Neil Young & Promise Of The Real / Farm Aid 2018 / 1DVDR

Neil Young & Promise Of The Real / Farm Aid 2018 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Xfinity Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut, USA 22nd September 2018. NTSC

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Translated text:

Neil Young who followed PROMISE OF THE REAL and appeared in the life work “FARM AID”. The best multi-camera and pro shot is a gift release decision.
The 33rd count this time is “September 22, 2018 Hartford”. It was an amphitheater “Xfinity Theater” capable of accommodating about 30,000 people. Another life work “BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT CONCERT” lasted 30 years has been canceled. Originally we planned to resume without Neil, but in the end it was not held. The attention also gathered to the trend of “FARM AID”, but this was successfully held.
Such a pattern of the festival is live broadcast as same as usual. This year it was released for live streaming delivery. This work is a Pro Shot work that made the streaming to DVD. Only for the latest digital distribution, its quality is an iron wall. It is a perfect Official grade which can be realized by improving the technology of 1 year and 1 year although it is broadcasted in perfect pro shot every year.
The show drawn with that quality is a wonderful performance of the loud Neil. PROMISE OF THE REAL celebrated its 10th anniversary to serve as a back. They have been participating in “FARM AID” since 2011, and the new work “THE VISITOR” also performed well. Not only are they themselves proficient, but also the natural breath feeling with Neil let me hear a splendid performance.
The ensemble will showcase the masterpieces of the ’70s. The show opens the curtain with “Tell Me Why” with the acoustic guitar in hand, and will reveal the solo repertoire one after another. Among them, “Ohio” of CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG attracts eyes. I have not played much since I started living PROMISE OF THE REAL, but this year I played frequently. It also showed off this day. Recent songs are accentuated in such a 70s song. In addition to “Show Me” of “PEACE TRAIL”, I play the new song “Children Of Destiny” of “THE VISITOR”. This “Children Of Destiny” is special. Actually, this day was world premiere. In the album, a luxurious orchestra was magnificently raised, but on the stage it is a tight band version. The heavy chorus singing with the front line in singing proves the beauty of the elementary melody and symbolizes Neil’s energy which creates new masterpieces even when the beating beat exceeds 70 years old. This song is also a highlight in this work.

Shaw closes the curtain with “Love and Only Love” where the guitar battle flares up gigantically, but in retrospect, it is only this song that is covered with the live board “EARTH”. It is a masterpiece of vibrant live images to every corner, as well as joining the live life unique live broadcast. Neil does not get used to the annual event every year, and will show off live performance for a long time in a lifetime. His “now” like that. Please, enjoy this year with a super best pro shot.

PROMISE OF THE REALを従え、ライフワークである“FARM AID”に出演したニール・ヤング。その極上マルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。
第33回を数える今回の現場は「2018年9月22日ハートフォード」。約3万人を収容できる円形劇場“Xfinity Theatre”でした。昨年は30年続いてきたもう1つのライフワーク“BRIDGE SCHOOL BENEFIT CONCERT”が中止。当初はニール抜きでの再開も発案されたものの、結局は開催されないことになりました。“FARM AID”の趨勢にも注目が集まりましたが、こちらは無事に開催の運びとなったのです。
そのクオリティで描かれるショウは、矍鑠たるニールの熱演が素晴らしい。バックを務めるのは結成10周年を迎えたPROMISE OF THE REAL。彼らは2011年から“FARM AID”に参加しており、新作『THE VISITOR』も好調。彼ら自身が熟達しているだけでなく、ニールとの自然な呼吸感も見事な演奏を聴かせてくれます。
そのアンサンブルで披露されるのは、70年代の名曲群。ショウはアコースティック・ギターを手に「Tell Me Why」で幕を開け、ソロのレパートリーを次々と披露していく。その中で目を惹くのはCROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNGの「Ohio」。PROMISE OF THE REALを率いるようになってからあまり演奏しなくなっていましたが、今年は頻繁に演奏。この日も披露してくれました。そんな70年代曲の中でアクセントになっているのが近年曲。『PEACE TRAIL』の「Show Me」の他、『THE VISITOR』の新曲「Children Of Destiny」を演奏しています。この「Children Of Destiny」が特別。実は、この日が全世界初演だったのです。アルバムでは豪奢なオーケストラが荘厳に盛り立てていましたが、ステージではタイトなバンド・バージョン。フロントラインが揃って歌うぶ厚いコーラスは素のメロディの美しさを証明し、躍動するビートが齢70を超えても新たな名曲を生み出すニールのエネルギーを象徴する。本作でもハイライトとなる1曲です。

ショウはギターバトルが盛大に燃え上がる「Love and Only Love」で幕を閉じますが、振り返ってみればライヴ盤『EARTH』と被っているのはこの1曲だけ。生中継ならではの生々しさも加わり、隅々まで鮮烈なライヴ映像の大傑作です。毎年の恒例のイベントでも手慣れず、一期一会の生演奏を熱く披露してくれるニール。そんな彼の“今”。どうぞ、今年も超極上プロショットでお楽しみください。

1. Introduction by John Mellencamp 2. Tell Me Why 3. Field of Opportunity
4. Show Me 5. Powderfinger 6. Heart of Gold 7. Ohio 8. Children of Destiny
9. Love and Only Love

Neil Young – vocal, guitar Lukas Nelson – guitar, vocal Micah Nelson – guitar
Corey McCormick – bass, vocal Anthony Logerfo – drums Tato Melgar – percussion


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