Queen / BBC 1975 Young Jockey Edition / 1 CDR

Queen / BBC 1975 Young Jockey Edition / 1 CDR / Non Label

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Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 24th December 1975.  STEREO SBD

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December 24, 1975, the Hammersmith Odeon concert in London, Introduced from Japan radio broadcasting sound source in 1976 (broadcast date is October 10). Queen Live ’75 famous lock program of state-owned radio “Young jockey” from DJ intro to outro, its all one hour complete recording. Speaking of October 1976, “A Night at the Opera” in the six months after launch, that after a few months “splendid race” is released, just 70s-heyday. There is little chance that is in contact with the artist live recordings of other than raw concert, this time, young rock fans in Japan at that time, would not had listened to devour this broadcast. Sensitive of strong was Queen, which has been seen as still idle in Japan, where listen really advanced playing force, the ability that can be reproduced in sense of groove fill the dense sound very Lively album, also general of rock fans and “believe is wow enough not” and I think “This is real but” that was not surprised a lot with. At the time, be stressed to girls I went to Queen concert as “No Queen of stage really amazing!”, Of “such a thing there not without” the majority of male rock fans that would have enclosed high and hepatic was and is Tsutaekiku, radio broadcasting live legendary disconnect the. Its valuable take, every commentary at the time of the DJ, 1 hour plenty, and you can enjoy a high quality. Collectors who record this broadcast take, have been recorded and stored in tape in a very high-quality sound broadcasting in the 1970s, the sound quality is very without any degradation in the clear, take of that was broadcast almost Yesterday Today iodine! In this texture, what things radio broadcast of October 1976 Wednesday night To think enjoy whole, What a great! Exactly this is a good idea to say that miracle. Live itself of this day, down to the present, is broadcast many times, and can also appeared high-quality TV broadcast version of Ketteiban in recent, but for the fans there in one of the classic sound source, the same Christmas Live also , what you say and opportunities such as listen to the radio broadcast of the time whole at the highest level of quality rarely, this board is, of course during Japan, as “1976 YOUNG JOCKEY EDITION” also abroad, the future, is a staple of between mania I will probably be.

Great place of this DJ, extra talk without any, need more information is not told, however, is that you are told to clarify the point and stance to be listening, at the time in 1976, this only firmly, Queen Rock DJ that you can comment on the standing position and musical charm, I think than it was none other than this person at that time. Since the middle of the narrative wonderful I wrote here.

“When I say me Queen, Well the” Ah Queen huh “that the very evaluation of feeling high, on the one hand, its high popularity, and also with the feeling that says there is a lowbrow popularity, or is evaluated low, very It is not strange band. I’m, when I they debuted, I was now very enthusiastic, as a new hard rock, is why I think it’s a very nice group. in, then, the second album I most I’d like, in. which has been much heard about the Queen, their music, as can be seen even if asked to listen to now playing, never, I’m a mean not a so-called “group for the lowbrow”. In Japan, seems to be misunderstood perhaps, because countries that have these received entering the way, seems not even look the United States, the United Kingdom Toka such a country. As can be seen, even listening to the state of this concert, cry, etc., I is comparatively recently, It does not hear, it is not have a very matter-of-fact accepted way. So, with respect to the Queen, the comparatively orthodox, Chants, If you listen to this sincere, never I’m a mean not a such thing concert that was covered with screams, of that Japanese rock scene is very distorted, absolutely This, but also many of that part that would run on the so-called looks and softening, such a result is, seems to be the Queen popular in Japan. However, this is that there is a responsibility on the side of the Queen, especially me recently of so-called this despotic political their sound, I feel like is further enhanced something the popularity of such a queen. So, I is Queen of the second album, I’m very like, more, the Tteyuu Queen is, is heard properly, so, more properly have their message is accepted, so fans, Chants their sound and that continue to appreciate, I think such a perceptions is not do that most need ”

So, time machine specific one that invites you to the night of the 1976 autumn. By the way, the year of the Montreal Olympics Speaking of 1976 summer. And, the next day of the broadcast, the king on October 11 to emit a No. home run 715 repaint a record of Babe Ruth, the following week there was also a time such as giant Nagashima is achieve a dramatic victory from the previous year’s lowest. (In July were arrested Tanaka former Prime Minister in the Lockheed scandal, medium was shook Japan.) A real-time atmosphere of the time that does not taste rarely is for young fan, Old fans, remembered fondly said this social situation while, in the vintage mood, it is fun also enjoy the Queen of live.

1975年12月24日、ロンドンのハマースミス・オデオン公演を、1976年日本ラジオ放送音源より収録(放送日は10月10日)。国営ラジオの有名ロック番組「ヤング・ジョッキー」のクィーン・ライブ’75をDJイントロからアウトロまで、その全てを1時間完全収録。1976年10月と言えば、「オペラ座の夜」発売半年後で、数か月後に「華麗なるレース」がリリースされるという、まさに70年代・絶頂期。生のコンサート以外にアーチストのライブ音源に接する機会が殆ど無い、この時期、当時の日本中の若きロック・ファンは、この放送を食い入るように聴き入ったのではないでしょうか。日本ではまだまだアイドルとして見られていた感の強かったクィーンの、ここで聴ける実に高度な演奏力、アルバムの緻密なサウンドを極めてライブリーにグルーブ感いっぱいに再現できるアビリティに、一般のロック・ファンも「信じれない程凄い」「これは本物だ」と大いに驚かされたのではないでしょうか。当時、クィーンのコンサートに行った女の子に「クィーンのステージは本当に凄いの!」と力説されても、「そんなことあるわけない」と高を括っていたであろう大多数の男性ロックファンの度肝を抜いたと伝え聞く、伝説のラジオ放送ライブ。その貴重なテイクを、当時のDJの解説ごと、1時間たっぷり、高音質で楽しむことができます。この放送テイクを録音したコレクターは、70年代の放送を非常に高品質なサウンドでテープに録音・保管しており、その音質は、非常にクリアーで劣化も無く、まるで昨日今日放送されたテイクのよう!この質感で、1976年10月10日夜のラジオ放送が丸ごと楽しめるなんて、なんて素晴らしいことでしょうか!まさにこれはミラクルと言って良いでしょう。この日のライブ自体は、現代に至るまで、何度も放送され、最近では高画質テレビ放送版の決定盤も出現したりと、ファンにとっては定番音源のひとつではありますが、同じクリスマス・ライブも、当時のラジオ放送を丸ごと最高レベルの音質で聴ける機会等と言うものはめったになく、本盤は、日本中は勿論、海外でも「1976 YOUNG JOCKEY EDITION」として、今後、マニア間で定番化されることと思われます。




1. DJ Intro 2. Now I’m Here 3. Ogre Battle 4. White Queen 5. Bohemian Rhapsody 6. Killer Queen
7. March Of The Black Queen 8. Bohemian Rhapsody (reprise) 9. Bring Back That Leroy Brown
10. Keep Yourself Alive 11. DJ Talks 12. Brighton Rock 13. Son & Daughter 14. Liar
15. In The Lap Of The Gods…Revisited 16. See What A Fool I’ve Been 17. DJ Outro.

Freddie Mercury – Lead Vocals, Piano, Tambourine
Brian May – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals, Banjo Roger Taylor – Drums, Backing Vocals
John Deacon – Bass, Triangle

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