Poison / Talk Dirty To Worcester / 1DVDR

Poison / Talk Dirty To Worcester / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live At Centruium Worcester MA USA 22nd April 1988.

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Sound, freshness, historical feeling, and fun … The live album “LIVE INN 1986” is 100 points out of 100 points. In that masterpiece, I think the image of the club era where the scene of a closed room appears … but it is too rare to find a record. So, although the times are a little different, we will give you an audience shot of “April 22, 1988 Worcester performance”!
With the hits of the singles “Talk Dirty to Me” and “I Want Action”, POISON sent their debut work “LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN” to the 3rd place in the United States, and with that momentum, the second album “OPEN UP AND SAY .. . AHH! ”Is produced. Prior to the release, he will set out on a national tour as the undercard of DAVID LEE ROTH. It was already out of the club band at the break in 1987, but it is still a one-hit wonder, and it is a video of an era when the arena was not full at the headline.
This work is an angle that looks down from the second floor seats on the left side of the stage, and the wide view of the entire stage with no obstruction is wonderful. Although there is a little distance, it zooms in on the highlights one by one, so you can fully enjoy the live performance with plenty of action. The action is to run around the stage of a huge venue with a scale of 15,000 people. When it comes to shooting audiences in the 1980s, it’s normal for camera shake to get messy when you follow the running around, but in this work, you don’t have to worry about camera shake while holding down the movement. This photographer seems to be a master who is accustomed to live performances.
The audience was more surprised than such a performance. This tour was the undercard of Dave Lee Roth, but it’s not the main act. Not only the hit songs, but also the new songs “Back To The Rocking Horse” and “Nothin’But a Good Time”, which have not been released yet, were greeted with great cheers, and even one MC of Bret Michaels had a yellow roar like a big wave. It was a big fuss just because CC Devil rushed to. Speaking of the reaction when pointing the microphone to the audience in “Rock And Roll All Nite” ……… The audience on this day is not Dave but POISON!?!?
The only regrettable thing is that it is a short stage with 8 songs + guitar solo only for the undercard. Therefore, the day before, “April 21 Uniondale Performance” was also recorded as a bonus for 2 songs (+ guitar solo). This angle is on the right side of the stage, which is the opposite of the main story, but I’m still shooting from the second floor with a great sense of stability. This day is also a big laugh like Worcester. In “Rock And Roll All Nite”, even the photographer is dying to sing. I’m crazy about this kind of bakauke every day, so that’s why “OPEN UP AND SAY … AHH!” Can sell 8 million copies.

POISON has begun to jump up the stairs of success. However, it is one that firmly recorded the appearance of shining with the “smile of the goddess” all over the body. By all means, please fully enjoy the “greatness of the band running up” along with the main story “LIVE INN 1986” which is full of club feeling!

 サウンド、生々しさ、歴史感、そして楽しさ……あらゆるポイントで100点満点なライヴアルバム「LIVE INN 1986」。その傑作には、密室の光景が浮かぶクラブ時代の映像を……と思うのですが、さすがにレアすぎて記録が見当たらない。そこで、ちょっと時代はズレますが、「1988年4月22日ウースター公演」のオーディエンス・ショットを贈ります!
 シングル「Talk Dirty to Me」「I Want Action」のヒットによって、デビュー作「LOOK WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN」を全米3位に送り込んだPOISONは、その勢いに乗ってセカンドアルバム「OPEN UP AND SAY… AHH!」を制作。リリースに先立ってDAVID LEE ROTHの前座として全米ツアーに旅立ちます。すでに1987年のブレイクでクラブバンドからは脱していましたが、まだまだ一発屋の次元で、ヘッドラインでアリーナを満員にするところにまでは達していなかった時代の映像です。
 そんなパフォーマンス以上に驚かされるのが観客。このツアーはデイヴ・リー・ロスの前座だったわけですが、メインアクトでもないの大ウケ。ヒット曲はもちろんのこと、まだリリースされていない新曲の「Back To The Rocking Horse」「Nothin’ But a Good Time」でも大歓声で迎えられ、ブレット・マイケルズのMCひとつにまで黄色い嬌声が大波のように押し寄せ、CCデヴィルがのけぞるだけで大騒ぎ。「Rock And Roll All Nite」で客席にマイクを向けた時のリアクションと言ったら………この日の観客は、デイヴではなくPOISONが目当て!?!?
 ただ惜しむらくは、前座だけに8曲+ギターソロと短いステージなこと。そこで、前日「4月21日ユニオンデール公演」も2曲(+ギターソロ)分、ボーナス収録しました。こちらのアングルは本編の反対となるステージ右側ですが、やはり2階席からバツグンの安定感で撮影しています。この日もウースターと同様の大ウケ。「Rock And Roll All Nite」では、撮影者までたまらず歌い出す始末です。こんなバカウケを連日カマしているんですから、そりゃあ「OPEN UP AND SAY… AHH!」が800万枚も売れるわけです。
 成功の階段を一足飛びに駆け上がり始めたPOISON。ではありますが、まさに“女神の微笑み”を全身に受けて輝く姿をしっかりと記録した1本です。ぜひ、クラブ感覚溢れる本編「LIVE INN 1986」と併せ、“駆け上がっていくバンドの凄さ”をたっぷりと味わってください!
1. Look What The Cat Dragged In 2. I Want Action 3. Back To The Rocking Horse
4. I Won’t Forget You 5. Nothin’ But a Good Time 6. Let Me Go To The Show
7. CC DeVille Guitar Solo 8. Rock And Roll All Nite 9. Talk Dirty To Me
Bonus Footage from Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY 21st April 1988
10. Let Me Go To The Show/CC DeVille Guitar Solo/Rock And Roll All Nite
Bret Michaels – Vocal CC DeVille – Guitar Bobby Dall – Bass Rikki Rockett – Drums

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