Paul McCartney & Wings / Birmingham 1975 / 2CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / Birmingham 1975 / 2CD / Non Label
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Live at Hippodrome, Birmingham, UK 13th September 1975

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It is common sense that it was not a mania that the height of wings was from 1975 to 76. As for the 76th year, as there are fulfilling officials such as “Over America” ​​and “Rock Show”, we can make you realize the moment when Wings got the top of the locking world extremely easily. The starting point of such a hi-tech tour is UK tour of 75 years. This year began with Britain, and if it was on schedule it was closed at the Nippon Budokan in November, but unfortunately it did not happen as the history shows.
After the formation of Wings, Paul who had already made the UK tour of 1973 successful. Because everything is a type of musician who will steadily walk forward, Wembley Arena and the original Wimble Arena, even if they used Earls Court it would have been possible to fill the venue, in 73 years Only the venues in concert halls which did not differ greatly from were chosen. Whether this was a fact that it was a live tour that finally realized after the collapse of the original · wings was single, was not it big?
Because of the venue selection that was organized with such a cautious footstep, this tour has little sound source of decent sound quality. It was easy to imagine that the taper was not able to secure a good position because it was done with only small venues. On the contrary, over-the-air tours at only large venues are supported from the situation that blessed with a good sound source of audience recording. However, many sound sources themselves exist. The problem is that there are few sound sources with good sound quality. Under these circumstances, items of the UK tour of the year 75 have remained extremely small and have reached the present time, and it was enough to assert until until it was only heard by maniacs.

Exceptionally in that situation, there was only an audience recording of the sound quality that jumps out and heard easily for only one day! Live on September 13th in Birmingham, Hippodrome, which will be released on press CD this time only. Although it was truly a box office using a big venue (Birmingham Odeon then) than the time of 73 years, but still from the popularity of the new Wings that had already made a big hit with the new album “Venus And Mars” There is no doubt that choosing an unexpected venue that does not use the arena pleased British fans.
However, the audience recording that is released this time has problems as well. First and foremost the most negative point is the middle of the opening “Venus and Mars” / “Rock Show” and furthermore the part from the middle of “Medicine Jar” to the live concert is supplemented by a poor sound source To say that we are. Especially the quality of the latter part is quite a rough quality, and it is a level that tends to be on British tour of 75 years this time. However, if the sound quality of the main part other than that is satisfied, I am surprised at the high quality which stands out clearness which is not comparable with any sound source on this tour!
Of course, it is not an audience recording of a near sound image like a sound board, but rather a sound image with a sense of distance in general rather than it, but it is still unlikely that you will be surprised that it is a sound quality that you can hear so far in the UK tour of 75 years There should be one skipping in “Bluebird”). Not only the very refreshing clearness, but also the hall class, and the relaxing presence that is unique to British concert venues is the most fun. In other words, although it is already the same member composition as glorious over-the-America tour, it is still surprisingly that the performances and the venue’s reactions are at home.
In the case of
That’s where the performance content is full of listening. Although it is sometimes at the beginning of the tour, it is nothing more than a high degree of perfection of Over / America ‘s glorious afterwards, which is a fresh performance with a different dimension. Jimmy · McCulloch ‘s guitar is even going to be exceptional in such circumstances. At the “Spirits Of Ancient Egypt” sung by Denny Rain, Jimmy’s play was bursting hard. I will be told again that his subscription has raised the sound of Wings to the next level.
At the same time it is surprising that the reaction of each Beatles number that was introduced to Wings’ stage repertoire for the first time since this tour is unexpectedly enthusiastic. Rather, the reaction to the new song at that time like “You Gave Me The Answer” is not defeated by it, this is the scene unique to the height. Of course, enthusiastic response to the standard “Yesterday” is different, but the best scene of the day is visited by “Blackbird” which was played before.
A whistle that imitated birds’ barks from the audience from the audience from the middle of the performance fluttered, and it fell asleful as the air of the place as if reproducing the version of “white album”. For this, the venue is also a burst of laughter, it is interesting because it clearly conveys the appearance that even the truly pole is singing while holding back the laughter. Another funny scene was the new song at the time “Listen to What the Man Said”. When Denny showed up Rifu before the pole began to play, Paul and a band were added as it was, and as a result, it started with a rare version of a nasa intro and also Denny.
Thus the performance itself is at home (haha). “Junior’s Farm” which was played at the Budokan in spring this year and Tokyo Dome also made the Japanese fans crazy and the 75 years tour was the only real-time live performance period, and it was also the biggest rare repertoire of this tour. However, the performance heard here is somewhat loose, as it has not been long since the live show. Among them, Linda’s back chorus is at the extreme of roughness, trying to head the chorus by mistaking one person’s midstream. On the other hand, unlike the current live version, the point sung in full chorus will also be rare.
It is said that the performance that is valuable content and good sound quality so far has been buried so far … so far it is a sound source that has been circulating among traders and on the net a long time ago. In this release, it is possible to realize more clearness and an atmosphere that is more homogeneous by using pseudo-stereo by taking advantage of the features of good sound quality. Still it adjusts the overall pitch precisely. Especially the pitch difference between the early stage and the final stage sound source where the sound quality drops is also corrected. Unfortunately we can not say that the connection that was done at the stage when the sound source circulated is polite also for compliments, but still the stress on listening has been relaxed by eliminating the pitch error. Since there are such problems, it is true that you can not call it for everyone in the sound source of Wings. But the surprising ease of listening to the main sound source, and the excitement of the athome and the fun of the performance quite different from that of the year 76 are absolutely amazing rare sound sources from the 75 year tour that satisfies mania!

しかしながら、今回リリースされるオーディエンス録音も問題を抱えています。まず何と言っても一番のマイナス・ポイントはオープニング「Venus and Mars”/”Rock Show」の途中までと、それ以上に「Medicine Jar」の途中からライブ終演までの箇所が音質の悪い音源で補われているということ。特に後半パートの音質などはかなりの荒れくれたクオリティであり、これぞ75年のイギリス・ツアーにありがちなレベル。ところがそれ以外のメイン・パートの音質ときたら、このツアーにおけるどの音源とも比べ物にならないほどのクリアネスが際立つクオリティの高さにびっくり!

そうなると演奏内容も聞きどころが満載。ツアー開始当初であるということもありますが、それにしても後のオーバー・アメリカのグロリアスな完成度の高さとは別次元なまったりとした演奏が新鮮なことこの上ない。そんな中でひときわさえ渡っているのがジミー・マカロックのギター。デニー・レインが歌う「Spirits Of Ancient Egypt」において、さっそくハードなジミーのプレイが炸裂。改めて彼の加入がウイングスのサウンドをネクスト・レベルに引き上げたことを思い知らされます。
それと同時に驚かされるのが、このツアーから初めてウイングスのステージ・レパートリーに導入された各ビートルズ・ナンバーのリアクションが思いのほか熱狂を呼んでいないということ。むしろ「You Gave Me The Answer」のような当時の新曲に対するリアクションがそれに負けておらず、これこそ絶頂期ならではの場面でしょう。もちろんスタンダードの「Yesterday」に対する熱狂的な反応は別格ですが、そうした中でこの日最高の場面は前に演奏された「Blackbird」で訪れます。
演奏の途中から客席から鳥の鳴き声を真似した口笛が飛び交い、それがまるで「ホワイト・アルバム」のバージョンを再現するかのごとく場の空気にハマってしまった。これには会場も爆笑であり、さすがのポールですら笑いをこらえながら歌っている様子がはっきりと伝わってくるから面白い。もう一つの愉快な場面は当時の新曲だった「Listen to What the Man Said」。ポールが弾き始める前にデニーがリフを鼻歌してみせたところ、そのままポールやバンドが加わってしまい、結果として鼻歌イントロしかもデニーというレアなバージョンで始まってしまいました。
こうして演奏自体はあくまでアットホーム(笑)。今年春の武道館や東京ドームでも演奏されて日本のファンを狂喜させた「Junior’s Farm」は75年ツアーが唯一のリアルタイムのライブ演奏期であり、このツアー最大のレアなレパートリーでもありました。ところがここで聞かれる演奏はライブ披露から間もないこともあって、相当にルーズ。中でもリンダのバックコーラスはラフの極みで、途中で一人構成を間違えてコーラスに向かおうとするほど。一方で現在のライブ・バージョンと違いフルコーラスで歌われている点もまたレアでしょう。
Disc 1 (57:53)
1. Venus And Mars/Rock Show 2. Jet 3. Let Me Roll It 4. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
5. Little Woman Love / C Moon 6. Maybe I’m Amazed 7. Lady Madonna 8. The Long And Winding Road
9. Live And Let Die 10. Picasso’s Last Words 11. Richard Cory 12. Bluebird
13. I’ve Just Seen A Face 14. Blackbird 15. Yesterday

Disc 2 (57:10)
1. You Gave Me The Answer 2. Magneto And Titanium Man 3. Go Now 4. Call Me Back Again
5. My Love 6. Listen To What The Man Said 7. Letting Go 8. Junior’s Farm
9. Medicine Jar 10. Band On The Run 11. Hi, Hi, Hi 12. Soily

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