Pink Floyd / Colmar 1974 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Colmar 1974 / 2CD / SpeakEzy
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Parc des Expositions, Colmar, France 22nd June 1974

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★ Existing sound generator The most important sound source of the year 74 which can hear the oldest “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” “Raving And Drooling” appeared in the press board!
★ It is definitely the best as a French tour in the year 74! High sound quality stereo · audience recording!
★ Pitch is the original board’s original thoroughly adjusted decision board!

’74 French tour from June 22 The press board title which recorded Colmar performance with sound quality good stereo · audience recording appeared!
For Floyd’s ’74 live is only a short-term performance of the French summer tour of June and a British · winter tour of November, the number of live performances is also valuable, but it is precious, but the French Colmar In the past, the tour also had a release of only the Paris performance (Mono Aud) on June 24 from the same tour and it is still a valuable thing, as it is a French performance in June ’74, which has not become clear all over. Moreover, it can fully enjoy the rustic ambience unlike the November UK tour which has some feeling of being impressed, and as the live tone source of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” “Raving And Drooling (Sheep’s original song)” it is the oldest present condition Recorded the first prototype take and the decision board of Colmar’s performance that also has documentability!

This sound source of high-quality stereo / audience recording, which is said to have been recorded with two recorder of Uher 4400 and two dynamic microphones of Monacor, compared with the other performance which captured the French tour such as 24th Paris performance (monaural Aud) There is no doubt that it is obviously good sound quality. However, as originally recorded at the time of recording it was a sound source with the problem that the speed is not constant from the problem of the equipment battery, so among traders there has never been released as a press title although it was circulated for quite a while was. In mania, the title “Colmar” was circulated from the fan label Harvested in old days, but even with that label, we focused on recording only the first part, which has relatively little problem with tape speed, and the madness of the second part I was about to cut the whole thing.
Although the speed of the original sound source is not a problem near the Shine On of the first half, it is slightly suspicious from the Echoes neighborhood. But the first half of the live concluded at Echoes, the battery of the recording equipment once breathed back or the early crazy early holds, but somehow fluctuations of the sound are scattered around Time and the pitch also increases. And around Brain Damage the pitch is 1 pitch (about 12%) higher than the original pitch, Eclipse 15% earlier, the speed to feel uncomfortable no matter who listens. In addition, the speed is not constant at all and there is a sound source with a very difficulty in speed correction, there is a state that no items are released at all despite being a good stereo Aud recording but traded between old and traders It was.
In this time, thorough pitch correction is made and restored to normal state. Even if I knew that the pitch was out of order beforehand, I corrected it to a state where I feel no discomfort at all. Especially in the final stage Brain Damage ~ Eclipse I’m worried that there are pitch mismatches in delicate guitar phrases etc, but these are also missing a few seconds of sound Yuri Pinpoint correction of pitch. I think that it will be convinced if it is definitely thoroughly corrected that it is not the level of “I just tried doing it for the time being”, by all means listening to this board.

Besides the pitch problem, there were several sound cuts and cuts, but we have kept the necessary minimum processing. Raving ~ Edit overlapping cuts and so on afterwards restore uncut. Others Breathe and Eclipse ‘s drop – out (missing due to level down) was inserted so that the same phrase part of the same sound source was inserted into the same phrase so that it would be a natural sound.
For re-mastering this time, removal of high-frequency noise around 15.5 kHz, phase shift, Pop noise etc. are appropriately corrected and thoroughly removed. Also, since the microphone picked up the noise and noise over the entire story whether you placed the microphone on the armrest of the chair, it is removed as much as possible.
The sound source adopts 16 Bit / 48 kHz Unprocessed source copied from 2 nd Gen to DAT circulating between traders. Incidentally, there is also a version that is considered as 1st Gen, but it is also inferior to this version in terms of sound quality, there are drawbacks such as the missing of the previous intro and the occurrence of distortion frequently in places with large volume . Unfortunately, there are also information that the recorders of this sound source are already deceased in the 1990s, and the possibility that the master tape raising version will be released again in the future can be said to be very close to zero. There is no doubt that this version which used 2nd Gen as master this time will be permanent best.

As mentioned above, “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” and “Raving And Drooling (Sheep’s original song)” are the key points. Shine On ~ is not separated in the first half and the second half, there is no part corresponding to Part 9 in the release version, Roger takes the main vocal rather than Gilmore. Sabi’s Shine On You Crazy ~ is somewhat unusual because it’s something that members can not listen to some amazing back chorus at others.
Raving And Drooling is also a different thing from the released version, Rick Wright’s undulating keyboard comes out front and stands out. Roger’s vocal as the release version, but the lyrics are totally different. There is also a difference in the performance on the British tour of November including no sound effect and slightly different chorus.

Front jacket is folded in half and respects the past highland board.
Naturally front jacket is a valuable French performance, from the collection of photos that included the tour.
’74 The decision board of French-Colmar performance appears in Press 2CD!
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★現存音源最古の「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」「Raving And Drooling」が聞ける74年最重要音源がプレス盤で登場!

フロイドにとって’74年のライブは6月のフレンチ・サマー・ツアーと11月のブリティッシュ・ウインター・ツアーの短期公演だけでライブ回数もただでさえ少なく貴重でありますが、本盤に収められた仏コルマール公演は過去にも同ツアーからは6月24日パリ公演(モノAud)のみのリリースと未だに全貌の明らかになっていない’74年6月フランス公演とあって、それは極めて貴重なもの。しかも若干こなれた感のある11月英国ツアーとも異なるどことなく素朴な雰囲気を全体に堪能でき、「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」「Raving And Drooling(Sheepの原曲)」のライブ音源としては現状最古・最初期の原型テイクを収録と、資料性も兼ね備えたコルマール公演の決定盤!

Uher 4400のレコーダーとMonacorのダイナミックマイク2本で録られたとされる高音質ステレオ・オーディエンス録音の本音源は、フランスツアーを捉えたもう一つの音源である24日パリ公演(モノラルAud)などと比べても明らかに好音質なのは疑いありません。しかし、元々録音時点で機材バッテリーの問題からかスピードが一定しないと言う難題を抱えた音源であったことから、トレーダー間ではかなり前から流通していたもののプレスタイトルとしてリリースされたことは一切ありませんでした。マニアの間では古くはファンレーベルのHarvestedから「Colmar」というタイトルが流通していましたが、あのレーベルですら比較的テープスピードに問題の少ない第1部のみの収録に留め、第2部の狂気は全カットしていたほどです。
オリジナル音源のスピードは前半のShine On〜あたりでは殆ど問題ありませんが、Echoes辺りから微妙に怪しくなっていきます。しかしEchoesでライブ前半が終了し、一旦録音機材のバッテリーが息を吹き返したのか狂気序盤はどうにか持ちこたえますが、Time辺りから所々音の揺らぎが散見されピッチも高くなっいきます。そしてBrain Damageあたりでは本来のピッチよりも1音(約12%)以上ピッチが高くなり、Eclipseでは15%以上早く、誰が聞いても違和感を覚えるスピード。加えてスピードが全く一定せずスピード修正にはとても難易度の高い音源とあって、トレーダー間では古くから流通しなおかつ良好なステレオAud録音であるにも関わらずアイテムが一切リリースされないという状態が続きました。
今回は徹底的なピッチ修正を行い正常な状態に復元。事前にピッチが狂っていたと分かっていたとしても全く違和感を感じることのない状態にまで補正しました。特に終盤Brain Damage〜Eclipseでは繊細なギターのフレーズなどにピッチのズレがあると気になるものですが、これらもコンマ数秒の音ユレも逃さずピンポイントでピッチ修正。「とりあえずやるだけやってみました」のレベルではない本気の徹底修正であることは、ぜひ本盤を聞いて頂ければ納得していただけると思います。

音源はトレーダー間に流通する2nd GenからDATにコピーされた16Bit/48kHzのUnprocessedソースを採用。ちなみに1st Genとされるバージョンも流通していますが、音質的にも本バージョンよりも劣り、Shine On〜前のイントロが欠落していたり、音量の大きい箇所で歪みが多発するなどの欠点があります。また、本音源の録音者は残念ながら90年代にすでに亡くなられているという情報もあり、今後マスターテープ起こしのバージョンが改めて出回るなどの可能性は極めてゼロに近いといえるでしょう。今回2nd Genをマスターに使用した本バージョンが永久ベストとなる事は間違いありません。

収録内容的にも前述のとおり「Shine On You Crazy Diamond」、「Raving And Drooling(Sheepの原曲)」がポイントです。Shine On〜は前半と後半に分離されておらず、リリースバージョンでPart 9にあたるパートがなし、メインボーカルをギルモアではなくロジャーがとるというもの。サビのShine On You Crazy〜の辺りではメンバー誰かの素っ頓狂なバックコーラスが他では聞けないものでちょっと珍しいもの。
Raving And Droolingもリリースバージョンとは別物で、リックライトのうねるキーボードが前面に出てかなり目立つ。リリースバージョン同様ロジャーのボーカルですが歌詞は全く異なります。さらにサウンドエフェクトもなし、若干コーラスも異なるなどのちの11月の英国ツアーでのパフォーマンスとも違う点があります。


Parc des Expositions, Colmar, France 22nd June 1974

DISC 1 (62:27)
1. Introduction
2. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
3. Raving And Drooling
4. Echoes

DISC 2 (55:18)
The Dark Side Of The Moon
1. Speak To Me
2. Breathe
3. On The Run
4. Time
5. Breathe (reprise)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky
7. Money
8. Us And Them
9. Any Colour You Like
10. Brain Damage
11. Eclipse
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