Mick Jagger / Osaka 1988 Final Night / 2CD

Mick Jagger / Osaka 1988 Final Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live At Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka , Japan 28th March 1988


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Speaking of what will be missed in the 1988 Japan tour of Mick, what not all things bad day live of the most tone that comes down to this had been a television broadcast …. Moreover Stones overemphasis configuration number of solo album has decreased also not think that worked Plus, it “If it is not still Stones, if there are no Keith” is giving the false impression that the media that is reported from Tokyo Dome performance There was even feeling that it was closed. Certainly that many of the Stones number on this tour had been arranged in modern hard rock is a fact. However, as the only “Harlem Shuffle” from the time the album “DIRTY WORK” is the impression of the latest work was strong, it is told to calm rather because he had been playing in the close atmosphere of the original is an interesting thing … such as The thing recently became. Again at the time raw Mick can be seen, it has no way to that enthusiasm to the fact that Stones number will be heard.

Became the cause of the upset the first time of that television broadcasting, it is discontinued uproar of Osaka performances of March 19 due to the deterioration of Mick of aggravated wind. Possibly follow the ever of his physical condition is worse as the day has passed, it was became the cancellation of live just before. And was surprised here, wearing a black coat in front of the fans who packed the Osaka Castle Hall, indeed appeared evil likely Mick of condition, it is that it was Mise apologized to discontinue live. Mick also was able to the bottom if there are 40 degrees of heat it was still young (laughs). Although this situation has been shed only for a moment even when the broadcasting ahead of television, even this scene that was not only hear fragments of Mick apology until now, the taper that was packed on the day of the venue who have recorded!
Although that moment only glimpse obtained Mick apology of scenes it seems whether person often is in the memory, if the and here also listen to the circumstances described after retracted Mick, but this is a historical excavation. It’s interesting to try to listen to now is that you are asking for interpretation of apology of Mick, to had Japanese percussionist of his friendship with (had appeared in the intro of every night “Sympathy For The Devil”). Rather than such as organizer, from the fact that you were asked to more Chikashii person, feelings of Mick was upset to live stop of sudden have glimpses. Moreover, we hear the subsequent description, initially than can performances transferred to the next day, you may notice here that it had to be wishful speculation that. Please try to taste the atmosphere of the venue, which surprised in this happening.

But actually the transfer performance can be realized is March 28, which became the tour last day eventually. Day live, the video of apology scene of renewed cases before the advent of Mick is flowed to the venue, it is marked impression that it is a transfer performance that finally was realized with the apology for unforeseen circumstances. This scene, is what our shop has been recorded at the beginning of the reprint CD even release the LP “LAST NIGHT”, but it is one that has been cut is carrying on CD. But this time recording along with the day of the sound source of apology, it was made again to the high content of the historical value of the version up.
“LAST NIGHT” I had a very nice sound quality audience recording, but the quality of the newly excavated this sound source it would be a surprise because it is superb sound quality that even exceeds it. After all baseline Doug U~inbisshu resulting in taking clearly hear, supposed to get to imagine how much quality Speaking. Our shop is’s the perfect quality that is balanced among the Osaka performances for this release. Thus cut (such as Simon Phillips drum solo) also Yes to compensate the previous sound source because there is no sound quality sense of discomfort that occurs in this sound source, it became the finish boasts a finally perfect content and sound quality.
And former Japan last performances through the happenings such as, Mick performance yell was earnestly go of, it is something worthy to be called the best of the Japan tour. Has made him a stunning recovery more than anything else, is the best live another dimension of the upper tension at all and that television broadcasting. Omakeni “Foxy Lady” of Jimi Hendrix cover that debuted from Nagoya, further, such as the revival of souvenir “Shoot Off Your Mouth” place from the first half of Osaka, also played fully stocked. Enjoy carefully us by these rare of numbers as possible to sing the best condition to the Mick of limiting the Meien first time in press CD!

ミックの1988年来日公演において何が惜しまれるかと言えば、よりによって一番調子の悪い日のライブがテレビ放送されてしまった…これに尽きるのではないでしょうか。しかもソロ・アルバムのナンバーが減ったストーンズ偏重構成もプラスに働いたとは思えず、それが「やはりストーンズでなければ、キースがいなければ」という誤った印象を東京ドーム公演から報じたマスコミに与えてしまった感すらありました。確かにこのツアーで多くのストーンズ・ナンバーがモダンなハードロックにアレンジされていたことは事実です。しかし、当時は最新作の印象が強かったアルバム「DIRTY WORK」からの「Harlem Shuffle」だけは、むしろオリジナルに近い雰囲気で演奏されていたのだから面白いものです…といったことが冷静に語られるようになったのは最近のこと。やはり当時は生でミックが見られる、ストーンズ・ナンバーが聴かれるということに熱狂したのは仕方がありません。

あの一瞬だけ垣間見られたミック謝罪の場面が記憶にある方は多いかと思われますが、ここではミックが引っ込んだ後の事情説明までも聴けるとなれば、これは歴史的発掘です。今聴いてみて面白いのはミックの謝罪の通訳を、彼と親交のあった日本人パーカッショニスト(毎晩「Sympathy For The Devil」のイントロで登場していた)に頼んでいることです。主催者などではなく、より近しい人物に依頼したことからも、不意のライブ中止に動揺したミックの気持ちが見え隠れしています。しかもその後の説明を聞けば、当初は翌日に振替の公演が出来るのでは、という希望的推測があったことがここで解ります。このハプニングに驚く会場の雰囲気も味わってみてください。

しかし実際に振替公演が実現できたのは3月28日、結局これがツアー最終日となりました。ライブ当日、ミックの登場前には改めて例の謝罪シーンの映像が会場に流され、不測の事態に対するお詫びとようやく実現した振替公演であることを印象付けています。この場面、当店が復刻CDをリリースしたLP「LAST NIGHT」でも冒頭に収録されていたものですが、CD化に当たってはカットしていたものです。しかし今回は謝罪の当日の音源と共に収録、ここでも歴史的価値の高い内容へとバージョンアップを遂げました。
「LAST NIGHT」は非常に素晴らしい音質のオーディエンス録音であったのですが、今回新たに発掘された音源の音質はそれをも上回る極上音質だから驚きでしょう。何しろダグ・ウィンビッシュのベースラインが明瞭に聴き取れてしまう、そう言えばどれほどのクオリティかを想像してもらえるはず。当店が今回リリースする大阪公演の中でもバランスが取れたパーフェクト・クオリティなのです。よってこの音源に発生するカット(サイモン・フィリップスのドラム・ソロなど)も先の音源を補てんしてありますので音質的な違和感がなく、いよいよパーフェクトな内容と音質を誇る仕上がりとなりました。
そして先のようなハプニングを経ての日本最終公演です、ミックの気合が入りまくったパフォーマンス、それは日本公演のベストと呼ぶにふさわしいもの。何よりも彼が見事な回復を遂げており、あのテレビ放送とはまったく別次元のアッパーなテンションが最高のライブです。おまけに名古屋からデビューしたジミヘン・カバーの「Foxy Lady」、さらには大阪前半からの置き土産「Shoot Off Your Mouth」の復活など、演奏内容も充実。こうしたレア・ナンバーを絶好調に歌い切るミックの名演ぶりを限定のプレスCDにてじっくりとお楽しみ下さい!

Disc 1 (60:25)
Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 19th March 1988

1. Mick Jagger announces the cancellation of the concert due to illness

Osaka-Jo Hall, Osaka, Japan 28th March 1988

2. Video Introduction: Mick Jagger’s announcement about the cancellation of the concert of Osaka-Jo Hall from 19th March

3. Opening 4. Honky Tonk Women 5. Throwaway 6. Bitch 7. Let’s Spend The Night Together
8. Beast Of Burden 9. Tumbling Dice 10. Miss You 11. Ruby Tuesday 12. Just Another Night
13. War Baby 14. Harlem Shuffle 15. Foxy Lady

Disc 2 (77:39)
1. Party Doll 2. Member Introduction 3. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 4. Radio Control
5. Shoot Off Your Mouth 6. Drum Solo 7. Guitar Solo 8. Gimme Shelter 9. Start Me Up
10. Brown Sugar 11. It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll 12. Jumping Jack Flash 13. Sympathy For The Devil
14. Satisfaction

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