Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Bergen Calling 2014 / 2CDR

Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Bergen Calling 2014 / 2CDR / Non Label

Translated Text:
Bergenhus, Festning, Bergen, Norway, 1st August 2014.


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August 1, 2014, about two hours the stage of Neil festival was held in Bergen in the “Bergen Calling 2014”, Norway is fully recorded in high-quality audience recording. Sound of rain is pattering To hear the track for 2 minutes at the beginning, but this day the case was “like rain waterfall”, Neil appeared in such has had to play one piece of music, in 2004 actual
Omagari to be a “GREENDALE” tour since “Be The Rain”! Fans around the world were also surprised a lot for this. It is worth it to get this board to just listen to this one song dramatic. It is a feature of this recording from beginning to end (even during the song actually), rain and rough-flip is that the sounds in between songs, but it’s a good idea to say the sound of this unique and has increased more documents of this board. Valuable as the recording also, is why or Shindoka~tsu to listen much musical tone if no good at this, but in this bad weather, musical tone is captured by the very good sound surprisingly, live recordings par normal, no it you can enjoy a quality of more. Very powerful performance also outdone by the weather. Localization of sound that is firmly wonderfully, impeccable Direct feeling thick sense, it is the best sound quality of much that you want to release a press CD while this this really. Latest European Tour at the lineup, including the Rick Rosas in charge of the base on behalf of Billy Talbot of sick leave also 13 performances eyes this day. Played a powerful tight, full marks bear to listen any song. Moreover, following the Be The Rain in 10 years at the beginning, also here Tonight’s The Night which is the emergence of about two years in the second half. In the set have been fixed tour progresses, it became a day of happy music selection. Far from listening Barstool Blues rare Blowin ‘In The Wind of Dylan, from “ZUMA”, a new song Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth of Angkor packed. You are recording cheers for more than 40 seconds 3 minutes after the show also we have extended document properties. Latest show of fan must listen sound quality and content, the best! ! This is a must-have Neil fan of all, definitely!

2014年8月1日、ノルウェイはベルゲンで行われたフェスティバル「Bergen Calling 2014」でのニールのステージを約2時間、高音質オーディエンス録音で完全収録。冒頭の2分間のトラックでぱらぱらと雨音が聴こえますが、実際この日は「滝のような雨」だったそうで、そんな中登場したニールが一曲目にプレイしたのは、2004年
「GREENDALE」ツアー以来となる大曲「Be The Rain」!これには世界中のファンも大いに驚きました。このドラマチックな一曲を聴くだけでも本盤を入手する価値があります。曲間でも(実際は曲中でも)終始、ザラザラ・パラパラと雨音が聴こえるのがこの録音の特徴ですが、この独特の音が本盤のドキュメント性をより高めていると言って良いでしょう。これで楽音がダメならいくら記録として貴重でも、聴くのがしんどかったりするわけですが、この悪天候の中、意外にも楽音は非常に良い音で捉えられており、通常のライヴ音源並み、いやそれ以上のクオリティで楽しむことができます。演奏も天候に負けじと非常にパワフル。ガッチリした音の定位が素晴らしく、ダイレクト感・肉厚感が申し分ない、本当にこれをこのままプレスCDでリリースしたい位の最高音質です。病欠のビリー・タルボットに代わってベースを担当するリック・ロサスを含む布陣での最新ヨーロッパツアーもこの日で13公演目。演奏はタイトでパワフルで、どの曲も聴き堪え満点。しかも冒頭の10年ぶりのBe The Rainに続いて、後半にはこちらも約2年ぶりの登場となるTonight’s The Night。ツアーが進むにつれてセットが固定されてきている中、嬉しい選曲の日となりました。ディランのBlowin’ In The Wind、「ZUMA」からのレアなBarstool Blues、アンコールの新曲Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earthと聴きどころは満載。終演後3分40秒以上歓声を収録しているのもドキュメント性を高めています。音質・内容、最高のファン必聴の最新ショウ!!これは全てのニール・ファン、間違いなく必携です!

Disc 1(64:00)
1. Introduction 2. Be The Rain 3. Powderfinger 4. Standing In The Light Of Love
5. Days That Used To Be 6. Living With War 7. Love To Burn 8. Name Of Love

Disc 2(53:52)
1. Blowin’ In The Wind 2. Heart Of Gold 3. Barstool Blues 4. Tonight’s The Night
5. Rockin’ In The Free World 6. Who’s Gonna Stand Up And Save The Earth

Neil Young – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica Frank Sampedro – Guitar, Vocals
Ralph Molina – Drums, Vocals Rick Rosas – Bass Dorene Carter – Vocals
YaDonna West – Vocals


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