Megadeth / Osaka 2001 / 2CD

Megadeth / Osaka 2001 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka, Japan 24th July 2001


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History unrivaled live album drawn by unusual sound is appeared in the press CD. What is recorded in this work “, 2001 July 24, 2011: Osaka Welfare Pension Hall” performance. Is the audience album at the time of visit to Japan by Hissage the “THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO”.
It might come here also those who think that “THE WORLD NEEDS A audience of HERO huh ……”, but was waiting for a little! Certainly this work is neither a golden period, not a spill sound board. However, why not, such as When was the crappy ones release said. Let alone now that the press, the contents of this work is either called a special grade …, abnormal. Also overlooking the whole history of MEGADETH furious board unparalleled. To be honest, I world sound that has never been experienced in other also been dealing with a myriad of band / recording. It is difficult to word the feeling because of outstanding experience, but first …… please bear with me for the poor writing.

[Unprecedented three-dimensional sound] First, sound Speaking of what is amazing. This work is the work of a virtuoso that has been touted as best in Osaka in the 1990s. Only this recording who works unusual quality, KANSAS “OSAKA 2001 (Virtuoso 298/299)” is also in our shop and RAINBOW “OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT (BLACK BOX 006)”, AC / DC, “OSAKA 2001 (ZODIAC 182)” masterpiece group of so reblogged bath rave reviews. Quality of this work also, do you say that …… worthy of its fame, I even more pulling cause of transcendence sound.
It discounts the near-type to call the so-called “like a sound board,” but there may be cause to say so and misleading. In fact, direct sense of this work is even more than the sound board. Especially furious thing is, guitar. Presence of the audience even drown out, not only directly connected feeling as if to plug in to the cerebrum, the thick guitar flurry in the air in a three-dimensional manner. I seem to hear voices that “I do not know what’s what a sound!”, But this is what is the best reason for the press this work, we are the most difficult point to introduce ….
And retaken care, and challenge again. For example, changes in the mix. But is too late in the story, things that sound man in the live changes the instrument balance in real time. Guitar is reduced if there are song, if the solo becomes larger, it is not going to raise or lower in detail in the two negotiations. Even the moment of this switching is also a vivid ultra-. Little or lowered to immediately onset first note is too involuntarily big solo, or shift slightly the timing of bread is very …. Would like you not difference cans, sound man of this show does not mean that stupid. What band is that of being granted to occur in a live, and the songs of MEGADETH that complex protagonist is replaced in this work has been brilliantly choreographed. Want to thank here is of such that “can be seen until the very details can not be determined in the usual live recording”. Its super-realistic, direct connection, furious sound turns round and round in my head ….
Honest story, recording artist since the person from those who know are entrusted to us the original DAT are you know it’s audience recording, flowing sound is far from the common sense of the audience recording. It is no longer the unusual sound world that should not be said in the dimension of “whether or not the line” unfolds.

[Dreadfulness of authentic MEGADETH] Somehow, but it has become a fine story tries to convey a sense of the first experience, even for such a furious sound is deliberately vivid, because the protagonist of this work is a MEGADETH. A Intel Kuchu al-thrash metal was Fichua a guitar battle, such as make a snatch literally, precisely because to Colo deployment fast and furious, I three-dimensional guitar is also likely stereoscopic effect caused the dizziness.
And, delicious also a place called Lord also rare Al Pitrelli of the guitar. This also honest story, not known only about “original SAVATAGE” from the metal fan, it might thin impression because it was a transition period, even MEGADETH. However, the talent is the real thing. I mean you can not be enrolled in if poor guitarist MEGADETH, but he is a special grade among them. DANGER DANGER, ALICE COOPER BAND, walks through the 錚 people serving bands such as ASIA, session work also myriad. Widely, it makes me hear plenty of guitar work that has been backed by a solid musical sophistication. In fact, even Chris Poland and Jeff Young arm is a skillful, to not a guitarist that has been active in the world, most of Marty Friedman later only guitarist seems “metal guy”. Of course, it but I also good or, only Al is also possible to correspond to the kind of music, yet had the ability to survive the industry’s only in the skill. This work, you a live album that such his refined and authentic guitar work is screwed into the brain miso.
And, also sit on the drums tool, the mighty men of veteran Jimmy Degurasso. He also, narrow different dimension of the drummer is the “de metal”. Have been underestimated because it was not only able to participate in the “RISK” and “THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO,” such as now Ichi popular album, but the former premier as a rock drummer. Despite the complicated MEGADETH song, feel the groove is not only momentum, not loosen even if the saying intense part. This work, like that of his exquisite stick work also we have fully drawn super-Katsuaki.

Anyway rabbit, tremendous sound that is far from the “Sound board grade,” “Beyond the sound board.” If the original, do not listen to any official work “RUDE AWAKENING”, “Time: The Beginning,” “Use The Man”, “The Conjuring” Perhaps I should have introduce the best version of “Moto Psycho”. However, it even as the sound itself is fiercely forget, we are full of different dimension sense.
Even in intense MEGADETH history of members change, Pitoreri & Degurasso era stocked with influential person of the authentic all genres. In fact, true value of this work, than the MEGADETH fan and core metal head, perhaps transmitted what towards the music fan who loves a wide range of lock. For those who understand, put the …… such a message you want conveys many by one person, was crossing to the press of this work. Not a flashy character Press, a large masterpiece of no two live albums that fully draw a skillful performance in the true sense of the word in a different dimension sound. Posterity in order to leave forever, is the imposing of appeared in the press 2CD.


異常なサウンドで描かれる史上無類のライヴアルバムがプレスCDで登場です。本作に記録されているのは「2001年7月24日:大阪厚生年金会館」公演。『THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO』を引っさげて来日した際のオーディエンス・アルバムです。
ここで「THE WORLD NEEDS A HEROのオーディエンスかぁ……」と思われる方もいらっしゃるかも知れませんが、ちょっと待った! 確かに本作は黄金期でもなければ、流出サウンドボードでもありません。しかし、だからと言ってくだらないものであったらリリースなどしない。ましてプレスするからには、本作の中身は特級……と言いますか、異常。MEGADETHの全史を見渡しても他に類を見ない激烈盤。正直に申し上げて、無数のバンド/録音を扱ってきても他に体験したことのない音世界なのです。未体験の感覚ゆえに言葉にするのは難しいのですが、まずは駄文にお付き合いください……。

まず、何が凄いかと言えばサウンド。本作は90年代の大阪で随一と謳われた名手の作品です。この録音家の作品は異常なクオリティばかりで、当店でもKANSAS『OSAKA 2001(Virtuoso 298/299 )』やRAINBOW『OSAKA 1995 1ST NIGHT(BLACK BOX 006)』、AC/DC『OSAKA 2001(ZODIAC 182)』等々の傑作群が絶賛を浴しました。本作のクオリティもまた、その名声に相応しい……と言いますか、さらに引き上げてしまう超絶なサウンドなのです。

そして、そのギターの主がまたレアなアル・ピトレリというところもオイシイ。これまた正直な話、メタルファンからは「元SAVATAGE」くらいしか知られておらず、MEGADETHでも過渡期だったために印象が薄いかも知れません。しかし、その実力は本物。下手なギタリストならMEGADETHに在籍できないわけですが、その中でも彼は特級。DANGER DANGER、ALICE COOPER BAND、ASIAなど錚々たるバンドを渡り歩き、セッション・ワークも無数。幅広く、確かな音楽の素養に裏打ちされたギターワークをたっぷりと聴かせてくれるのです。実のところ、クリス・ポーランドやジェフ・ヤングは腕は達者でも、世界的に活躍してきたギタリストとは言えませんし、マーティ・フリードマン以降はほとんどが“メタル野郎”らしいギタリストばかり。もちろん、それが良かったりもするのですが、アルだけがどんな音楽にも対応でき、しかも腕前だけで業界を生き抜く実力を持っていた。本作は、そんな彼の精緻でオーセンティックなギターワークが脳ミソにねじ込まれるライヴアルバムなのです。
そして、ドラムスツールに座るのも、歴戦の勇士ジミー・デグラッソ。彼もまた、狭い“ド・メタル”とは違う次元のドラマー。『RISK』や『THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO』といった今いち人気のアルバムにしか参加できなかったために過小評価されていますが、ロック・ドラマーとしては歴代随一。複雑なMEGADETHソングにも関わらず、勢いだけではないグルーヴを感じさせ、かといって激しいパートでも緩まない。本作は、そんな彼の絶妙なスティックワークも超・克明に描ききっているのです。

兎にも角にも、「サウンドボード級」どころか「サウンドボード超え」している凄まじいサウンド。本来であれば、オフィシャル作品『RUDE AWAKENING』でも聴けない「Time: The Beginning」「Use The Man」「The Conjuring」「Moto Psycho」の極上バージョンをご紹介すべきだったのかも知れません。しかし、それさえも忘れるほどにサウンド自体が凄まじく、異次元感覚に満ちているのです。

Disc 1(64:30)
1. Intro 2. Prince Of Darkness 3. Dread And The Fugitive Mind 4. Kill The King 5. Wake Up Dead
6. In My Darkest Hour 7. 1000 Times Goodbye 8. She-Wolf (incl. Drum Solo) 9. Reckoning Day
10. Devil’s Island 11. Time: The Beginning 12. Use The Man 13. Hangar 18 14. Return To Hangar
15. The Conjuring

Disc 2(55:32)
1. Hook In Mouth 2. Moto Psycho 3. Mechanix 4. Tornado Of Souls 5. Sweating Bullets
6. Trust 7. Symphony Of Destruction 8. Peace Sells 9. Guitar & Response 10. Holy Wars

Dave Mustaine – Guitar, Vocals David Ellefson – Bass Al Pitrelli – Guitars
Jimmy DeGrasso – Drums


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