New Order / Osaka 1985 / 1CD

New Order / Osaka 1985 / 1CD / Zodiac
Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 4th May 1985

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Original recording of prestigious Kinney who is the world’s first public master and shakes NEW ORDER mania all over the world. Finally, the first visit to Osaka is a new excavation!
“Kinney’s NEW ORDER” is very popular in our shop. It is not only a recording that first appeared in the world, but also the sound of the original original cassette is superb, and has received great acclaim from enthusiasts around the world. Especially the first visit to Japan recorded in 1985 is exceptional. “TOKYO 1985 (Wardour-369)” that recorded the night of the event that was told as a legend, and “CLUB-D 1985 (Wardour-373)” of secret gig that the existence of the show itself was unknown It was a collection of super famous boards. The last thing left in such a first visit to Japan was “May 4, 1985: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall” performance. How prestigious Kinney recorded this Osaka performance.
[Before approaching the contents, first show position. Speaking of your first visit to Japan, the official work “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS” has become a symbol, but let’s organize the collection accordingly.

・ May 1 “TOKYO 1985”
・ May 2: Shinjuku Welfare Pension Hall ← ※ Official “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”
・ 3 May “CLUB-D 1985”
・ May 4: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall ← ★ This work ★

Above, all 4 performances. The secret gig “CLUB-D” was also in Tokyo, so the schedule is 3 performances in Tokyo + 1 performance in Osaka. The Osaka performance of this work was the last day, and Kinney had recorded all the performances (the second day “May 2” has “PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS”, so only 3 songs not officially recorded) (TOKYO 1985)
This work, which recorded the last day of the first visit to Japan, which was a special set of incidents, formalizations, and secrets, is also a superb sound that will shine this time. Kinney is famous for the audience sound that he sought for clarity, but this work also has plenty of direct feeling. Although it sucks in a noisy site feeling like coming to Japan for the first time, it is far far smaller. On the other hand, performance sounds and singing voices are caught very close, and even a slight hall sound cannot enter the consciousness unless you listen carefully with headphones. The bass is particularly surprising. Audience recordings tend to be scary or explosive, but this work is bold and glossy. I couldn’t feel the distance at all, and I wouldn’t have thought it would be an audience recording unless it was Kinney’s original cassette. Of course, the bass is just an example. The midrange is responsive to the tactile level, and the treble is shining with one note from the synth. It is a superb name recording that is both powerful and powerful while boasting the neatness and clarity unique to Kinney.
The show depicted with such a brilliant sound is an exaggeration to say that it is the best to visit in Japan. All four performances were different. This work is also the final version of the first visit to Japan, so let’s organize it here.

● Songs essential for all 4 shows
・ Blue Monday / The Perfect Kiss
● Songs performed in 3 performances
・ Recorded in this work: Temptation / Confusion / Age Of Consent / Sub-culture

・ Do not perform in Osaka: This Time Of Night
● Songs performed in two performances
・ Recorded in this work: In A Lonely Place / Sooner Than You Think / Sunrise / As It Is When It Was
・ Do not perform in Osaka: Ceremony / 5 8 6 / Leave Me Alone / The Village / Your Silent Face / Face Up
● Songs with only one performance
・ Recorded in this work (Osaka only): Hurt / Lonesome Tonight
・ Do not perform in Osaka: Denial / We All Stand / Thieves Like Us / Love Vigilantes / Sister Ray

… and it looks like this. Only the “Blue Monday” and “The Perfect Kiss” were performed in all four performances, and the rest changed daily. Osaka is centered on “LOW-LIFE” number 4 songs and 6 singles, and rare single B-side songs such as “Hurt” and “Lonesome Tonight”. The volume of the song was not as high as the first day, but it was also a show following the first day in the sense of a delicious selection that did not include the album.
The performance itself is even better than that set. On the first day and the secret gig, the equipment was not good enough, which also caused the incident. However, in Osaka, the final performance, it seems to me that the staff has become used to it. Of course, it is not as complete as the second visit to Japan, but it seems to be a “LOW-LIFE TOUR” to the last, but you can enjoy the show that you have heard in overseas performances.

The legendary first visit to Japan that started in the incident and ended in a masterpiece. The prestigious Kinney recorded all the shows with superb sound. Speaking of rarity / impact, it does n’t reach “TOKYO 1985” or “CLUB-D 1985”, but it was n’t heard in the two works “Lonesome Tonight”, “Sunrise”, “Hurt” Numbers such as “As It Is When It Was” are delicious, and the performance is great. Although it was their first visit to Japan, which is often talked about in incidents and troubles, it was not only that. It is sound proof that tells it with superb sound. Please enjoy the permanent preservation press CD.

全世界初公開マスターで世界中のNEW ORDERマニアを震撼させている名門キニーのオリジナル録音。ついに初来日の大阪公演も新発掘です!
当店で大人気の“キニーのNEW ORDER”。世に初めて登場した録音というだけでなく、大元のオリジナル・カセットだからこそのサウンドも極上で、世界中のマニアから大絶賛を賜っています。特に1985年の初来日録音は格別。伝説として語られる事件の夜を記録した『TOKYO 1985(Wardour-369)』、ショウの存在自体が知られていなかったシークレット・ギグの『CLUB-D 1985(Wardour-373)』と、まさに震撼の超名盤ぞろいでした。そんな初来日で最後に残されていたのは「1985年5月4日:大阪厚生年金会館」公演。なんと、名門キニーはこの大阪公演も記録していたのです。
その内容に迫る前に、まずはショウのポジション。初来日と言えば、公式作品『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』が象徴となってきたわけですが、それも併せてコレクションを整理しておきましょう。

・5月1日『TOKYO 1985』
・5月2日:新宿厚生年金会館 ←※公式『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』
・5月3日『CLUB-D 1985』
・5月4日:大阪厚生年金会館 ←★本作★

以上、全4公演。シークレット・ギグの“CLUB-D”も東京でしたので、東京3公演+大阪1公演というスケジュール。本作の大阪公演はその最終日であり、キニーは全公演を録音していたわけです(2日目“5月2日”は『PUMPED FULL OF DRUGS』があるため、公式未収録の3曲のみ『TOKYO 1985』に収録しています)。

・Blue Monday/The Perfect Kiss
・本作に収録:Temptation/Confusion/Age Of Consent/Sub-culture

・大阪で演奏せず:This Time Of Night
・本作に収録:In A Lonely Place/Sooner Than You Think/Sunrise/As It Is When It Was
・大阪で演奏せず:Ceremony/5 8 6/Leave Me Alone/The Village/Your Silent Face/Face Up
・本作に収録(大阪のみ):Hurt/Lonesome Tonight
・大阪で演奏せず:Denial/We All Stand/Thieves Like Us/Love Vigilantes/Sister Ray

……と、このようになっています。4公演すべてで演奏されたのは「Blue Monday」「The Perfect Kiss」のみで、あとはすべて日替わり。大阪は『LOW-LIFE』ナンバー4曲とシングル6曲が軸となっており、「Hurt」「Lonesome Tonight」といったレアなシングルB面曲も披露している。曲数ボリュームは最多の初日には及びませんが、アルバム未収録の美味しいセレクトという意味では初日に次ぐショウでもありました。
そんなセット以上に素晴らしいのは、演奏そのもの。初日やシークレット・ギグでは機材の不調が目立ち、それが事件を引き起こしもしました。しかし、最終公演となる大阪はスタッフも慣れてきたのかビシッと安定。もちろん、二度目の来日ほどの完成度というわけではなく、あくまでも“LOW-LIFE TOUR”らしくはあるのですが、海外公演でも聴かれた本領発揮のショウを楽しめるのです。

事件に始まり、名演に終わった伝説の初来日。名門キニーは、そのすべてのショウを極上サウンドで記録していました。レア度・衝撃度で言えば『TOKYO 1985』『CLUB-D 1985』には及びませんが、その2作では聴けなかった「Lonesome Tonight」「Sunrise」「Hurt(終盤に瞬間カットあり。残念!)」「As It Is When It Was」といったナンバーも美味しく、演奏も素晴らしい。事件やトラブルで語られがちな彼らの初来日ではあるものの、決してそれだけではなかった。それを極上サウンドで教えてくれる音の証拠品です。どうぞ、永久保存プレスCDで存分にお楽しみください。


01. The Perfect Kiss
02. Confusion
03. Age Of Consent
04. Sub-culture
05. In A Lonely Place
06. Lonesome Tonight
07. Sooner Than You Think
08. Hurt ★本来日では唯一の演奏
09. Sunrise
10. Blue Monday
11. As It Is When It Was
12. Temptation

Bernard Sumner – lead vocals, guitar, synthesizers
Stephen Morris – drums, percussion, keyboards
Gillian Gilbert – keyboards, guitars
Peter Hook – bass, electronic percussion, vocals, synthesizers


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