Paul McCartney / Ryogoku Kokugikan 2018 Definitive Video Master / 1DVD

Paul McCartney / Ryogoku Kokugikan 2018 Definitive Video Master / 1DVD / Non Label

Live at Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo, Japan 5th November 2018.  Original Audience Recording / Original In-Ear Monitor Recording

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Translated text:

The best audience shot video in this performance in Japan no longer has a high calling image of the National Assembly gig. The power of the angle danced from the first floor seat and the vivid image quality are outstanding. Although it is such a passion picture, first released at “KOKUGIKAN 2018: DEFINITIVE VIDEO MASTER”, too brilliant video made me say guy. The speed release by the DVD-R from the UXBRIDGE label turned into a best seller in the blink of an eye in the blink of an eye, but last week I recorded an audio upper version in the “TOKYO 2018: DEFINITIVE VIDEO MASTERS” set and made a further high evaluation did.
Of course, as a result of being promoted to press board DVD the same way on the first day of Tokyo Dome, this was also made for the release in the press board, making the best use of the dual layer system It is. What do you mean? Of course, two kinds of voice can be selected. However, among the sounds contained here, there is only one audience recording. Of course, replacement upper sound source that appeared in “TOKYO 2018: DEFINITIVE ~”. So what was included in the other audio track? It is the voice of “RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018: ORIGINAL IN – EAR MONITOR RECORDING” which is also the most popular name board in this year ‘s performance in Japan!
In other words, making it possible to enjoy the best image with the best sound, it is no longer possible to say as “the strongest”. In this way, it seems that it seems like an illusion that the live video of the official Kokugikan gig is released normally. In that wonderful audience shot video, Ichi Moni sound source which passed the mania of mania in Japan was synchronized … What kind of infringement technique. For example, when Paul becomes a song playing electricity, such as “Let Me Roll It” and “I’ve Got a Feeling”, the synergistic effect of the image and the earphone voice is superb. It will be understood if it can be seen, and I wonder if I can not help listening carefully anyway.
Although it is certain that the Iyamoni sound source that brought the sound board class’ listening experience was also good, if you want to enjoy on that day at that Kokugikan that you heard on that day, again select the audience recording It’s also fun. “KOKUGIKAN 2018: DEFINITIVE ~” The sound quality which was easy to hear at a stretch at the time of release also has charm that can not be thrown away. If both of them are contained in a single disc thanks to the dual layer specification, this is already a thing that the seat of the Kokugikan gig’s fixed edition picture is committed.
It is okay to switch over between eromoni and audience recording depending on the mood of the day, or switch the sound with your favorite songs and enjoy the difference in atmosphere. Especially audience recording sounds like raising the volume and playing back it seems that memories of that day will revive. However, there is something wonderful that Iamoni sounds are brilliant, and it is a luxurious item what you can enjoy with it and the best images together. There is no upper plate version for which press release is more suitable. From the legendary Kokugikan gig, I will dedicate a limited edition press DVD version of the movie promoted to the strongest version finally for a month as early as all fans.

★ High quality sound audience and extreme topical ear sounds can be selected

★ Since the single-sided, double-layer disc is used, the image quality has greatly improved compared to the DVDR board (Uxbridge).

もはや今回の来日公演におけるベスト・オーディエンスショット映像の呼び声も高いのが国技館ギグの映像。一階席から敢行されたアングルの迫力と鮮明な画質が群を抜いている。そんな情熱映像ではありますが、まずは「KOKUGIKAN 2018: DEFINITIVE VIDEO MASTER」にてリリース、あまりに鮮烈な映像がマニアをアッと言わせました。UXBRIDGEレーベルからのDVD-Rによるスピード・リリースが瞬く間にベストセラーと化したのですが、先週は音声アッパー版を「TOKYO 2018: DEFINITIVE VIDEO MASTERS」セットの中に収録、さらなる高評価をものにしました。
当然ながら、東京ドーム初日の同じようにプレス盤DVDへの昇格が熱望される結果となったのですが、こちらもプレス盤でのリリースに当たっては、デュアルレイヤー方式を最大限に活かした作りとなっています。どういうことか?もちろん音声は二種類が選択できる。しかし、こちらに収められた音声の内、オーディエンス録音は片方だけ。もちろん「TOKYO 2018: DEFINITIVE~」で登場した差し替えアッパー音源。では、もう片方の音声トラックに収められたのは?それは何と今回の来日公演における最大の名盤との呼び声も高い「RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN 2018: ORIGINAL IN-EAR MONITOR RECORDING」の音声なのです!
つまり最高の映像を最高の音声で楽しめてしまうという、もはや「最強」としか言いようがない作り。こうなると、普通にオフィシャルな国技館ギグのライブビデオがリリースされたのかと錯覚しそうになってしまうほど。あの素晴らしいオーディエンスショット映像に、日本中のマニアの度肝を抜いたイヤモニ音源がシンクロさせられたとは…何たる反則技。例えば「Let Me Roll It」や「I’ve Got a Feeling」といった、ポールがエレキを弾く曲になると映像とイヤモニ音声の相乗効果が見事だとしか言いようがない。それは見てもらえれば解ってもらえることでしょうし、とにかくじっくりと鑑賞せずにはいられないかと。
確かにサウンドボード級のリスリング体験をもたらしてくれたイヤモニ音源もいいのだけれど、あの国技館で当日に自分が耳にしていた「あの音」で楽しみたいのであれば、やはりオーディエンス録音をセレクトするのも楽しい。「KOKUGIKAN 2018: DEFINITIVE~」リリース時に一気に聞きやすくなっていたあの音質もやはり捨てがたい魅力がある。そのどちらもデュアルレイヤー仕様のおかげで一枚のディスクに収められているとくれば、これはもう国技館ギグの決定版映像の座が確約されたようなもの。




1. Intro 2. A Hard Day’s Night 3. Hi, Hi, Hi 4. All My Loving 5. Letting Go
6. Come On to Me ★16:40-17:50の70秒を既発映像より補填 7. Let Me Roll It 8. I’ve Got a Feeling
9. My Valentine 10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 11. I’ve Just Seen a Face
12. In Spite of All the Danger 13. From Me to You 14. Love Me Do 15. Blackbird
16. Queenie Eye 17. Lady Madonna 18. Fuh You 19. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
20. Something 21. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 22. Band on the Run 23. Back in the U.S.S.R.
24. Let It Be 25. Live and Let Die 26. Hey Jude 27. I Saw Her Standing There
28. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) 29. Helter Skelter
30. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight /The End

COLOUR NTSC Approx.135min.


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