Pink Floyd / Frankfurt 1977 2nd Night / 4CD+Programme Replica

Pink Floyd / Frankfurt 1977 2nd Night / 4CD+Programme Replica / Sigma
Translated Text:
Live at Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany 27th January 1977

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UK ‘s big group in the 1970’ s had tours and showed a neat (or chilling) performance in Europe and there was a danger that it will change to aggressive or wild performances in the United States. This also applies to ZEP, Stones, and Pink Floyd releasing a classic sound source from the animals tour this time. Especially Floyd’s tendency is strongly appearing on tours after 1974. In 1975 and so on, America’s tour and production of the album “WHSH YOU WERE HERE” at the same time fatigued Floyd members.
However, in 1977 Floyd was based on the new song which was showing off at the stage from 1974 on stage but based on the new songs that have not been recorded to “WHSH YOU ~”, and the “In The Flesh” tour which took over the new hard sound “ANIMALS” I will do. At this time Nick Mason left a statement saying “It was disgusting to see each other’s face when the 75-year tour ended, but now it was united as a band.”
This time tours are also taking place in Europe from around the course, but certainly photographs that captured the dressing room at this time, it was as if the figure of Waters and Gilmore brushed each other with the shoulder after the live end . History did not allow them a peaceful situation, but at least when the European tour began with Dortmund on January 23, it could be said that it was a pretty nice atmosphere.

Regarding that Dortmund, our shop releases old-fashioned “DORTMUNDS”, which tells the early stage of the tour. Since this tour has performed live using systematic stage equipment more than before, the initial stage of the tour is a combination of members in addition to the balance with them, handling of the performance of the new song, etc., To put it badly, we are showing off a level that can not be fulfilled. Especially the first two days of the tour, Dortmund had a strong sense of disappointment, and it was in a different dimension from Auckland, the biggest classic staple of this tour.
In the early days of such tours, Frankfurt was the next performance place to start feeling a sense of unity as a band. Among them, the 27th January show, which was the second day of the tour, has two superb quality audience recordings outstanding among European tours, and at the beginning of the tour, a name sound source that gives a cautious performance in a good way It is well known as. Although ZEP’s Blueberry Hill etc is the best example, it is a really interesting phenomenon that there is more than one high-level sound source in one performance.

It was “recorder 1” that became a suddenly popular entity in the 21st century. Although it is monaural sound quality, the performance is captured by a very on sound image, and it is a thing that strikes the hard sound and warble band sound of the animals tour. It is a quality that would have been felt very fresh for maniacs who were used to listening to the next sound source, and our shop is releasing with the title “ZOO”.
And “recorder 2” is not an exaggeration to call it an eternal masterpiece for maniacs of the LP age, it is recorded in two sheets “WELCOME TO THE MACHINE”, this is also the best audience recording. Although the name of the label was a bad name called BULLSHIT RECORDS, it was a masterpiece that conveyed the charm of the early days of the animals tour with the color jacket that lay out the appearance of Gilmore.
However, regarding “recorder 2”, there are no more parts than listened to by LP until now, in the past Jake was LP design and the CD item “recorder 1” also existed in the content. From such a place, it is likely to be the first time that “WELCOME TO ~” is played.
Our shop has been released as “ZOOROPA” for “recorder 2”. Regarding the missing part, we patched the “recorder 1” to realize the complete recording of the show, but as it was guessed by professional magazines etc. at the beginning of the release, LP was elaborately traced for “recorder 2” It was based on things. In fact there was no scratch / noise at all, it was perfect for playing back the name sound source digitally.
The charm of ‘recorder 2’ is a phenomenal clearness which makes you feel “beauty” anyway. Although it is a sound image with distance feeling compared to “recorder 1”, the spread stereophonic sound captured until 1977 Frankfurt’s air feeling is wonderful enough to lose words. Working like reminiscent of American Dan Lampinski and Steve Hopkins. Although “WELCOME TO ~” is a relatively recent release of 1987, it is really surprising that tape sources are not discovered.

And this time January 27 Frankfurt It is a special specification that it releases two superb sound sources for a while, and also by coupling. Both titles have been out of print for a long time, but it is absolutely not an easy repackaged version of the previous edition. Regarding “recorder 1” in particular, based on the version transferred from the analog master to the DAT again, precisely adjusted the pitch which was somewhat high which was overlooked in the already-launched board. Especially the result is shown in the second part after the break.
Regarding “recorder 2”, patch editing with “recorder 1” etc is also unchanged, but this was also a long-awaited title and it was a long title, so clearness which can be unexpectedly engulfed, by all means to those who have not heard Things you would like to experience. The title which captured the stage of the early stage of the animals tour recently became all Sold Out so it is the best set that can taste Floyd’s thoroughness to perform carefully with the finest sound quality and limited press CD .
From the systematic stage composition, Roger reached to Roger who wore headphones and challenged the stage was controversial at the time. However, what happens now, is not this the mechanism that can be called as the grandfather of Iyamoni! Animals tour of Floyd who was constantly leading the times. Frankfurt’s best sound source representing the early days is surprisingly quality, neither sounds tired of listening because the recording condition is totally different!

1970年代のイギリスのビッグなグループはツアーを行うとヨーロッパで端正な(あるいはまったり)した演奏を披露した後、アメリカでアグレッシブ、あるいはワイルドな演奏に豹変するきらいがありました。これはZEP、ストーンズ、そして今回アニマルズ・ツアーからの定番音源をリリースするピンク・フロイドにも当てはまったこと。特にフロイドは1974年以降のツアーにおいて、その傾向が強く現れています。1975年などはアメリカ・ツアーとアルバム「WHSH YOU WERE HERE」の制作が同時進行だったことがフロイドのメンバーを疲労させました。
しかし1977年のフロイドは1974年からステージで披露していながら「WHSH YOU~」への収録を見送った新曲をベースとし、さらにハードなサウンドの新作「ANIMALS」を引っ提げた”In The Flesh”ツアーを行います。この時ニック・メイスンは「75年のツアーが終わるころにはお互いの顔を見るのも嫌なほどだったけど、今はまたバンドとして結束できた」といった発言を残しています。


21世紀に入って俄然ポピュラーな存在となったのが「recorder 1」。モノラル音質ながらも演奏を非常にオンな音像で捉えており、アニマルズ・ツアーのハードで武骨なバンド・サウンドに打ってつけなもの。次に紹介する音源を聴き慣れたマニアにとっても非常に新鮮に聴こえたであろうクオリティであり、当店は「ZOO」というタイトルでリリースしています。
そして「recorder 2」はLP時代のマニアにとって永遠の名作と呼んでも過言ではない、二枚組「WELCOME TO THE MACHINE」に収録された、これまた極上のオーディエンス録音。レーベル名がBULLSHIT RECORDSというあんまりな名前ではありましたが、ギルモアの姿を大写しにレイアウトしたカラージャケットと共に、アニマルズ・ツアー初期の魅力を伝えてくれた名盤。
ところがこの「recorder 2」に関しては、現在に至るまでLPで聴かれた以上のパートが存在せず、過去にはジャケがLPのデザインで内容が「recorder 1」というCDアイテムも存在したほど。そんなところからも「WELCOME TO~」の名盤ぶりが浮き彫りになるというものでしょう。
当店は「recorder 2」に関しては「ZOOROPA」というタイトルでリリース済み。欠損部分に関しては「recorder 1」をパッチすることでショーの完全収録を実現させましたが、リリース当初に専門誌などでも推測されていたように、「recorder 2」に関してはLPを精巧にトレースしたものが元になっていたのです。実際スクラッチ・ノイズは一切入っておらず、あの名音源をデジタルでプレイバックするには申し分ないものでした。
「recorder 2」の魅力は何と言っても「美」を感じさせるほど驚異的なクリアネス。「recorder 1」と比べて距離感がある音像ではありますが、1977年フランクフルトの空気感まで捉えた広がりのあるステレオ・サウンドは言葉を失うほどの素晴らしさ。アメリカのダン・ランピンスキーやスティーブ・ホプキンスを彷彿とさせるような仕事ぶり。「WELCOME TO~」は1987年という比較的近年のリリースでありながら、テープ・ソースが発掘されないというのは本当に意外。

そして今回は1月27日フランクフルト二つの極上音源を久々に、しかもカップリングでリリースするというお得な仕様。どちらのタイトルも廃盤となって久しかったのですが、かといって既発盤の安易な再パッケージ版では断じてありません。特に「recorder 1」に関しては改めてアナログ・マスターからDATにトランスファーされたバージョンを元に、既発盤では見逃されていた若干高めだったピッチを緻密にアジャスト。特に休憩後のセカンド・パートにその成果が現れています。
「recorder 2」に関しては「recorder 1」とのパッチ編集なども変わりませんが、こちらもまた廃盤となって久しいタイトルでしたので、思わずうっとりさせられるほどのクリアネスを、未聴の方に是非とも体験していただきたいもの。何よりも最近アニマルズ・ツアー初期のステージを捉えたタイトルがことごとくSold Outとなっていましたので、慎重な演奏に徹するフロイドの様子を極上の音質と限定のプレスCDにて心行くまで味わえる最高のセットです。
Recorder 1 (DAT Master Clone)
Disc 1 (54:58)
1. Intro. 2. Sheep
3. Pigs On The Wing (Pt. 1) 4. Dogs 5. Pigs On The Wing (Pt. 2)
6. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc 2 (60:35)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) 2. Welcome To The Machine 3. Have A Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9) 6. Money

★DAT Master Cloneの若干高いピッチを修正。

Recorder 2 (2 Source Mix)

Disc 3 (55:02)
1. Intro. 2. Sheep ★Sheepの殆どは「Recorder 1」★10分台でLP『Welcome To The Machine(2LP)』ソースに切り替わる。ここから超高音質 3. Pigs On The Wing (Pt. 1) 4. Dogs 5. Pigs On The Wing (Pt. 2)
6. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc 4 (60:37)
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 1-5) ★冒頭3:47までは「Recorder 1」2. Welcome To The Machine
3. Have A Cigar 4. Wish You Were Here 5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Pts. 6-9)
6. Money ★まるまる「Recorder 1」

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