David Bowie / Holmdel Township / 2CD

David Bowie / Holmdel Township / 2CD / Hedlen

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PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA June 5, 2004. Digitally Remastered


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■ 2004 American tour last day
■ complete recording of the sound board class of ultra-high quality audience recording
■ to play the song “Liza Jane” when only 17-year-old tour

From Bowie specialty label HELDEN, from 2004 Reality tour, the American tour last day Holmdel Township performances June 5, 2004, complete recording of the title in the sound board class of ultra-high quality audience will be the release. This is Bowie that has been piled up since his debut tour, but has become the currently last tour, accompanying the album “Reality”, which was carried out from 2003 to 2004, this is the reality tour. After that, is not subjected to tour more than 10 years, contrary to such decline also appeared offer to the London Olympic Games opening ceremony, now Bowie is in a retired state middle, has become as a result this tour is the end of the tour. In 2004, Japan tour also conducted than, I think not many people who participated.

Reality Tour, this, but assimilation is unknown whether there is an awareness at the end but the Bowie himself, were counted indeed 113 performances, making it the largest ever of the tour except for the Ziggy era tour was the center. Europe, North America, Australia and the Tour of, then Asia, including Japan, and and again the United States, just to be in the tour to longitudinal the world, this Holmdel Township performances, hits on the last day of the North American tour. And it has become a Bowie last appearance as seen results in the United States of fans.

Set list it is widely Choice until the time of the new song from the representative song of a long career, has become a music selection of flavor such as Best of Bowie. Is projected strong white light from the stage front, Bowie silhouette emerges in there. Just opening, such as a label photo was impressive. The concert will start from the “beloved rebellion”. It raised a large cheer at the famous riff, and provided there is no break in the original, split second Bowie starts to sing. World of Bowie is crowded wrapped the whole venue completely from there. “All the Young Dudes” are masterpieces that venue is a large chorus. Whether there was a mistake in the intro, it is re-partition again interrupted once began the same song. Band has a fairly technician uniform tightened firmly playing, even if this classic in fresh beautiful sound there you can listen from being deployed excellence of recording. For Japanese fans, it would not at the point where you begin to desire a state where just that audience that you saw in the Budokan is wavy.

Characteristic of in this tour, without changing the arrangement, it can be said that it is that it showed off the ancient and modern songs in the “complete copy” of nearly original street. “Man who sold the world” has passed over already in ’30 at this time from the announcement, but the same arrangement that time, even’re playing in the same sing once, to Bowie to the arrangement incorporating the occasional epidemic It is rather unusual. Whether there was trouble between something audience and security during the performance of this “man who sold the world”, it will interrupt the performance. It is, in that now rises, attention to just the right place in the (laughs) venue Bowie through a microphone, then, loudly and put the count, re-played again from the middle. This is also very rare happening.

This Holmdel Township performances of special, in the this long tour, it is that you are playing the only “Liza Jane”. This song in 1964, when Bowie is 17-year-old, still in the song that was recorded on Day Vee Jones era, when you play this kind of song in the United States last day of the last tour, I feel something implicit ones. It is singing carefully to drop the tempo than the original, Bowie has embarrassed “I this song’s a song that was made 40 years ago.”

It is this way and hear far from often this performance, but the sound quality is also there is a noteworthy thing. Much when you first heard I thought or sound board sound source, but often listen Still audience recording, but I have been recorded in such a texture of the audience great balance and sound quality have never heard such. Treble is firmly recording to bass from, and is an audience recording alright also separation of sound while, audience noise without, also, such as whether Bowie’s vocals were recorded in a stage near, almost like an online proximity. It is something that I do not think was recording very in the audience. Even listening in 2015 of the ear, at a level that does not fit in the category of high-quality sound, I have never heard even today such recordings. This is I think if you can try all means actually listening. It was especially impressive in concert “I’m Afraid Of Americans” bass resound throughout the venue. It does not get banned surprise that this has been reproduced beautifully recorded. There is no doubt that probably is one that is among the best among the audience recording left until now.

Currently is a David Bowie last tour than “Reality Tour”, the United States last day Holmdel Township performances, complete recording in about a high-level audience recordings have never heard until now. And special concerts in that it showed off a song “Liza Jane” wrote at the time of the tour only 17 years old. Permanent Athletic press platen of the beautiful picture disc specification.

■ツアー唯一17歳の時の曲「Liza Jane」を演奏




このツアーにおいて特徴的なのは、アレンジを変えることなく、ほぼオリジナル通りの「完コピ」で古今の曲を披露した点にあるといえます。「世界を売った男」は発表からこの時点で既に30年以上経過していますが、当時と同じアレンジ、同じ歌い回しで演奏しているのも、時々の流行を取り入れたアレンジをするボウイには却って珍しいことです。この「世界を売った男」の演奏中に何かオーディエンスとセキュリティの間でトラブルがあったのか、演奏を中断してしまいます。それが、これから盛り上がるという、ちょうどいいところで(笑) ボウイがマイクを通して会場に注意を促し、その後、高らかにカウントを入れ、途中から再び演奏をし直します。これまた非常に珍しいハプニングです。

このホルムデル・タウンシップ公演が特別なのは、この長いツアーにあって、唯一「Liza Jane」を演奏している点です。この曲は1964年、ボウイが17歳のとき、まだデイヴィージョーンズ時代にレコーディングした曲で、最後のツアーのアメリカ最終日にこのような曲を演奏するとは、何やら暗示的なものを感じます。オリジナルよりテンポを落として丁寧に歌っており、ボウイは「この曲は40年前に作った曲だよ」と照れています。

このように聴きどころが多い本公演ですが、音質も特筆すべきものがあります。最初に聴いた時はサウンドボード音源かと思ったくらい、でもよく聴くとやはりオーディエンス録音、しかしこのような質感のオーディエンスなど聴いたことがない素晴らしいバランスと音質で収録されているのです。高音から低音までしっかり収録されており、かつオーディエンス録音でありながら音の分離も申し分なく、オーディエンスノイズもなく、またステージ傍で録音されたのかボウイのヴォーカルなども、まるでオンラインのような近さ。とても客席で録音したとは思えないものなのです。2015年の耳で聴いても、高音質の範疇では収まらないレベルで、現在でもこのような録音は聴いたことがありません。これはぜひ実際に聴いてみていただければと思います。特にコンサートで印象的だった「I’m Afraid Of Americans」の会場全体に響き渡る重低音。これが見事に再現収録されていることには驚きを禁じ得ません。おそらく今まで残されたオーディエンス録音の中でもベストに入るひとつであることは間違いありません。

現在のところデヴィッド・ボウイ最後のツアーである「リアリティ・ツアー」より、アメリカ最終日ホルムデル・タウンシップ公演を、今まで聴いたことがないくらいハイレベルなオーディエンス録音で完全収録。そしてツアー唯一17歳の時に書いた曲「Liza Jane」を披露しているという点でも特別なコンサート。美しいピクチャー・ディスク仕様の永久保存がっちりプレス盤。

PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA June 5, 2004
01. Introduction
02. Rebel Rebel
03. Cactus
04. Sister Midnight
05. New Killer Star
06. Panic In Detroit
07. Never Get Old
08. Fame
09. All The Young Dudes #1
10. All The Young Dudes #2
11. China Girl
12. The Loneliest Guy
13. The Man Who Sold The World
14. Heathen
15. Hallo Spaceboy
16. Band Introduction
17. Under Pressure

01. Ashes To Ashes
02. Liza Jane
03. Station To Station
04. I’m Afraid Of Americans
05. Heroes
06. Slip Away
07. The Supermen
08. White Light White Heat
09. Reality
10. Hang On To Yourself
11. Diamond Dogs
12. Suffragette City
13. Ziggy Stardust
Helden. Den – 031/032

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