Nirvana / Nagoya 1992 / 1CDR

Nirvana / Nagoya 1992 / 1CDR / Non label

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Club Quattro, Nagoya, Japan 16th February 1992


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Last one round out “Japan tour trilogy” is the gift-release decision. The 90s of revolutionary NIRVANA came to Japan, the one-time in February 1992. All four is why was the performance, but it has been found a record of the current three of performances. Here, let’s a little organized.

– February 14, 2011: Osaka International Exchange Center “OSAKA 1992”
– February 16, 2011: Nagoya Club Quattro [this work] – February 17: Club Citta Kawasaki
– February 19: Nakano Sun Plaza “TOKYO 1992”

Or more, 4 is all of the performances “NIRVANA at Japan”. Was reprinted from the original cassette of Kinney also in our shop “OSAKA 1992 (ZODIAC 181)”, the outflow was using the original DAT sound board “TOKYO 1992 (ZODIAC 179)” and I always have been delivered, one after the place remains . It is this work, “February 16, 1992: Nagoya Club Quattro” I audiences album.
There is a recording has been known than before, but the quality is stunning audience sound. No START and to the “OSAKA 1992”, “TOKYO 1992” indeed, but can not be helped that when compared with abnormal levels, such as Kinney recording of the masterpiece and Taku direct sound board. Given the usual criteria, more than enough clear name recording. Perhaps because of the site PA, but it is also a little basket forest feeling in the few songs of late, I, such as even to thin to it even if not Kinney recording.
Nagoya performances to be drawn in such a sound is, is terrific completely different mood from the Osaka and Tokyo. It is overwhelming from the sound check a scene at the beginning. “Nagoya Club Quattro” of the scene, 500 people reasonably narrow club of the But, terrible is that behind closed doors feeling adhesion feeling. Osaka of the first day was a hole-class, but also in the last day of Tokyo impact was facing the “new rock” was swirling, it is further compressed. Like air feeling of burning, such as the home of the United States underground club, the darkness of nirvana chaotic jammed to overflowing. Beneath it, without knowing emergency if Osaka and Tokyo, the words can not be very I believe from this work. While such enthusiasm is raging, exhausted and trampled all the band sound of large volume and thick, amazing because not cede any of the leading role. Taking place a large chorus up at the beginning, “Lithium”, popping screaming like and scream performance is intensifying, it even ensemble …… crushing to heavy. Or different from the heavy metal, “smell stand such a weight” is is to fill in the room. Set list somewhat difference is also the Osaka and Tokyo, rare songs of this day only “Dumb” is also for us to show off.

Far from the first of Japan, “OSAKA 1992” was also the moment of the first Asia, full of satisfaction was also successful in the Far East “TOKYO 1992”. That is either a thick live album also different. Not only to complete the recording of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, one by one is also rich of personality “Japan tour trilogy”. One to be the final chapter. This weekend, we will deliver to you your hand.


・2月14日:大阪国際交流センター 『OSAKA 1992』
・2月16日:名古屋クラブクアトロ 【本作】
・2月19日:中野サンプラザ    『TOKYO 1992』

以上、4公演が“NIRVANA at Japan”の総てです。当店でもキニーのオリジナル・カセットから復刻した『OSAKA 1992(ZODIAC 181)』、流出サウンドボードのオリジナルDATを使用した『TOKYO 1992(ZODIAC 179)』をお届けしてきたわけですが、残るところはあと1本。それが本作、「1992年2月16日:名古屋クラブクアトロ公演」のオーディエンス・アルバムなのです。
以前より知られてきた録音ではありますが、そのクオリティは見事なオーディエンス・サウンド。さすがに『OSAKA 1992』『TOKYO 1992』には及びませんが、キニー録音の傑作や卓直結サウンドボードといった異常なレベルと比較すれば致し方ないこと。普通の基準で考えれば、十二分にクリアな名録音。現場PAのせいか、終盤の数曲でやや籠もり気味にもなりますが、それさえなければキニー録音にさえ肉薄するほどなのです。

初の日本どころか、初アジアの瞬間でもあった『OSAKA 1992』、極東でも成功した充実感溢れる『TOKYO 1992』。そのどちらとも違う濃厚なライヴアルバムです。単に東名阪の記録をコンプリートするだけでなく、1本1本の個性も豊かな“日本公演三部作”。その完結編となる1本。今週末、あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

1. Intro 2. Negative Creep 3. Been A Son 4. On A Plain 5. Blew 6. Come As You Are
7. Lithium 8. Breed 9. Sliver 10. Drain You 11. About A Girl 12. School
13. Aneurysm 14. Love Buzz 15. Polly 16. Lounge Act 17. Dumb
18. Territorial Pissings 19. Smells Like Teen Spirit

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