Ozzy Osbourne / Demo Sessions 1995-2001 / 1CDR

Ozzy Osbourne / Demo Sessions 1995-2001 / 1CDR / Non Label

Translated text:
Alternate demos of “Ozzmosis” & demos of “Down To Earth”


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The Limited Edition large excavation historic “OZZMOSIS DEMOS”, We will put another take and “OZZMOSIS” demo Tsugi-saku the “DOWN TO EARTH” demo and the main part as a special bonus!

Several known from conventional, demo of “OZZMOSIS” has been recorded and “See You On The Other Side” official box also “PRINCE OF DARKNESS”. This work, together the five songs that were floating around in the only underground otherwise. Not in the main “OZZMOSIS DEMOS”, “Tomorrow” and “I Just Want You” or you have recorded. As take the difference even after the three songs that are incurred with the main part, it can be seen if accustomed to listen to your “Daniel”, a version closer to the final version considerably. I enjoy such as a piano of “Old LA Tonight”, the taste different.
5 Take three songs in the second half is a demonstration of “DOWN TO EARTH”. Two that it can be said that brother album that was mass appointed external writer as “OZZMOSIS” and “DOWN TO EARTH”. In fact, we wrote three songs that can be listened here also with an external writer, we have Jeff Nichols both co-operation of the Sabbath in the “Facing Hell”.
Wrote Nanoha must listen, Jack Blaze, and Neal Schon among them “Black Skies”. It is a non-album single song only “DREAMER”, but I hear Neal Schon was covered with a guitar (!) Take in this work.
Ozzy you are missing out from Madman life of drinking and drugs, have found a new life in songwriting. It is one of the treasure-packed cuts into the truth brother work that has reflects its appearance “OZZMOSIS” and “DOWN TO EARTH”. “House composer, Ozzy Osbourne” by and combined with the main part will be feelings of talent and is engraved on the chest more deeply!

 歴史的な大発掘「OZZMOSIS DEMOS」の初回盤には、特別ボーナスとして本編とは別テイクの「OZZMOSIS」デモと次作「DOWN TO EARTH」デモをお付けします!

 「OZZMOSIS」のデモは、従来からいくつか知られ、公式ボックス「PRINCE OF DARKNESS」にも「See You On The Other Side」が収録されました。本作は、それ以外にアンダーグラウンドのみで出回った5曲をひとまとめ。本編「OZZMOSIS DEMOS」にはない「Tomorrow」「I Just Want You」も収録しています。本編と被っている3曲にしてもテイクが違い、「Daniel」をお聴きになれば分かる通り、かなり完成版に近いバージョン。「Old L.A. Tonight」のピアノなど、異なる味わいを楽しめます。
 後半の3曲5テイクは「DOWN TO EARTH」のデモです。「OZZMOSIS」と「DOWN TO EARTH」は外部ライターを大量起用した兄弟アルバムと言える2枚。実際、ここで聴ける3曲も外部ライターと書いており、「Facing Hell」ではサバスのジェフ・ニコルズとも共作しています。
 中でも必聴なのは、ジャック・ブレイズ、ニール・ショーンと書いた「Black Skies」。シングル「DREAMER」だけのアルバム未収録曲ですが、本作ではニール・ショーンがギターを被せた(!)テイクも聴けるのです。
 酒とドラッグのマッドマン・ライフから抜けだし、ソングライティングに新たな人生を見いだしたオジー。その姿を映し出した兄弟作「OZZMOSIS」「DOWN TO EARTH」の真実に切り込む秘宝満載の1枚です。本編と合わせることで“作曲家、オジー・オズボーン”の才能と想いが、より深く胸に刻まれることでしょう!

OZZMOSIS Alternate Demos

1. Perry Mason (Alternate Demo) 2. Denial (Alternate Demo) 3. Tomorrow (Demo) 
4. I Just Want You (Demo) 5. Old L.A. Tonight (Alternate Demo) 


6. Gets Me Through (Demo) 7. Black Skies (Alternate Mix) 8. Black Skies (Neil Schon Version) 
9. Facing Hell (Backing Demo) 10. Facing Hell (Alternate Backing Demo) 

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