): We Are the Champions, Love of My Life (part)
○ Paris (February 28): Brighton Rock (part)
○ Paris (March 1st); Get Down, Make Love (part), Brighton Rock (part)
● Lyon (17th February): Dreamer’s Ball, Keep Yourself Alive, Do not Stop Me Now, Brighton Rock (Partially)
○ Unknown: We Will Rock You (fast), Let Me Entertain You, You’re My Best Friend, Now I’m Here, Spread Your Wings, Sheer Heart Attack

…… and it looks like this. Actually, there are some descriptions depending on the material, so it is not decided by this. If you can see a lot of (unknown) songs (some) and no clues yet, I think that you can realize the difficulty of the verification. In addition to the Frankfurt performances, the second largest number following the Frankfurt show is the Lyon performance of this work (in addition to the above four songs, “I’m In Love With My Car”, “Get Down, Make Love”, “You’re My Best Friend “and” Now I’m Here “as Lyon performances as well). It is a concert that becomes the essential part of “LIVE KILLERS”.
As mentioned earlier, the recording of this show only existed rumors, but it is this work. It is not thankful quality ………… just because you can only listen to that precious recording! Although there is distortion in the performance part, it is also the first only. The middle of the first track “We Will Rock You (fast)” is already improved and a clear sound world appears. It gets better as the show advances from there, and it gets a glittering glitter at a time when it reaches “Somebody To Love”. As a matter of fact, there is some noise that seems to be degraded at the beginning of the middle “Do not Stop Me Now” and the next song “Spread Your Wings”, but it will pick up again soon.
And the level of the beautiful part which accounts for the majority is high. Of course, it is not a soundboard-like close-up recording, but the sense of air is clear, and a powerful core reaches straight to the hand. Master freshness is also excellent, there is little distortion in extending singing voice, and Freddie understands clearly up to one word of lyrics singing. Even if you exclude the shock of the new excavation and the “LIVE KILLERS” evening, it is a masterpiece recording which is the one of “JAAZ TOUR”.
Shows painted with such sounds are shocking. Analysis of “LIVE KILLERS” is too overloaded, so I will avoid assertion, but I feel relieved of familiar phrases and singing voice even in the above-mentioned songs, the feeling of experiencing in enthusiasm becomes hot in my heart. And, for songs that you do not hear, the songs and solos that you hear for the first time on the contrary are like the other version of the live name board, and it is fresh up to the single word of the MC. It is the splendor of the show itself to realize it further. Freddie is not good at nothing and the voice which extends comfortably is also excellent, and as you can be pulled, the performance is also full of spirit. The passion for the first live board is a burning show. And the venue where I witnessed the performance was also gigantically exciting, and the enthusiasm for singing along with the songs and the big chorus are overwhelming. As expected, there is only thing that becomes the essence of “LIVE KILLERS”. Both QUEEN and the audience are great fulfilling shows.

Lyon performance which the whole picture finally became clear. With the appearance of this work, analysis of “LIVE KILLERS” will also proceed at a stretch. “Unknown” music may also be resolved. In addition to the shock of such excavation, it is a pleasure to know the new recording of “JAAZ TOUR” newly, and it is one which gives the impression that you can experience the scene of “LIVE KILLERS”.
It is a super-first class material to explore the reverse side of the name board, but it is also a live album that you can experience with a wonderful sound from the performance of the “JAAZ TOUR” performance to “God Save The Queen”. It can be said that it is just “shock”. A new discovery of a miracle that occurred in February 2019, 40th anniversary from the live production. Please experience by permanent preservation press 2CD by all means.

★ World first appearance sound source. It is a performance with take of “LIVE KILLERS” recorded. It can listen with audience recording …!

その幻音源が記録されたのは、今からちょうど40年前となる「1979年2月17日リヨン公演(フランス)」。そう、伝統の公式ライヴ作『LIVE KILLERS』収録日の1つとされるライヴをフル収録したオーディエンス録音なのです。その事情をご説明するためにも、まずは『LIVE KILLERS』を生んだ“JAAZ TOUR”の全景から振り返ってみましょう。

《6月22日『LIVE KILLERS』発売》

これが“JAAZ TOUR 1978-1979”の全体像。この中で『LIVE KILLERS』のために収録が行われたのは「欧州」レッグでした。この公式作は何公演ものテイクを組み合わせた編集作という事が知られていますが、まだその全容は解明されていない。1曲1曲で異なるだけでなく、1曲内でも組み合わせる込み入った編集が行われており、しかも当時のオーディエンス録音も出揃っていないので検証も進まないのです。ここで現在、知られている検証結果をご紹介しますと……

○ロッテルダム(1月30日):God Save the Queen
○フランクフルト(2月2日):Killer Queen、Bicycle Race、’39、Bohemian Rhapsody、Tie Your Mother Down、We Will Rock You、Get Down, Death on Two Legs(一部)、Make Love(一部)、Love of My Life(一部)
○チューリッヒ(2月4日):I’m in Love with My Car
○バルセロナ(2月20日):Death on Two Legs(一部)、Get Down, Make Love(一部)
○パリ(2月27日):We Are the Champions、Love of My Life(一部)
○パリ(2月28日):Brighton Rock(一部)
○パリ(3月1日);Get Down, Make Love(一部)、Brighton Rock(一部)
●リヨン(2月17日):Dreamer’s Ball、Keep Yourself Alive、Don’t Stop Me Now、Brighton Rock(一部)
○不明:We Will Rock You(fast)、Let Me Entertain You、You’re My Best Friend、Now I’m Here、Spread Your Wings、Sheer Heart Attack

……と、このようになっています。実は資料によって異なる記述もあり、これで断定しているわけでもありません。(一部)や未だに手がかりもない「不明」曲の多さをご覧いただければ、その検証の難航ぶりを実感していただけると思います。そして、この中でフランクフルト公演に次いで多いのが本作のリヨン公演(資料によっては、上記4曲の他に「I’m In Love With My Car」「Get Down, Make Love」「You’re My Best Friend」「Now I’m Here」もリヨン公演としているものもあります)。まさに『LIVE KILLERS』の要となるコンサートなのです。
先述の通り、このショウの録音は存在が噂に上るだけだったのですが、それが本作。そこまでの貴重録音だけに聴けるだけでありがたいクオリティ…………ではない! 開演パートで歪みがあるものの、それも最初だけ。1曲目「We Will Rock You (fast)」の中盤にはもう改善し、クリアな音世界が姿を現す。そこからショウが進むほどに良くなっていき「Somebody To Love」に至る頃には、見目麗しく艶やかでさえある。実のところ、中盤「Don’t Stop Me Now」と次曲「Spread Your Wings」冒頭では劣化と思われるノイズもあるのですが、それもすぐに持ち直します。
そして、大部分を占める美麗パートのレベルが高い。もちろん、サウンドボード的な密着録音ではありませんが、空気感が透き通っており、力強い芯が手元まで真っ直ぐ届く。マスター鮮度も絶品で、伸びる歌声にも歪みがほとんどなく、フレディが歌う歌詞の1語1語までハッキリ分かる。新発掘の衝撃や『LIVE KILLERS』うんぬんを抜きにしても“JAAZ TOUR”でも指折りの傑作録音なのです。
そんなサウンドで描かれるショウこそが衝撃。『LIVE KILLERS』の分析はあまりに荷が勝ちすぎるので断言は避けさせていただきますが、上記した曲の中でも聞き覚えのあるフレーズや歌声にハッとし、熱狂の中で体験する感慨が胸に熱くなる。そして、聞き覚えのない曲では逆に初めて耳にする歌い回しやソロがライヴ名盤のアナザーバージョンのようであり、MCの一言一言に至るまで新鮮なのです。それ以上に実感するのがショウ自体の素晴らしさ。フレディはノリにノッていて気持ちよく伸びる声も絶品ですし、引っぱられるように演奏も気合い十分。初めてのライヴ盤に向けた情熱が燃え上がるショウなのです。そして、その熱演を目の当たりにした会場も盛大に盛り上がり、曲間で沸き上がる熱狂も大合唱もぶ厚い。さすが『LIVE KILLERS』の要となるだけの事はある。QUEENも観客も大充実のショウなのです。

遂に全貌が明らかになったリヨン公演。本作の登場により、『LIVE KILLERS』の解析も一気に進むでしょう。「不明」曲も解消されるかもしれません。そんな新発掘の衝撃に加え、“JAAZ TOUR”の名録音を新たに知る喜び、『LIVE KILLERS』の現場を本生体験できる感動をくれる1本です。
名盤の裏側を探索するにも超一級の資料ですが、それと同時に“JAAZ TOUR”の名演を開演から「God Save The Queen」まで素晴らしいサウンドで体験できるライヴアルバムでもある。まさに「衝撃」としか言いようのない。ライヴ本番から40周年の2019年2月に起きた奇跡の新発掘。永久保存プレス2CDでぜひご体験ください。

★世界初登場音源。『LIVE KILLERS』のテイクが収録された公演です。それがオーディエンス録音で聴ける・・・!


Disc 1 (68:06)
1. Intro. 2. We Will Rock You (fast) 3. Let Me Entertain You 4. Somebody To Love
5. Fat Bottomed Girls 6. Death On Two Legs 7. Killer Queen 8. Bicycle Race
9. I’m In Love With My Car 10. Get Down Make Love 11. You’re My Best Friend
12. Now I’m Here 13. Don’t Stop Me Now 14. Spread Your Wings 15. Dreamers Ball
16. Love Of My Life 17. ’39

Disc 2 (48:42)
1. It’s Late 2. Brighton Rock 3. Guitar & Drum Solo 4. Brighton Rock(reprise)
5. Keep Yourself Alive 6. Bohemian Rhapsody 7. Tie Your Mother Down
8. Sheer Heart Attack 9. We Will Rock You 10. We Are The Champions
11. God Save The Queen


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