Ozzy Osbourne / Speak Of The Devil Ritz 1982 Complete Remastered Edition / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Speak Of The Devil Ritz 1982 Complete Remastered Edition / 2CD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac
The Ritz, New York City, New York, USA 26th & 27th September 1982 plus Bonus DVDR “Speak Of The Devil Irvine Meadows 1982”


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A variant live album “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” occupied by all BLACK SABBATH numbers. The outflow sound board master that becomes the origin is upgraded and appeared.

[Spilled stereo sound board that became the source of the official board] “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” …… It was an unusual work. Although it is the official album of the Blood Gills era, there is no solo number at all. Everything was occupied only by Sabas ’s masterpieces. That is not to say that Ozzy at that time had toured only for the Sabbath number. At that time, BLACK SABBATH, who welcomed Ronnie James Dio, planned “LIVE EVIL”. The Ozzy side who knew the movement also planned a live album of all songs Sabbath as a counter board (It is said that Randy was still alive at the beginning and he wasn’t willing to start thinking about leaving the band) ).
Actual production was realized after Randy died and was replaced by Brad. A special performance was held at “THE RITZ” in New York City, September 26-27, 1982. “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” was produced from the two performances (by the way, the release was “November 27, 1982” ahead of “LIVE EVIL (December 1982)”). This work is a stereo sound board recording of Omoto that conveys the scenes of the two performances without modification. Although it is famous that the vocals of Ozzy are covered with corrections on the official board, this work can enjoy “True SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” in two performances.

[Upgrade sound with updated peak] Moreover, this work is an upgrade board. It was in 2013 that Daimoto Master leaked, but the press 2CD “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL: RITZ 1982 COMPLETE”, which recorded the best master, was sold out due to the content of the shock and was quickly discontinued. This work is a decision board that has been refined by the latest and meticulously remastered, and updated the highest peak.
The quality is ultimate. As a matter of fact, the previous edition was also a super-perfect full-class official, and the major pitch deviation that was the biggest drawback of the Net Master was also corrected. However, the sound seemed to flow out, and even though the freshness was magnificent, it was somewhat flat. However, by organizing each sound range, this work can feel the three-dimensional effect of each sound, and the outline is clear. It became a three-dimensional sound that flew vividly. You can feel the upgrade in all of the ensembles, but the most obvious is the drumming of Tommy Aldrich. Even the original sound panned to the left and right, but it just moved from right to left. On the other hand, this work seems to synchronize with Tommy himself, and sound hits from all directions of the head up and down, right and left.
Of course, the outflow sound board is 2ch stereo and the mix cannot be changed. In other words, this 3D sensation was in the Omoto Master, and it became possible to feel firmly because the loss of one note per tone improved dramatically. And the three-dimensional feeling can be felt from vocals that are proud of the closeness of guitar, bass and class. Clearness, wide range, and three-dimensional appearance. It is the ultimate sound that brings out the possibilities of Daimoto Master to the limit.

[True SOTD and another SPOTD] ● True SPEAK OF THE DEVIL: Day 2 (Disc 2)
“So True SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” and “Another SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” are drawn with the reborn sound. As mentioned above, 2 performances are recorded in this work, but it was the “Day 2 (Disc 2)” that became the source of the official board. Sharon Osborne seemed to put pressure on the members, “If you fail, you ca n’t synthesize”, but that was the second day. However, the vocals are totally different (bitter smile). Although it has been said for many years that the official board has been withered MCs and voices, and the glossy main vocals are so different, it should have been replaced for a long time. However, the severity of the original vocal is unexpected. Even when the leaked master appeared, it was said that “So far …”, but you can enjoy its exaggerated rough voice with the highest quality.
Another thing is that the performance is partly different from the official board. Instead of replacing each instrument, replace the song. According to producer Max Norman, “We used a sound check with 3 songs (no sound source was out in the day of the 26th)”, but “Iron Man” and other performances were also big. Missed songs seem to have been replaced. The bigger difference is “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”. This work is a complete recording of two days, but this super famous song is not playing either. Norman’s rehearsal take was adopted for the official board.
● Another SPEAK OF THE DEVIL: First Day (Disc 1)
“The story was mixed up and down, but on the first day it was a live that was not adopted on the official board. This is “Another SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” where you can’t listen to the performance and vocals officially.
演奏 What was not adopted was a performance mistake. As expected, the ensemble does not collapse just because of the masterpieces, but it is a surprisingly surprising performance only on the first day full of unfamiliar songs, and mistakes occur frequently in detail. Rather, it ’s a surprising live performance, “Will you improve there the next day!” However, it is not a complete useless stage. In fact, Ozzy’s vocals are better on the first day. Of course, it is not as prepared as the replaced official board, but that is why the live feeling is exquisite, and there is no unnaturalness that changes with the voice quality like the official board. “The Wizard” that was not played in the 70s, “Never Say Die” that was not played in the reorganized sabbath, and “Symptom Of The Universe” that included the song can also be enjoyed with live performance of 100% of the original.

As expected, “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” surpassed the original “LIVE EVIL” and won the platinum disc nationwide. However, the content of all songs Sabbath is unwilling to Ozzy and has been frequently removed from the recurrence business. This work is a two-disc set that conveys the “master” of such an unusual masterpiece.
Furthermore, it is “Another SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” and “True SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” drawn with a sound that pursues the master’s possibilities to the fullest, not just fixing the shortcomings of the leaked master. A decision board that allows you to taste the entire song “Sabas Solo Solo Live”, which was only two nights in a 50-year career, without any modification. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press 2CD anytime and forever!

全曲BLACK SABBATHナンバーで占められた異形のライヴアルバム『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』。その大元となる流出サウンドボード・マスターがアップグレードして登場です。

『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』……まさに異形の作品でした。ブラッド・ギルス時代の公式アルバムでありつつ、ソロ・ナンバーは一切なし。すべてがサバスの名曲だけで占められていました。だからと言って、当時のオジーがサバス・ナンバーだけのツアーをしていたわけではありません。当時、ロニー・ジェイムズ・ディオを迎えた本家BLACK SABBATHは『LIVE EVIL』を計画。その動きを知ったオジー側も対抗盤として全曲サバスのライヴアルバムを企画したのです(当初はまだランディが存命中で、乗り気ではなかった彼はバンドを離れることを考え始めたとも言われています)。
実際の製作はランディの死後、ブラッドに交代してから実現し、「1982年9月26日+27日ニューヨーク・シティ」の“THE RITZ”で特別公演を開催。その2公演から『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』が製作されました(ちなみに、リリースは『LIVE EVIL(1982年12月)』に先んじた“1982年11月27日”でした)。本作はその2公演の現場を無修正で伝える大元のステレオ・サウンドボード録音。公式盤ではオジーのヴォーカルが差し替えまくりの修正まみれなのは有名ですが、本作は「真のSPEAK OF THE DEVIL」を2公演丸ごと楽しめるわけです。

しかも、本作はアップグレード盤。大元マスターが流出したのは2013年の事でしたが、そのベスト・マスターを収録したプレス2CD『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL: RITZ 1982 COMPLETE』は衝撃の内容ゆえに瞬く間に完売・廃盤。本作は、かの大名盤を最新・細心リマスタリングで磨き込み、最高峰を更新した決定盤なのです。

●真のSPEAK OF THE DEVIL:2日目(ディスク2)
そうして生まれ変わったサウンドで描かれるのは「真のSPEAK OF THE DEVIL」と、「もう1つのSPEAK OF THE DEVIL」。前述の通り、本作には丸ごと2公演が収録されているわけですが、公式盤の大元になったのは「2日目(ディスク2)」の方。シャロン・オズボーンはメンバーに対し「失敗しても合成できない」とプレッシャーを掛けていたそうですが、その完成度の高いテイクが2日目だったわけです。しかし、ヴォーカルはまるで違う(苦笑)。公式盤からして枯れ気味のMCやかけ声と、艶やかなメイン・ヴォーカルがあまりにも違っており「絶対、差し替えているはずだ」と長年言われ続けてきましたが、案の定。ただし、その元ヴォーカルの厳しさは想定外。流出マスターが登場した時も「ここまでとは……」と絶句されましたが、その豪快にラフな元声も最高峰クオリティで楽しめてしまいます。
もう1つ、実は演奏も公式盤とは部分的に異なっています。楽器ごとの差し替えと言うよりは曲の入れ替え。プロデューサーであるマックス・ノーマンによれば「3曲でサウンドチェック(26日の昼間で音源は出てきていません)のテイクを用いた」とのことですが、「Iron Man」等、演奏でも大きなミスの曲は差し替えられているようです。さらに大きな違いは「Sabbath Bloody Sabbath」。本作は2日間の完全収録ですが、この超名曲はどちらでも演奏していない。ノーマンの言うリハーサル・テイクが公式盤に採用されたわけです。
●もう1つのSPEAK OF THE DEVIL:初日(ディスク1)
話は前後してしまいましたが、初日はオフィシャル盤に採用されなかったライヴ。こちらは演奏もヴォーカルも公式では聴けない「もう1つのSPEAK OF THE DEVIL」なのです。
採用されなかったのは、演奏のミス。さすがに名手揃いだけにアンサンブルが崩壊するようなことはありませんが、慣れない曲だらけの初日だけにおっかなびっくりな演奏ぶりであり、細かいところでミスが頻発してしまう。むしろ「翌日にあそこまで上達するのか!」と驚くようなライヴです。とは言え、まったくの駄目ステージでもない。実は、オジーのヴォーカルは初日の方が調子が良い。もちろん、差し替えられた公式盤ほど整ってはいませんが、だからこそのライヴ感が絶品で、オフィシャル盤のように声質ごとコロコロ変わる不自然さもない。70年代には演奏されなかった「The Wizard」、再編サバスでは演奏しなかった「Never Say Die」や歌入りの「Symptom Of The Universe」も本生100%のライヴ・パフォーマンスで楽しめるのです。

目論み通り、本家の『LIVE EVIL』を凌駕し、全米でプラチナ・ディスクに輝いた『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』。しかし、全曲サバスという内容はオジーにとっても不本意であり、再発事業からも度々外されてきました。本作は、そんな異形の名作の「本生」を伝える2枚組なのです。
しかも流出マスターの欠点を整えるだけに留まらず、マスターの可能性を最大限に追及したサウンドで描かれる「もう1つのSPEAK OF THE DEVIL」であり、「真のSPEAK OF THE DEVIL」。50年のキャリアでも2晩しかなかった「全曲サバスのソロライヴ」を全部丸ごと無修正で味わえる決定盤。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでいつでも、いつまでもご堪能ください!


Disc 1(63:51)

Live at The Ritz, New York City, New York, USA 26th September 1982

1. Intro
2. Symptom Of The Universe
3. Snowblind
4. Black Sabbath
5. Fairies Wear Boots
6. War Pigs
7. The Wizard
8. N.I.B.
9. Sweet Leaf
10. Never Say Die
11. Iron Man
12. Children Of The Grave
13. Paranoid

Disc 2(67:31)

Live at the Ritz, New York City, New York, USA 27th September 1982

1. Intro
2. Symptom Of The Universe
3. Snowblind
4. Black Sabbath
5. Fairies Wear Boots
6. War Pigs
7. The Wizard
8. N.I.B.
9. Sweet Leaf
10. Never Say Die
11. Iron Man
12. Children Of The Grave
13. Paranoid


Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Brad Gillis – Guitars
Rudy Sarzo – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums

Zodiac 356


Ozzy Osbourne / Speak Of The Devil Irvine Meadows 1982 /1DVDR / Non Label
Irvine Meadows Amphitheater, Irvine, CA, USA 23rd June 1982 PRO-SHOT

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The main press 2CD is a superb outflow stereo sound board that reveals the true form of the official live album “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL”. However, there were two official works named “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL”. One is a live album of all songs Sabbath numbers, and the other is a multi-camera pro-shot of a normal solo tour. Both were official works of the Blood Gills era, but the contents were completely different. Therefore, this time, the highest peak version of the official video “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” will be included as a bonus so that you can collect the peak records of the Blood era at once.

That’s why this work is “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” with the same title but completely different contents. This is a multi-camera pro shot of “June 23, 1982 Irvine Performance”. The main press 2CD and the official live album version were special performances of all songs Sabas, but this work is a part of “DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR” that continued even after Randy died. This is the official video where you can enjoy the blood version of “BLIZZARD OF OZZ” and “DIARY OF A MADMAN”. To imagine the circumstances of the two “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL”, let’s first look back on 1982, which was a turbulence.

・ January 1-March 18: North America # 1 (44 performances)
《Randy dies on March 19 → Bernie Tome participation》
・ April 1-10: North America # 2a (7 performances)
“Participation in Blood Gills”
・ April 13th-June 28th: ​​North America # 2b (51 performances) ← ★ Here ★
・ July 9-15: Japan (5 performances)
・ August 1-8: North America # 3 (3 performances)
《Don Elie Leaves》
・ September 26 + 27: North America # 4 (2 performances) ← ※ Main press 2CD
《Pete Way / Lindsey Bridgewater Participation》
・ December 10-20: UK (7 performances)
“Blood & Pete Leave → Jake & Don Costa Participate”

This is the whole picture of 1982. After Randy’s death, Bernie Torme served as a pinch hitter for only seven performances, followed by Brad. He served as an official guitarist until Jake joined at the end of the year. Randy’s successors were Michael Schenker, George Lynch, and John Sykes, but only Bernie and Brad actually did the show. The live album version “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL” was a special performance in September, but the Irvine performance of this work is the 49th performance of “North America # 3” 3 months ago. It was the timing before the legendary first visit to Japan.
The show was officially filmed and released only in Japan as a video version “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL”. Later, the DVD was officially realized, but it was also discontinued. The premiere is now beginning. This work is a reproduction of such a traditional video. As a matter of fact, even though it was an official DVD, there were some cuts and sound gaps, but this work is the best version with a maximum length of 78 minutes.
Such a work is still a masterpiece. Above all, the best part is the group of famous songs colored with armoring techniques. Although it is more modern than Randy, it is different from the scratching Jake. It’s not because I’m just playing with armor, but because I understand the idea of ​​a song as a chitin and put it in a good sense. The guitarists after Zack are trying to be faithful to the original, respecting “Legendary Randy”, but Brad is different. Because it is the same generation, it interprets boldly, and because it is a talented person, it doesn’t end only because it is strange. If Brad remains in the Ozzy band, what kind of masterpiece would he have left behind? It is also a show driven by such a thought.
And more than that is the show itself. This video is Ozzy’s first solo work, and you can enjoy plenty of brave figures from the early 80s that were “HEAVY METAL evangelists” with JUDAS PRIEST. Vocals with overdubbing are loved, but the gothic set is full of mood and the era of “ Mr. Crowley ” that draws letters and traps with laser beams, “ Goodbye To Romance ” that suspends a dwarf that is impossible now Also really vintage. It was NWOBHM’s flowering at the time, but it was none other than PRIEST and Ozzy who conveyed the new music “HEAVY METAL” in an easy-to-understand manner. The full-scale entry into the tea ceremony was the next year’s US festival, but it was definitely “DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR” that made the groundwork. LA metal sprout and thrash metal blossomed because this tour was shocking. It is a valuable official video that allows you to witness the scene with multiple cameras.

Ending with one aside. The Blood era was a period of foam with no studio work, but there are three types (4 performances) of sound boards / pro shots. In our store, we are offering the best version of all of them. Let’s check the collection here.

・ April 28: Memphis performance “SPEAK EVIL OF OZZ”
・ June 23: Irvine performance [This work] ・ September 26 + 27: New York performance [Main press 2CD] & official board

… and this is the way (Some sound boards have been in circulation in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but they are actually Memphis performances or Irvine performances). If you hold down the set of “Main story press 2CD and this work”, you have one more. Complete with the super masterpiece press CD “SPEAK EVIL OF OZZ (Shades 509)”.
“Prince of Darkness” became an icon of “HEAVY METAL” and became known as an icon. Of course, Brad Gills ’s feat, but more than that, it ’s an official pro shot that tells you more than a hundred views of why Ozzy is a metal godfather. This work lets you witness a regular performance with a multi-camera against the main press 2CD, which allows you to experience 100% of the special performances of all songs Sabbath. It is the peak record of the Blood Gills era and the supreme set of two “SPEAK OF THE DEVIL”. Please enjoy it together.

本編プレス2CDは、異形の公式ライヴアルバム『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』の真の姿を炙り出す超極上の流出ステレオ・サウンドボードです。しかし、『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』の名を冠した公式作品は2つありました。1つは全曲サバス・ナンバーのライヴアルバムであり、もう1つは通常ソロ・ツアーのマルチカメラ・プロショット。どちらもブラッド・ギルス時代の公式作品でありつつ、内容はまるで違うものでした。そこで、今回はブラッド時代の頂点記録を一気にコレクトして頂けるよう、オフィシャル映像『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』の最高峰版もボーナス付属致します。

と言うわけで、本作はタイトルこそ同じでも内容がまったく異なる『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』。「1982年6月23日アーバイン公演」のマルチカメラ・プロショットです。本編プレス2CDや公式ライヴアルバム版は全曲サバスの特別公演でしたが、本作はランディ亡き後も続行された“DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”の一幕。『BLIZZARD OF OZZ』『DIARY OF A MADMAN』ナンバーのブラッド・バージョンがたっぷりと楽しめる公式映像です。2つの『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』の事情をイメージするためにも、まずは激動だった1982年をスケジュールで振り返ってみましょう。

・9月26日+27日:北米#4(2公演) ←※本編プレス2CD

これが1982年の全容。ランディの没後、バーニー・トーメが7公演だけのピンチヒッターを務め、その後ブラッドが合流。年末にジェイクが加入するまで正式ギタリストを務めました。ランディの後任にはマイケル・シェンカーやジョージ・リンチ、ジョン・サイクスといった名前も挙がったわけですが、実際にショウを行ったのはバーニーとブラッドだけです。ライヴアルバム版『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』は9月の特別公演でしたが、本作のアーバイン公演はそれより3ヶ月前の「北米#3」49公演目にあたる。伝説的な初来日の3公演前というタイミングでした。
そのショウは公式に撮影され、映像版『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』として日本でのみリリース。その後、公式にDVD化も実現したのですが、それも廃盤。現在ではプレミアが付き始めています。本作は、そんな伝統映像を復刻したもの。実のところ、公式DVD化にしてもカットや音ズレのあるものあったのですが、本作は尺も最長78分のベスト・バージョンです。
そして、それ以上なのがショウそのもの。この映像はオジーのソロ初となる映像作品であり、JUDAS PRIESTと共に“HEAVY METALの伝道師”だった80年代初期の勇姿がたっぷりと楽しめる。オーバーダブがモロバレなヴォーカルはご愛敬ですが、ゴシックなセットはムードたっぷりでレーザー光線で文字や蝙蝠を描く「Mr. Crowley」の時代がかった演出、現在では不可能な小人を吊す「Goodbye To Romance」も実にヴィンテージ。当時はNWOBHM花盛りでもありましたが、激しくて邪悪で新しい音楽“HEAVY METAL”を分かりやすく伝えたのは他でもないPRIESTであり、オジーだった。本格的なお茶の間への進出は翌年のUSフェスだったわけですが、その下地を作ったのは間違いなく“DIARY OF A MADMAN TOUR”。このツアーが衝撃的だったからこそLAメタルが芽吹き、スラッシュ・メタルが開花した。その現場をマルチカメラで目撃できる貴重なオフィシャル映像なのです。


・4月28日:メンフィス公演 『SPEAK EVIL OF OZZ』
・6月23日:アーバイン公演 【本作】
・9月26日+27日:ニューヨーク公演 【本編プレス2CD】&公式盤

……と、このようになっています(昔からサンフランシスコやロサンゼルスとして流通しているサウンドボードもありますが、それらも本当はメンフィス公演かアーバイン公演です)。今回の「本編プレス2CDと本作」のセットを押さえたら、あと1本。超傑作プレスCD『SPEAK EVIL OF OZZ(Shades 509)』でコンプリート完了なのです。
“HEAVY METALの伝道師”となり、アイコンとして知られていったプリンス・オブ・ダークネス。ブラッド・ギルスの妙技はもちろんですが、それ以上に「なぜ、オジーがメタルのゴッド・ファーザーなのか?」を百聞を超える一見で教えてくれる公式プロショットです。全曲サバスの特別公演を本生100%体験させてくれる本編プレス2CDに対し、通常公演をマルチカメラで目撃させてくれる本作。ブラッド・ギルス時代の頂点記録であり、2つの『SPEAK OF THE DEVIL』の至高セット。どうぞ、併せてたっぷりとお楽しみください。

1. Over The Mountain
2. Mr. Crowley
3. Crazy Train
4. Revelation (Mother Earth)
5. Steal Away (The Night)
6. Suicide Solution
7. Guitar Solo
8. Instrumental
9. Drum Solo
10. Goodbye To Romance
11. I Don’t Know
12. Believer
13. Flyin’ High Again
14. Iron Man
15. Children Of The Grave
16. Paranoid

Ozzy Osbourne – Vocals
Brad Gillis – Guitars
Rudy Sarzo – Bass
Tommy Aldridge – Drums

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