McAuley Schenker Group / Unplugged Live / 1DVD

McAuley Schenker Group / Unplugged Live / 1DVD / Non label
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Live at the Anaheim Celebrity Theatre, Anaheim, CA. USA 25th March 1992 PRO-SHOT

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Even when you unplug the plug, God was a god. The official image which the taste of exquisite acoustic guitar of the noble guitarist god, Michael Schenker can fully taste is reprinted with the highest peak quality ever.
This work is a reprint of the official video work “UNPLUGGED” LIVE from the Japanese version laser disc. Of course, for 24 years to the present, a treasure that has never been made into a DVD even once in official. Just like the laser disc reprint series so far, we entrust mint quality board owned by core collector to overseas analog video specialist maker. We made it to the DVD with the best quality possible at the present in high-end professional equipment & environment.
Although the main point of this work is in its extreme image quality and sound quality, let’s stop repeating as I have talked over many times through the series so far. What I would like to say further is the magnificence of the sight / music itself. The unplugged show shielded in this work is a serious turning point even if you look at Michael’s career as a whole, it is also the top of an acoustic live performance at the same time. Originally Michael got an acoustic guitar at the end of 1991, when he was making a third album “M.S.G.” of McAleie SCHENKER GROUP. McSG’s work was also an album full of beautiful melodies that stuck to “crying” exceptionally, but in particular the ballad “Never Ending Nightmare” of the final song was finished with a bold acoustic arrangement. Michael who felt the response to that fresh sound will produce E.P. “NIGHTMARE: THE ACOUSTIC M.S.G.”. It is a place where we usually tour with electric bands, but this E.P. is very popular not only from himself but also from fans. As it is, going into the live activity with the unplugged as the main, release this work and the CD board “UNPLUGGED” LIVE “, and further pursue an acoustic way to the first solo album” THANK YOU “by dismantling McSG I did it.

Although the story advanced ahead, this work is an unplugged show which Michael performed as the final work of McSG. Until then, Michael who has been captivating us with exquisite flying V sound, but this work has no “sweet” long tone. It seems that it seems that the trademark is sealed and the attractiveness is reduced by half, and only the aesthetic sense of God is round naked in the note spun there. The beauty of the melody is more prominent, the depth is more deep, the consciousness is sucked into the delicacy of each picking, the soul dissolves in Vivrato and chalking. Even though I do not borrow the power of the electric … … No, because I do not borrow it, the beauty world is furiously spread. If you think, even if you play Gibson Flying V, not everyone can draw the beauty of God. Only with Michael’s aesthetic sense, Flying V shone. That beauty itself is drawn with the highest quality in the history of direct brain connection.
Michael is not the only one to release surprising shine. Robin · Macquarie at the time was also an unparalleled singing voice of all carriers. Robin is a pop “PERFECT TIMING” or a nightmare’s hairstyle, but Robin dragged old fans into deep despair, but he is right for “the left side of God” in this work. In the album, songs that were finished pop with electric decorations, the beauty inherent in the melody is exciting, and singing that spells it does not require Liko. If you sing it grows naturally, whispers, it’s clearly a husky emotion. Of course the hairstyle is also normal (bitter smile). It was said that “It reminds me why Robin is partnering with Schenker” at that time in the wonderfully intriguing singing voice, but this beauty is not unique in his entire career either. Not only McSG but also the origin GRAND PRIX, delicate and powerful singing voice that could not be a later solo, SURVIVOR, ELEMENTS OF FRICTION. It is a superb picture that you can fully immerse in the world of lyrics.
And the set which becomes the source of that beauty world is also wonderful. “M.S.G.”, which made McSG listen to the most beautiful cry, was reborn even more acoustically and also showed “Paradise” not found in E.P. “NIGHTMARE: THE ACOUSTIC M. S. G.” Finally McSG ended, and MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST did not play “M.S.G.” repertoire. It is a precious live performance of the hidden famous songs. (To tell the truth, I just wanted you to do an ordinary tour just because the electric crying of “M. S. G.” is too wonderful …). Also, the UFO that I can not hear in EP is also wonderful. “Natural Thing” “Doctor Doctor” “Lights Out” “Only You Can Rock Me” 4 songs, the acoustic lively vibrancy feeling is brilliant, Robin’s Irish voice is also shining. Listening in this way, I realize that UFO was also unexpected pop and McSG did not change essence.
Living precious acoustic live performance with making it a big change in career. It is the world highest quality version of the official video that can be found in the space. “God’s beauty world” that does not rely on Flying V. We will deliver it to you at hand over this weekend.



本作は、オフィシャルの映像作品『”UNPLUGGED” LIVE』を日本盤レーザーディスクより復刻したもの。もちろん現在にいたるまでの24年間、オフィシャルで一度もDVD化されたことがない秘宝。これまでのレーザーディスク復刻シリーズと同じように、コアコレクターが所有していたミント・クオリティ盤を海外のアナログ映像専門メーカーに委託。ハイエンドなプロ機材&環境で現代で可能な限りのベスト・クオリティでDVD化いたしました。
本作最大のポイントはその極限的な画質・音質にあるわけですが、これまでもシリーズを通して何度も語ってきましたので繰り返すのは止めましょう。それ以上に申し上げておきたいのは、光景・音楽そのものの素晴らしさ。本作に封じ込まれたアンプラグド・ショウは、マイケルのキャリア全体で見ても重大なターニング・ポイントであり、同時にアコースティック生演奏の頂点でもあるのです。そもそもマイケルがアコースティック・ギターを手にしたのは、McAULEY SCHENKER GROUPの3rdアルバム『M.S.G.』を制作中だった1991年末のこと。McSGの諸作でも格別に“泣き”にこだわった美メロ満載のアルバムだったわけですが、特に最終曲のバラード「Never Ending Nightmare」は大胆なアコースティック・アレンジで仕上げた。その新鮮な響きに手応えを感じたマイケルは、E.P.『NIGHTMARE: THE ACOUSTIC M.S.G.』まで制作します。通常であればエレクトリック・バンドでツアーを行うところですが、このE.P.は本人はもとよりファンからも大好評。そのまま、アンプラグドをメインにしたライヴ活動に入っていき、本作やCD盤『”UNPLUGGED” LIVE』をリリース、さらにはMcSGを解体しての初ソロアルバム『THANK YOU』へと、アコースティック道を追求していったのです。

意外な輝きを放つのはマイケルだけではありません。当時の相棒、ロビン・マッコーリーもまた、全キャリアで類を見ない絶品の歌声。ポップな『PERFECT TIMING』や悪夢のような髪型で古参ファンを絶望の淵に叩き込んだロビンですが、本作での彼はまさに“神の左側”に相応しい。アルバムではエレクトリックの装飾でポップに仕上げられた曲たちは、メロディ本来の美しさがムキ出しになり、それを綴る歌声にもリキみが必要ない。歌い上げれば自然に伸び、囁いてもハスキーな情感がハッキリと伝わる。もちろん髪型も普通(苦笑)です。その素晴らしく滋味深い歌声に、当時「なぜロビンがシェンカーと組んでいるのかを思い出させる」と評されたものですが、この美しさは彼のキャリア全体でも他にない。McSGはもとより、原点のGRAND PRIXでも、後のソロ、SURVIVOR、ELEMENTS OF FRICTIONでもあり得なかった繊細にして力強い歌声。その叙情の世界にたっぷりと浸れる極上映像なのです。
そして、その美世界の源となるセットも素晴らしい。McSGでももっとも美しい泣きを聴かせた『M.S.G.』はアコースティックでさらに切なく生まれ変わり、E.P.『NIGHTMARE: THE ACOUSTIC M.S.G.』にはない「Paradise」も披露。これを最後にMcSG終了し、MICHAEL SCHENKER FESTでも『M.S.G.』のレパートリーは演奏されなかった。隠れた名曲たちの貴重な生演奏なのです(本音を言うと『M.S.G.』のエレクトリックな泣きも素晴らしすぎるだけに、普通のツアーをして欲しかったところですが……)。また、E.P.では聴けないUFOも素晴らしい。「Natural Thing」「Doctor Doctor」「Lights Out」「Only You Can Rock Me」と4曲しており、いずれもアコースティックの生々しい躍動感が鮮烈で、ロビンのアイリッシュ・ヴォイスも映えに映える。こうして並べて聴くと、UFOも思いの外ポップでMcSGでも本質は変わってなかったことに気づかされます。


1. Intro 2. Anytime 3. We Believe In Love 4. What Happens To Me 5. Bad Boys 6. Gimme Your Love
7. Natural Thing 8. When I’m Gone 9. Never Ending Nightmare 10. Doctor Doctor 11. Lights Out
12. Paradise 13. Only You Can Rock Me 14. End Credits

Michael Schenker – Acoustic Guitars Robin McAuley – Vocals
Spencer Sercombe – Acoustic Guitars. Vocal


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