McAuley Schenker Group / Perfect Timing In Denver / 1CDR

McAuley Schenker Group / Perfect Timing In Denver / 1CDR / Shades

Translated Text:
Live at Bangles, Denver, Colorado, USA 13th May 1988


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Best sound of the “accident” album is appeared. Less record even just, valuable McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP. This work, though it is one of the best high quality sound among them,’s the afflicted document panel that in no two accident.
Above all it is where the contents of the accident is a concern, but first from the basic. Audience album of this work has been recording “May 13, 1988 Denver performances”. It is live after about three months from the Japan Tour. MICHAEL SCHENKER probably because it re-joined and Robin in the FES, in recently and appeared in master, the sound is exquisite. But it may not extend to large masterpiece of this week simultaneous release “BUDOKAN 1988 1ST NIGHT (ZODIAC 190)”, musical sound that pops out large-boned and clear direct sense of plenty. There is also a likeness audience in hot venue of the mood and the bass drum, but, do you say that guitar and vocal sound board class …… resonate clearly super-, “guitar and the vocals of the line recording, the microphone recording rhythm and audience noise the covering was like, “I sound is.
Live drawn by it only of quality is, and enthusiastically to turn over the underestimation of McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP, still Zu’ go ass over tit both of accident is packed. And was the equipment trouble and the accident, it will fall the power of suddenly venue. I go excellent condition to skip cut as “Armed And Ready,” “Cry For The Nation” from the curtain, but started a little bit noisy when you have a Jiji’ to as in PA show progresses, in the middle of the new song “Love Is Not A Game” become and would cut to slip. Of course, playing stops at that point. While abuzz suddenly become of the accident, Robin to recover somehow is you connect the play with MC. And retaken care terminates 演Ri the “Love Is Not A Game,” but, “Rock Bottom” Even more terrible is the large class. Show on until there is recovery, although greatly rise in the guitar solo of the Schenker mark, or fall at the end of the last of the texture. Ending …… that dramatic power code echoes lonely raw sound of Perappera. Downright, downright doughy shame feeling. While being solid to drift beams, in a mood that does not laugh to laugh, it is that the present work is if you quit.
However, also the scene of Eraku cold, because the main live itself is strangely hot what. Heyday Michael Gibson V of bittersweet tone to cry to cry as it is, Robin Irish voice that praised the sorrow while husky. The album “PERFECT TIMING” rolling up to play in a different dimension, make me a lot to hear the voice of the taste of iodine.
In addition, this time unique! Such of the Bakateku guitarist, Mitch Perry. The M.S.G., although not only be forgettable side guitar name, the arm is not intended that requires a very side. TALAS strangely fast and skillful tapping also a live album of, but had to listen to the exact play, it makes me listen to an exceptionally rare “of Michael of lyricism vs Bakateku entanglement” in this work. You can experience the Bakateku also a guitar solo of Mitch disposed in the second half of the show, but rather must listen thing is the medley arrange new song “Get Out,” “Gimme Your Love”. The two songs, the album “PERFECT TIMING” is a song that Mitch has taken the lead, even, because you connect it, obviously, “for Mitch.” In the “Save Yourself” later, but Michael himself will wake up to the high-tech phrase, here is divided beautiful is “crying” and “tapping”, both of you clash in melodious.

Prejudge the will, but it may be that at the time of Michael maybe had been aware of the SCORPIONS brother Rudolf. Captures the pop melody to suppressing their own guitar, write a ballad, exploring the twin of the technical guitar. Rocky Newton & Bodo-Shohofu rhythm Corps also, will become a solid and simple enough to tour progresses. Success of the unprecedented, which has been come and go to the chest of Michael at that time which had witnessed a brother that has been catapulted to the forefront of the rock scene, the music that was aiming be driven up to such feelings …… 1 ‘s the sheets.
Gem is also a valuable McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP of live album even just, even further valuable trouble enjoy super clear. Moreover, the fight against Bakateku also enjoy the Katsuaki until the charm of “the twin lead M.S.G.”. One that an exceptionally rare point is jammed with Gyugyu’, will be delivered this weekend to your handy.

極上サウンドの“アクシデント”アルバムが登場です。ただでさえ記録が少なく、貴重なMcAULEY SCHENKER GROUP。本作は、その中でも指折りのハイクオリティ・サウンドでありながら、2つとないアクシデントに苦しめられるドキュメント盤なのです。
何よりアクシデントの中身が気になるところですが、まずは基本から。本作が録音されたのは「1988年5月13日デンバー公演」のオーディエンス・アルバム。日本公演から約3ヶ月後のライヴです。MICHAEL SCHENKER FESでロビンと再合流したせいか、最近になって登場したマスターで、そのサウンドは絶品。今週同時リリースの大傑作『BUDOKAN 1988 1ST NIGHT(ZODIAC 190)』には及ばないかも知れませんが、骨太&クリアに飛び出す楽音はダイレクト感たっぷり。熱い会場のムードやバスドラにオーディエンスらしさもありますが、超・鮮明に響くギターとヴォーカルはサウンドボード級……と言いますか、「ギターとヴォーカルのライン録音に、マイク録音のリズム隊とオーディエンス・ノイズを被せたような」サウンドなのです。
それだけのクオリティで描かれるライヴは、McAULEY SCHENKER GROUPの過小評価をひっくり返す熱演と、やっぱりズッこけるアクシデントの両方が満載。そのアクシデントとは機材トラブルでして、突然会場の電力が落ちてしまうのです。開演から「Armed And Ready」「Cry For The Nation」と快調にカッ飛ばしていくのですが、ショウが進むにつれでPAにジジッとしたノイズが入り始め、中盤の新曲「Love Is Not A Game」になってスッと切れてしまう。もちろん、演奏はそこで中断。突然のアクシデントに騒然となる中、なんとか復旧してロビンがMCで場を繋ぐのです。気を取り直して「Love Is Not A Game」を演り終えますが、さらに酷いのは大ラスの「Rock Bottom」。そこに至るまでにショウは回復し、シェンカー印のギターソロで大いに盛り上がるものの、最後の最後のキメでまた落ちる。ドラマティックなパワーコードがペラッペラの生音で寂しく響くエンディング……。なんとも、なんとも締まりのない残念感。ドリフばりにベタでありながら、笑うに笑えないムードの中、本作は終了してしまうのです。
しかし、そのシーンがえらく寒いのも、本編ライヴそのものが異様に熱いからこそ。全盛期そのままに泣きに泣くマイケルのギブソンVの甘く切ないトーン、ハスキーながら憂いを讃えたロビンのアイリッシュ・ヴォイス。アルバム『PERFECT TIMING』とは別次元に弾きまくり、素の歌声のうま味をたっぷりに聴かせてくれる。
さらに、この時期ならでは!なのがバカテク・ギタリスト、ミッチ・ペリー。M.S.G.的には、名前も忘れられがちなサイドギターでしかありませんが、その腕はとてもサイドで済むものではない。TALASのライヴ盤でも異様に巧いタッピングと速く、正確なプレイを聴かせていましたが、本作では世にも珍しい「マイケルの叙情vsバカテクの絡み合い」を聴かせてくれるのです。ショウ後半に配されたミッチのギターソロでもバカテクが味わえますが、むしろ必聴なのはメドレーアレンジの新曲「Get Out」「Gimme Your Love」。この2曲は、アルバム『PERFECT TIMING』でもミッチがリードを執った曲であり、それを繋げるのですから、明らかに「ミッチのため」。後の「Save Yourself」では、マイケル自身がハイテクフレーズに目覚めますが、ここでは“泣き”と“タッピング”が綺麗に分かれ、どちらもメロディアスにぶつかりあうのです。

ただでさえ貴重なMcAULEY SCHENKER GROUPのライヴアルバムでも、さらに貴重なトラブルも激クリアに楽しめる逸品。その上、バカテクと戦う“ツインリードのM.S.G.”の妙味までも克明に味わえる。世にも珍しいポイントがギュギュッと詰まった1枚、今週末あなたのお手元へお届けいたします。

1. Intro 2. Armed And Ready 3. Cry For The Nation 4. Get Out 5. Gimme Your Love 6. On And On
7. Love Is Not A Game (breakdown) 8. Robin MC 9. Love Is Not A Game (restart) 10. Time
11. Follow The Night 12. Into The Arena 13. Courvoisier Concerto 14. Lost Horizons
15. Mitch Perry Guitar Solo 16. No Time For Losers 17. Doctor Doctor 18. Rock Bottom

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