Mountain / Live At Budokan 1973 / 2CD

Mountain / Live At Budokan 1973 / 2CD / Shakuntala

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Live At Budokan Hall, Tokyo Japan August 25, 1973 Digitally Remastered

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Completely first appearance sound source
■ Complete recording from the announcement before the performance
■ Recorded the longest record of two discs

Mountain formed in 1969 is an American hard rock band representing the 1970s. Currently it is lower than other bands of the same period at the same time but the early 70 ‘s hit the momentum of the bamboo battle, the band’ s longest awaited long – awaited performance was. In 1972, however, both Leslie West and Felix Paparaldi disbanded once due to musical directional differences. After that, I do not know what happened, but the following year as soon as Leslie and Felix reconciled, I joined the new members and reunited. Mountain’s performance in Japan took place at such a timing. It was a story that the new member was a completely unknown musician, and at the initial announcement WEST, BRUCE & LAING came to Japan, but due to troubles among the members, it suddenly became a reunion mountain when visiting Japan From the fact that it was, I can see how this reunion was a quick treatment. The schedule is the following 5 performances.

August 25, 1973 Nippon Budokan
August 28, 1973 Nagoya City Auditorium
August 29, 1973 Kyoto Kaikan
August 30, 1973 Osaka Health Pension Center
August 31, 1973 Osaka Health Pension Center

When Mountain reunited to do a Japanese performance, Felix is ​​said to have conditioned on recording a live album in Japan. Although it is not certain about the truth, Leslie who was not bothered to live recording might have compromised with prioritizing Japanese performances. Recording at this time will be fruited as a live album “The smell of the foreign nation”. In those days when live in Japan was in fashion, “Kokoro no Kokoro” has also become a monumental album occupying an important position in the rock scene of the 1970s Japan. This “scent of the foreign nation” is recorded on August 30th at the Osaka Health Pension Center. In contrast, this work includes the concert on the first day of tour, August 25 at the Budokan. As a fan, the first day of the tour, and yet the place is the Budokan, which is where I want to keep this.

This work is a complete first appearance sound source offered by Tapor himself, which has not come out at all in the past. Moreover, it is noteworthy that this work is a set of two pieces. There were several titles already recorded that Mountain ‘s Japan’ s Budokan performance was recorded until now, but all of them were recorded on a single disk. This work is a two piece set which will be the longest record ever. The sound quality is also wonderful, as the air of the Budokan on that day has passed over 40 years now, I feel goose bumps to revive perfectly.

The latest work of the Japanese performance series by shakuntala label, originally tapered, is complete collection from the announcement of ‘Human’ before the performance on Mountain’s August 25, 1973 Budokan performance on 2 CDs. Permanent preservation of a beautiful picture / disk specification A tightly pressed press.


1969年に結成されたマウンテンは70年代を代表するアメリカン・ハード・ロック・バンドである。現在こそ同時期の他のバンドに比べ評価が低いものの、70年代初頭は破竹の勢いでヒットを出しており、来日公演が待望されていたバンドの最右翼であった。しかし1972年にレスリー・ウェストとフェリックス・パパラルディの両者が音楽的方向性の相違から一旦は解散してしまう。その後、どういう経緯があったか知らないが、翌年には早くもレスリーとフェリックスが和解、そして新メンバーを加入させ再結成がなされた。マウンテンの来日公演はこのようなタイミングで行なわれたのである。新メンバーが全くの無名のミュージシャンであったこと、さらに当初のアナウンスではWEST, BRUCE & LAINGが来日という話だったが、メンバー間のトラブルにより、いざ来日する時に急遽、再結成マウンテンとなっていたことから、この再結成がいかに急ごしらえであったかが伺える。 日程は以下の5公演。

1973年8月25日 日本武道館
1973年8月28日 名古屋市公会堂
1973年8月29日 京都会館
1973年8月30日 大阪厚生年金会館
1973年8月31日 大阪厚生年金会館





01. Announcement
02. Tuning
03. Never In My Life
04. Theme For An Imaginary Western
05. Blood Of The Sun
06. Nantucket Sleigh Ride

01. Guitar Solo include Jingle Bell
02. Crossroader
03. Mississippi Queen
04. Band Introductions
05. Silver Paper
06. Roll Over Beethoven

Shakuntala 2016. STCD-066/067

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