Mountain / Live At Toads Place 1994 / 2CDR

Mountain / Live At Toads Place 1994 / 2CDR / Breakdown

Soundboard Live From Detroit, MI April 13th 1995. Soundboard

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Mountain 1994 reunion live led by the late Leslie West appears with newly excavated audience master sound source + 1995 sound board live sound source! The live performance at Toad Place in New Haven, Connecticut on January 27, 1994 was a trio with original drummer Corky Reing and Randy Coven on bass, reminiscent of the heyday of the 70’s. I will. As a bonus, a radio broadcast sound board live in Detroit in 1995 is also recorded. It is an excavation live sound source that collectors must listen to as a valuable record of the “90s” reunion mountain! !! !!




01. Intro/02. Star-Spangled Banner/03. Never In My Life/04. Theme For An Imaginary Western/05. Third Degree / Red House/06. Long Red
07. Silver Paper/08. Blood Of The Sun/09. How Many More Times / Bass Solo / Blood of the Sun (reprise)

01. For Yasgur’s Farm/02. Nantucket Sleighride/03. In The Hall Of The Mountain King (with Close Encounters)/04. Drum Solo/05. Nantucket Sleighride(reprise)/06. Mississippi Queen/07. Crossroads
Live At Toads Place, New Haven CT. January 27th 1994

08. In Studio (interview)/09. For Yasgur’s Farm/10. In Studio (interview)/11. Mississippi Queen
Soundboard Live From Detroit, MI April 13th 1995

Breakdown -800A/B

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