Pink Floyd / Chicago 1971 / 2CD

Pink Floyd / Chicago 1971 / 2CD / Sigma

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Live at Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois, USA 27th October 1971 Upgrade

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Hakone Afrodite of August and Osaka, and 1971 that began on October 15th after that Pompei recording From the North American tour of the year, the Chicago show on the 27th is a wonderful upgrade! In this performance where the spot did not hit long enough, the standard that is suitable for the press board will finally appear!

… but it is probably “1971 In October ‘s Chicago show? “, There may be many surprises who are inclining their heads. Recording of this day is mainly known 2 nd Genus which appeared in Floyd special site in 2013, but this is a good monaural AUD recording, but the pitch disorder that occurred in the equipment when it was recorded locally (※ probably battery And the deck driving system) is still intact, and in addition, the hiss noise was also the public source of hard ants which stand out overall. We re-corrected this to make the sound image as much as possible, and what we gift-released in 2013 was our “CHICAGO 1971 (Free 2 CDR)”, but its repair required skill and perseverance Because of that, other labels had something like shunning the release, it was a performance day like the air pocket of 71 years with almost no title although the recording was still left. It is a translation that was not blessed with the release itself, so it is unreasonable not to be in memory as being called Chicago in 71 years.

However, the other day, the upper source which can say it is completely different thing to this sound source recently appeared in the net, and the sound source fans all over the world were boomed. The source itself is the same as the above-mentioned our shop gift (* hereafter, originating / tapes 1), but this is a different tape (= tape 2) that branched from the master and followed a different path from the already- There was a sound in the sound of surprising freshness in this sound. Especially the upper part of the show after the mid stage (* in this work, Disk 2) is remarkable not to be compared with the source (= Tape 1) using the already-to-be-used board, and furthermore to the disorder of the pitch which was the disadvantage of the original recording maximum It is nearly perfectly resolved, so it is probably double surprising since all the scenes are regaining the ideal sound image that they should have. Completing the restoration with the sound transferred from tape 2 rather than tape 1 has produced a decisive difference.

What I want to pay attention to is the tape deck used to take out the sound from the tape 2, it is also a big topic that this is the famous machine “ZX – 7” of that Nakamichi. This ZX series (* ZX – 5, 7, 9 existed), which was manufactured by legendary audio equipment manufacturers that existed in Japan, is known as a masterpiece of Nakamichi even now even in 2018, and equipped with logic circuits A variety of calibration functions by driving system and manual create enthusiasm for audio fans all over the world by the mechanism that leads the potential of tape to the limit. Although the sound was left in the tape 2 of this time much better than the tape 1, the fact that it is the 2nd Gen can not be bent, but from the tape 2 which reproduced this with the ZX – 7 The output precision of a deck of the same is forming the sound with a waveform which can not be obtained at first, it realizes a grade which can be regarded as Chicago in 71 years as it is the original sound of the tape 2 = 2 nd Gen used.

Let me give an example.
First of all the hi-fisheye throughout the pre-launch board was intense, the localization was also slightly left, the output of the right channel was slightly weakened. Especially in “Echoes” the output of the right channel is lowered from around 17:16 in the latter half, and at 18: 22 it is almost completely left side sounded out (* It also lasts till 26:02) and it is fixed There is still a remarkable trace of undistorted pitch and poor acoustic image accuracy.

However, this work which transferred tape 2 from ZX – 7 first sits down in the middle perfectly in the center, and by the overwhelming (* remarkably amazing) relaxation of hiss noise, the sense of stability of the weak sound and the depth of the middle range The upper feeling has gone, and the deterioration section in the second half of the “Echoes” mentioned above, which was only the right channel, also forms a sound image of both channels without any problem. Even in the midst of the barking scenes, the slide / guitar which was sounding flat on the already-launched board regains the high-quality sound and three-dimensional depth, probably 1st Gen and original recording seemed to have been so sharp A scene that makes you feel the flash of sound can be enjoyed many times. Likewise, “A Saucerful Of Secrets”, which was conspicuous in deterioration, also has a great benefit of losing the hiss noise and pitch swing, and the bass out and slightly blurred response of the bass has regained its original sharpness. The cloudy feeling of the midfield rough sound which was remarkable on the

Such an upper feeling is particularly conspicuous from the middle of the show = Disk 2, but it is surprising because why it is equipped with an upper feeling why even in the first half of the show. In particular, “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun” was missing sound on the original board, 13: 13 ~ recording on / off part first appeared, it is about 1.5 seconds but it is longer than the original disc and original recording It is recorded faithfully to. Also, “Atom Heart Mother” also faded on the already-released board 18:51 inter-track scenes appeared in the form of original recording, this is also a nice Advantage to listen to for a moment’s appearance. “One Of These Days” will cancel out the rhythm once in the middle stage and the latter half. The expression unique to this day appears in more vivid form, the sound that the water drips at the same time as the last song (※ rain sound by the in-place SE? Bubble sound by the synthesizer The very rare sound check that progressed in the middle of entering the sound of water bubbles?) Will know that the outline of the drop sound is sharp. By the way, the sound of this water sounds on Tape 2 is only recorded until 11:05, and then that part is recorded for about 10 seconds (until the end of Disk 1) until the next song starts to be somewhat later The remaining tapes 1 = compensated by replacing the preexisting board, maintaining the full length by exhausting all the sounds of existing scenes.

And when it comes to the disc 2 of the latter half of the show, the sound quality further improves. Everyone notices that 10 seconds have passed since starting the disc is probably the point where the disorder of the pitch and the sound image shake are nearly perfectly lost. Pitch misalignment and sound fluctuation begin to be conspicuous seriously from the start of disc 2 in the already-to-be-released disc, but here we maintain excellent precision and stability that does not cause such problems, which is “Careful With That Ax, Eugene I think that I can see from the fact that the pitch of the scream that enters in the middle of “almost a semitone is different by the original work and this work. “Cymbaline” gil Gilmore’s singing voice came out half a step earlier, the melodic line became easier to grasp, the transparency also updated to the highest ever. Although it is felt that reduction of hiss noise which is orders of magnitude shorter than the original scenes such as footsteps is also 20% of the effect of digital remaster, the remaining 80% manual adjustment of severe calibration and 3 head It is said
that it can be said to be the extraction power of the original sound by ZX – 7 produced by the azimuth accuracy of. Gilmore laughed for some reason during the singing after the footsteps scene and the happening unique on this day appeared as a lively sound image that the song of part of the lyrics was missed (* or not singing) It will instantly make the impression a thing of the past.

Amidst such overwhelming improvement in sound quality, this 1971 Chicago performance is a series of development of interesting and unique performances unique to this period, but on the other hand, this program’s North American Tour The band will begin to play the prototype version of “THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” from January 1972, the assembly of the show itself will change from the ground.

In other words, the North American tour program at this time is the final form of “the show which does not intervene” “Frenzy” which Floyd had accumulated so far, and such musical paradigm shift is in the countdown sound source of important period It is a translation that one got the quality to withstand it now, fortunately or unfortunately because this chicago performance is still a low acknowledgment sound source, it may be that many people listen for the first time The work is of quality that is sufficient to respond to such first impressions, as well as those who already know of the already-released sounds will be marveled at the excitement and precision of sounds of orders of magnitude by tape 2 users had. now finally the best revived in appearance Floyd 71 years of treasure, please try by all means to this weekend !!



…しかし、おそらく “1971年10月のシカゴのショーでは?”、彼らの頭を傾けている多くの驚きがあるかもしれません。この日のレコーディングは、2013年にフロイドのスペシャルサイトに登場した2番目の属が主に知られていますが、これはモノラルのAUDレコーディングには適していますが、ローカルで録音したときに機器に発生したピッチの乱れ(※おそらくバッテリー)システム)は依然として損なわれておらず、さらにヒスノイズも全体的に目立つ堅い蟻の公的供給源であった。私たちはできるだけ音のイメージを作るためにこれを修正しました。2013年にリリースされたものは「CHICAGO 1971(Free 2 CDR)」でしたが、修理には手間と忍耐が必要でした。リリースを避けるように、レコーディングはまだ残っていたものの、ほとんどタイトルがない71年のエアポケットのようなパフォーマンスの日でした。それはリリース自体に祝福されなかった翻訳ですので、71年間でシカゴと呼ばれるように記憶に残ることは無理です。

ところが、先日、この音源とは全く別のものと言える上部音源がネットに登場し、世界中の音源ファンが沸騰しました。ソースそのものは、上記の私たちのギフトショップ(以下、原点/テープ1)と同じですが、これはマスターから分岐して既に別のパスをたどっている別のテープ(=テープ2)ですこの音で驚くほど新鮮な音が聞こえました。特に、中盤以降のこの番組の上部(* 2のディスク)は、既に使用されているボードを使用したソース(=テープ1)と比較できないほど顕著であり、さらに障害元の録音の最大の欠点であったピッチのほぼ完璧に解決されているので、すべてのシーンが理想的な音像を取り戻しているのでおそらく2倍の驚きです。テープ1ではなくテープ2から転送された音で修復を完了することは決定的な違いを生み出しています。

私が注目したいのは、テープ2から音を出すのに使われたテープデッキです。それは、中道の有名なマシン “ZX – 7″であるという大きな話題です。日本に存在する伝説のオーディオ機器メーカーが製造したこのZXシリーズ(* ZX – 5,7,9)は、2018年にも今中城の傑作として知られ、論理回路を装備しています。システムの駆動と手動による機能は、テープの可能性を最大限に導く仕組みによって、世界中のオーディオファンの熱意を引き出しています。今回のテープ2にはテープ1よりもはるかに音が残っていましたが、第2世代であることは曲げられませんが、これをZX-7で再現したテープ2からは、デッキが最初に得ることのできない波形で音を作り出しているので、71年でシカゴと見なせるグレードをテープ2 = 2番目のGenの原音と同じように実現しています。

まず第一に、打ち上げ前のボード全体でのハイフィッシュアイが強く、ローカライゼーションもやや残っていました。右チャネルの出力はわずかに弱まっていました。特にエコーでは、右チャンネルの出力が後半の17:16付近から下げられ、18:22ではほぼ完全に左のサウンドが出力されます(* 26:02まで続きます)。まだ歪んでいないピッチの顕著な痕跡と音響画像の精度の悪さが残っています。

しかし、ZX – 7のテープ2を最初に移した作品は、中央で完全に真ん中に座り、圧倒的なヒスノイズのリラクゼーション、弱い音の安定感、ミドルレンジ上のフィーリングがなくなり、上の「エコー」の後半の劣化セクション(右チャンネルのみ)も問題なく両チャンネルの音像を形成します。吠え声の中でも、すでに発売されたボード上でフラットであったスライド/ギターは、おそらく1st Genと高音質の立体感を取り戻し、元のレコーディングはとても鋭いものでした。あなたは何度も楽しむことができる音のフラッシュを感じさせます。同様に、劣化が目立つ「A Saucerful Of Secrets」は、ヒスノイズとピッチスイングを失う大きな利点があり、ベースの低音とわずかにぼやけたレスポンスは元の鮮明さを取り戻しました。ミッドフィールドのラフな音の曇り感が目立つ

このような上の感触は、ショー=ディスク2の真中から特に目立っていますが、ショーの前半でもなぜ上の気持ちが備わっているのかは驚きです。特に、「The Heart Of The Sunのためのコントロールを設定する」は、元のボードのサウンドが欠けていました.13:13〜録音オン/オフの部分が最初に現れました。約1.5秒ですが、元のディスクと元の録音よりも長くなっていますそれはに忠実に記録されています。また、「Atom Heart Mother」は、すでにリリースされたボードを退屈にして、18:51のトラック間のシーンがオリジナルのレコーディングの形で登場しました。これは、瞬間の姿を聞くのにも良いアドバンテージです。 「One Of These Days」は中盤と後半に一度リズムをキャンセルします。この日特有の表現は、より鮮やかな形で、最後の曲と同時に水が垂れ下がる音(※インプレイスSEで雨が降る音?シンセサイザーでバブル音が鳴ります)水の泡の音が入っている途中ですか?)ドロップ音の輪郭が鋭いことがわかります。ちなみに、テープ2のこの音の音は11:05までしか録音されず、その部分が次の曲がやや遅くなるまで約10秒間(ディスク1の終わりまで)録音されます。テープ1 =既存のボードを交換して、既存のシーンのすべてのサウンドを使い切って全長を維持することによって補正されます。

ZX – 7の方位角精度で生成された原音の抽出力であると言えます。ギルモアは何かの理由で声をかけて歌っていましたが、この日のユニークな出来事は、歌詞の一部の歌が聴かれ​​なかった鮮やかな音像として現れました。過去。

このような圧倒的な音質の向上の中で、この1971年のシカゴのパフォーマンスは、この期間に特有の興味深いユニークなパフォーマンスのシリーズですが、一方で、このプログラムの北米ツアーは、 “THEダーク・サイド・オブ・ザ・ムーン “1972年1月から、ショー自体の集会は地面から変わるでしょう。


Disc 1 (74:16)
1. The Embryo 2. Fat Old Sun 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
4. Atom Heart Mother 5. One Of These Days

Disc 2 (69:50)
1 Careful With That Ax, Eugene 2. Cymbaline 3. Echoes 4. A Saucerful Of Secrets

Sigma 217

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