Metallica / Rock In Rio Brasil 2015 / 1DVDR

Metallica / Rock In Rio Brasil 2015 / 1DVDR / Non Label
Translated Text:
Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 19th September 2015 PRO-SHOT


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Latest professional shot of 2015 last become Metallica is the appearance! This work full professional shot of was done at home in Rio de Janeiro “9 月 19 日 年 2015 ROCK IN RIO VI performance.” It is a digital image that was broadcast live on the web, but to alleviate the treble that was distorted tight clause in broadcasting, it was packed to DVDR. Anymore, but is METALLICA, such as if they appeared in all kinds of festivals, it should say ROCK IN RIO in truly the home, and a large crowd of more distinguished huge venue and 80,000 among the rock festival that number overwhelming! This is the appearance of after dark only in birds, as is the masterpiece of how far the vast people who do not know what some people sea is projected in the ultra-clear picture quality of the latest digital. Of course, huge not only sea of ​​people, big stage even more than usual in the face to the sea. Because it is only the spectacular lighting Maikuruu through the sense of scale of, I large spectacle 巨編 one of the best among the numerous METALLICA video.
Vivid sound also special because of the live broadcast. The balance that has been mixed in clean, but is great also a big cheer, such as the ocean swells, voices and Kirk Hammett solo of James Hetfield to penetrate therein, the direct feeling like I think or desk directly. Little disturbance also direct the raw edge of METALLICA that rip in momentum, it seems to be poured into the ear.
That the vividness stand out is, sound trouble in “Ride the Lightning”. The super-heavyweights as METALLICA is rare basic trouble, but I will cut off the sound in the middle of a guitar solo. Among you are down to play in comfortably going, “Hey, yo!? What’s” sudden sound out is scary and eye to the Kikaseru Kirk of expression. It will finally break up the sound of the entire instrument in further near the last of the song. Although Kirk is retaken care where the song was finished strumming a solo to, it lives will cause interrupted for sound restoration. While illuminating the stage became the unmanned in the illumination of the dim blue, disturbing air wraps around the large venue of several tens of thousand. After a while suspended, ……… that James that stood in the soothing again stage the uproar became venue play the arpeggio of “The Unforgiven”. But then it will recover safely also show along with the sound, professionalism and “this remains the terminated Once or riot is not it happen?” That fresh air feeling, METALLICA to deal with cool, is really a sight to see.
The moment that Innovation such cold, even in the show in the middle “The Frayed Ends of Sanity”. Interrupted suddenly sound intro riff, the stage is dark. However, this time immediately return to the original, it is much I do not know whether production or trouble of the. Its “The Frayed Ends of Sanity”, but song of “… AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”, actually premiere super Reasongu (the premiere of “May 2014” has been recently gift release “… AND JUSTICE FOR LIVES” But it will be watching). At that time in what they themselves liked, it has been played 12 times so far. In the future, I do not know whether to staple of, it is a valuable professional shot. In addition, such as “Whiskey in the Jar” dedicated to Cliff Burton, who died on September 27, will not run out interest until the end.

After the show, the all members will greet toward the sea of ​​audience. Lars Ulrich that this day tour is ended, tell that to return to the studio for the new work. The beautiful quality of the latest digital professional shot unique, ultra-huge sense of scale, it is a rare trouble, spectacular of one that spirit …… beyond the dimension of mere latest METALLICA to conclude one year. In the course it disappears appear various bands, continues to reign also throne huge remains 2015 METALLICA. When it is one that can be run together the heyday that may even in real time and be exhausted. By all means, I am happy if I had you clenching happy to live “now” with the METALLICA in this work.

2015年最後となるメタリカの最新プロショットが登場です! 本作は本拠地リオ・デ・ジャネイロで行われた「2015年9月19日ROCK IN RIO VI公演」のフル・プロショット。ウェブで生放送されたデジタル映像ですが、放送ではキツく歪んでいた高音を緩和し、DVDRにパックしました。もはや、ありとあらゆるフェスに出演しているかのようなMETALLICAですが、さすがは本場でのROCK IN RIOと言うべきか、数あるロックフェスの中でも群を抜く巨大な会場と8万人以上の大観衆は圧倒的! トリだけに暗くなってからの出演ですが、どこまで人がいるのか分からない広大な人の海が最新デジタルの超クリア画質で映し出される様は圧巻です。もちろん、巨大なのは人の海だけでなく、その海に立ち向かうステージもいつも以上にデカい。それだけのスケール感の中を華々しいライティングが舞い狂うのですから、幾多のMETALLICA映像の中でも屈指の大スペクタクル巨編なのです。
その生々しさが際立つのが、「Ride the Lightning」でのサウンド・トラブル。METALLICAほどの超大物には珍しい基本的なトラブルですが、ギターソロの途中で音が途切れてしまうのです。気持ちよさそうに弾き倒しているなか、突然の音切れに「おい、なんだよ!?」と睨みをきかせるカークの表情が怖い。さらに曲のラスト付近でついに全楽器の音まで途切れてしまいます。曲が終わったところ気を取り直してカークがソロをかき鳴らしはするものの、サウンド復旧のためライヴが中断してしまいます。無人となったステージを薄暗いブルーの照明に照らしつつ、不穏な空気が数万の大会場を包み込む。しばらく中断した後、騒然となった会場をなだめるように再びステージに立ったジェイムズが「The Unforgiven」のアルペジオを奏でる………。その後は無事にサウンドと共にショウも回復しますが、“このまま終了したら暴動が起きるんじゃないか?”という生々しい空気感と、クールに対処するMETALLICAのプロフェッショナリズムは、実に見ものです。
そんな冷やっとする瞬間は、ショウ中盤の「The Frayed Ends of Sanity」にも。イントロリフでいきなり音が途切れ、ステージが暗くなる。ただし、この時はすぐに元に戻り、トラブルなのか演出か分からないくらいです。その「The Frayed Ends of Sanity」、「…AND JUSTICE FOR ALL」の曲ですが、実は初演は“2014年5月”という激レアソング(その初演は先日ギフト・リリースされた「…AND JUSTICE FOR LIVES」でも観られます)。その際に彼ら自身が気に入ったのか、現在までに12回演奏されています。今後、定番化するかは分かりませんが、貴重なプロショットです。さらに、9月27日に亡くなったクリフ・バートンに捧げる「Whiskey in the Jar」など、最後まで見どころは尽きません。


1. The Ecstasy of Gold 2. Fuel 3. For Whom the Bell Tolls 4. Battery 5. King Nothing
6. Ride the Lightning 7. The Unforgiven 8. Cyanide 9. Wherever I May Roam 10. Sad But True
11. Turn The Page 12. The Frayed Ends of Sanity 13. One 14. Master of Puppets
15. Fade to Black 16. Seek & Destroy 17. Whiskey in the Jar 18. Nothing Else Matters
19. Enter Sandman

PRO-SHOT COLOUR NTSC Approx. 141min.

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