Janet Jackson / Tokyo Dome 1990 / 1DVDR

Janet Jackson / Tokyo Dome 1990 / 1DVDR / Non Label
Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 18th May 1990 PRO-SHOT(from Original Video Master)

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Janet Jackson in 1990 set the highest mobilization record for Tokyo Dome on his first visit to Japan. The highest peak original master of the symbolic image is now available.
The symbolic video was shot at the “May 18, 1990: Tokyo Dome” performance. This is the multi-camera pro shot. The first visit to Japan was part of the “RHYTHM NATION TOUR”, but it was realized for the second time in 1990 due to the huge popularity of Japan. First, let’s look back on both of them together and check the position of the show.

・ May 17: Tokyo Dome
・ May 18: Tokyo Dome ← ★ This work ★
・ May 20 + 21: Osaka Castle Hall (2 performances)
・ May 23: Yokohama Arena
-Six months later-
・ November 3 + 4: Osaka Castle Hall (2 performances)
・ November 6th + 7th: Tokyo Dome (2 performances)
・ November 14th + 15th: Nagoya Rainbow Hall (2 performances)
・ November 16: Yokohama Arena

This is a total of 12 performances of “RHYTHM NATION JAPAN TOUR” twice. There were four Tokyo Dome performances in total, and this work is the second of them. This show is also famous for being broadcast on television, and its professional shots have become a staple for many years. This work is the highest peak version of such a famous TV broadcast professional shot.
In fact, the quality is shocking. It was an air check at that time as before, but I have never seen the image quality so far. Since it is digitized directly from the Omoto master, I understand that there are no dubbing marks, but that alone does not explain a little. Although the analog feeling of the broadcast is unavoidable, the coloring is beautiful as if it was broadcast yesterday, and the metallic luster of the drum kit floating in the lighting is also glaring. Of course, because it is not digitally vivid, the color is forever natural, and even one Janet’s hair and one wrinkle in the costume are super clear. In the video, there is no running twist or even a slight tracking noise that should be destined, and that is the beauty of the image that makes me think “Is it out with a laser disc at that time?”
That should be it, it was the core recording enthusiast who recorded this work. This person makes full use of high-end equipment in that era, and is a master who is careful about reception status and master management. The master of this work is also a visual beauty that probably has never been played, and both video and audio jump over the space-time of 30 years.
The ultimate freshness of the video is drawn at the height of the show, which is very Japanese. It was a terrestrial broadcast that included commercials, but it broadcasts almost a full show for about 76 minutes. Let’s organize the set here as well.

● Control (6 songs)
・ Control / Nasty / What Have You Done For Me Lately / Let’s Wait Awhile / When I Think Of You / The Pleasure Principle
● Rhythm Nation 1814 (8 songs)
・ State Of The World (★) / The Knowledge (★) / Black Cat / Come Back To Me / Alright / Escapade / Miss You Much / Rhythm Nation
* Note: The “★” mark is a song that cannot be seen in the official videos “THE VELVET ROPE TOUR” and “LIVE IN HAWAII”.

… And it looks like this. At that time, about eight months after the release of “Rhythm Nation 1814”, it was in the middle of a record hit, and the set concentrated and reduced the blockbuster songs of “Control” and “Rhythm Nation 1814”. You can also enjoy the repertoire unique to that time, such as “State Of The World” and “The Knowledge,” which will be sealed for 27 years.
What makes the times even more intense is the scene itself that goes through this work. The program starts at Tokyo Dome before the show … No, it starts with the appearance of “Big Egg”, but the young people who come and go are in a bubble. The women who wrapped their bangs like a trendy (dead language) drama were equipped with a rugged shoulder pad, and the men came out of Tokyo Love Story so that they would want to say “Kimi, Mitsugu-kun?” Up to Keep-kun, the children of the times are in line. When you enter the venue, you can see the entertainer’s appearance as a glimpse, and that person who was predominant in the world with “mini octopus” is much slimmer and cooler. In addition, even girl A, whose tears are not decorated in the front row, seems to be having fun …
And it is Janet himself who makes us realize “1990” more than anyone else. Appearing in a slim silhouette, the dance that starts with “Control” is sharp and amazing. When I think about it, my brother Michael came to Japan for “BAD WORLD TOUR” when he was 29 years old, but Janet of this work has just turned 24 years old (two days before this work was his birthday). Not only the speed of movement and the sharpness of the stop, but also the extension of the finger pointing to the void is sharp even when it is stationary, and even a slight bending of the neck makes a picture. You can fully enjoy the show where she dances and sings while her black skin shines with sweat.

24-year-old Janet Jackson who made a wonderful breakthrough and carved its charm into the archipelago. It is a masterpiece of video that her charm is spun with the highest peak of glamorous visual beauty in history. The passion of core enthusiasts is that they can preserve the scene of 30 years ago so beautifully … One piece that even awes the fact. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

その象徴映像が撮影されたのは「1990年5月18日:東京ドーム」公演。そのマルチカメラ・プロショットです。初来日は“RHYTHM NATION TOUR”の一環だったわけですが、絶大な日本人気を背景に同じ1990年中に二度目も実現しました。まずは、その両方をまとめて振り返り、ショウのポジションを確かめてみましょう。

・5月18日:東京ドーム ←★本作★
ー 半年後 ー

これが二度にわたる“RHYTHM NATION JAPAN TOUR”の全12公演。両方合わせて4回もの東京ドーム公演があったわけですが、本作はそのうちの2公演目にあたります。このショウはテレビ放送された事でも有名で、そのプロショットが長年の定番ともなってきました。本作は、そんな有名TV放送プロショットの最高峰版なのです。

・Control/Nasty/What Have You Done For Me Lately/Let’s Wait Awhile/When I Think Of You/The Pleasure Principle
・State Of The World(★)/The Knowledge(★)/Black Cat/Come Back To Me/Alright/Escapade/Miss You Much/Rhythm Nation
※注:「★」印は公式映像『THE VELVET ROPE TOUR』『LIVE IN HAWAII』でも観られない曲。

……と、このようになっています。当時は『リズム・ネイション1814』のリリースから約8ヶ月で記録的ヒットの真っ最中であり、セットは『コントロール』『リズム・ネイション1814』の大ヒット曲を濃縮還元。その後27年封印される「State Of The World」や「The Knowledge」など、当時ならではのレパートリーも楽しめるのです。
そして、誰よりも「1990年」を痛感させてくれるのは、誰あろうジャネット本人。スリムなシルエット姿で登場し、「Control」に合わせて始まるダンスがキレッキレで凄いのなんの。思えば兄マイケルが“BAD WORLD TOUR”で来日した時が29歳でしたが、本作のジャネットは24歳になったばかり(本作の2日前が誕生日でした)。動きの速さ、止めの鋭さだけでなく、静止していても虚空を指す指の伸びがシャープで、ちょっと首をかしげただけでも画になる。そんな彼女が黒い肌を汗に輝かせながら踊り歌うショウをたっぷりと楽しめるのです。


1. Introduction
2. Control
3. Nasty
4. CM
5. What Have You Done For Me Lately
6. Let’s Wait Awhile
7. When I Think Of You
8. The Pleasure Principle
9. T.V. (interlude)
10. State Of The World
11. CM
12. The Knowledge
13. Black Cat
14. Come Back To Me
15. Alright
16. Escapade
17. CM
18. Miss You Much
19. Pledge (interlude)
20. Rhythm Nation


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