Gary Moore / An Evening Of The Blues With The Midnight Blues / 1DVD

Gary Moore / An Evening Of The Blues With The Midnight Blues / 1DVD / Non Label

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Live at Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK 10th & 11th May 1990 Pro-SHOT


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Biggest hit “STILL GOT THE BLUES” immediately after release official video was revived in history highest quality life! This work, in 1990 “GARY MOORE WITH THE MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND” official video that was released under the name “AN EVENING OF THE BLUES” of Japanese edition laser disk that was turned into a DVD. The original release of Europe with only VHS, laser disc was released only in Japan. Although we have turned into DVD a number of works from Japan also board laser disc until now, this work is also the same. The domestic like-new Japanese edition laser disk core collectors had been treasured entrusted to overseas manufacturers, DVD reduction in the finest quality in the professional use of the equipment. In take all possible means, achieving a superlative quality. In fact, the quality of this work is just the best ever. It was proven in Japan board laser disc reissue series of until now, as it has received the patronage, is Gary Moore who survived the 38-year-old of fat in a moment of picture quality and sound quality that distortion does not even exist playback unevenness of taste with plenty .
Such that the present work has been recorded is “Hammersmith Odeon concert May 10 – 11th, 1990”. Just Gary has released the “STILL GOT THE BLUES” in March of this year, the start of a tour led a big band “MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND”. This work, corresponds to the 8, 9 performances eyes. If it says that in 1990 there is also another one of the official video “LIVE AT MONTREUX 1990,” but this work is before about two months than it, and the earliest-performance I of Gary raced the blues road for 20 years to his later years.
The blues first phase of Gary, still also lock color plenty. For example, “All Your Love” is what style is blues, sharp beats and guitar than playing after, is exactly that of the lock. In addition, this work is’s a make that interview comments are inserted between songs (with Japanese subtitles), self-conscious of there even “rock musician” are glimpses. For example, beside you talk about the freedom of the blues, “recent guitarist has taught the lock through the school, but here even though it has been doing a lock to leave the school,” said that such gonna still “rock guy” It will become happy.
This comment, but such is the only thing between the songs, it is the word profusely rich contents of the word, even in important point of this work. Albert King that guest are participating, it has also said the two giants of Albert Collins, A · Collins is “hot guy is, You’re that guy rock blues. Gary is well mix”, A · King ” I was well you are thinking whether brat you are longing to guitar blues. But you start playing to become better and better. spare no tribute to Gary and I listened here also seriously “. Of course, you hear even in mere politeness, on the other hand “But Do not useless that loud. It’s that you do not waste the phrase sound like fun to listen is more human. To people who are listening” more, more ” and I also suggests serious is the place you want to put out useless and think not to, “he said.
Furthermore, interesting comment also jostling to blues fan. 2 people Albert and first encounter, such as whether you think what each other, I jump out the blinded such valuable testimony to blues fan other than Gary. In addition, A · Collins went to the West Coast to the “1969 look back on his career, everything changed.’s Encounter with the lock. Ground fan Kureiru load, variously absorbed from there Three Dogs Night …… your style talk as do I, “I went to change the. Speaking of A · Collins of 1969, we met with the Imperial label, began to move towards the revival era. In 1978, the origin of the berserk-violent sound world by storm in the large revival album “ICE PICKIN ‘” of lurked also the shadow of the lock …… is to hear it from the person’s mouth. Such A · Collins, and because A · King went evolved blues funk introduced what, you will had been accepted flexibly to Gary Moore of blues.
And, both of its giant and also include co-starring Gary. And A · Collins “Too Tired” “Farther On Up The Road”, the A · King “Stormy Monday”, it is “Caldonia” of aligned three people. Is the place, “LIVE AT MONTREUX 1990” in the watch is not the A · King “Stormy Monday,” “Caldonia” is delicious, but also overwhelmingly dialogue battle with the A · Collins of eye-catching. And A · Collins, which is also the birthplace Guitar Slim lineal of distortion guitar, Gary is a state-of-the-art distortion blues. Both old and new guitar hero who made a name in the wild dialogue. Not even Gary fan, is thrilled come scene guitar fan, to the soul of blues fans.

In this work “(approach to the blues), but certainly worry about fan leaves had, ironically, it is likely also to my best-seller” and says Gary. Or A · King “is odd useless” advice also had because, from here taken to deeper blues road, was devoted his last 20 years. Exactly this work, kilometers multiplied by Gary of music life. And, it is full of 38-year-old Han joy for disorderly conduct A New way of live video. Why he went committed to blues. What was alive and unbroken, even off the lock is what it is. Official video to be noticed until in such a thing, is its best ever version. His guitar, one that I would like you to watch for those of all who love music. By all means, even you.

生涯最大のヒット作「STILL GOT THE BLUES」リリース直後のオフィシャル映像が史上最高クオリティで蘇りました! 本作は、1990年に“GARY MOORE WITH THE MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND”名義でリリースされたオフィシャル映像「AN EVENING OF THE BLUES」の日本盤レーザーディスクをDVD化したもの。ヨーロッパのオリジナルリリースはVHSのみで、レーザーディスクは日本でのみリリースされました。今までも日本盤レーザー・ディスクから数多くの作品をDVD化して参りましたが、本作もまた同じ。国内のコアコレクターが秘蔵していた新品同様の日本盤レーザーディスクを海外メーカーに託し、プロユースの機材で極上クオリティでDVD化。可能な限りのあらゆる手段を講じて、最上級クオリティを実現しました。実際、本作のクオリティはまさに史上最高。今までの日本盤レーザーディスク復刻シリーズで証明し、ご愛顧を受けてきた通り、一瞬の歪みも再生ムラも存在しない画質・音質で38歳の脂の乗りきったゲイリー・ムーアがたっぷりと味わえるのです。
そんな本作が収録されたのは「1990年5月10日・11日ハマースミス・オデオン公演」。この年の3月に「STILL GOT THE BLUES」をリリースしたばかりのゲイリーは、ビッグバンド“MIDNIGHT BLUES BAND”を率いてツアーを開始。本作は、その8・9公演目にあたる。1990年というともう1つのオフィシャル映像「LIVE AT MONTREUX 1990」もありますが、本作はそれより2ヶ月ほど前であり、晩年まで20年にわたってブルース道を突き進んだゲイリーの最初期パフォーマンスなのです。
そのブルース最初期のゲイリーは、まだまだロック色もたっぷり。例えば「All Your Love」はスタイルこそブルースですが、後の演奏よりもシャープなビートとギターは、まさにロックのそれです。また、本作は曲間にインタビューコメントが挿入される作り(日本語字幕付き)なのですが、そこでも“ロック・ミュージシャン”の自意識が見え隠れする。例えば、ブルースの自由さを語る傍ら、「最近のギタリストは学校に通ってロックを教わってるが、こっちは学校から離れるためにロックをやってるのに」と、まだまだ“ロック野郎”のつもりなのが嬉しくなってしまいます。
さらには、ブルースファンにも興味深いコメントも目白押し。2人のアルバートの最初の出会いや、互いをどう思っているのかなど、ゲイリー以外のブルースファンにも目が眩むような貴重証言が飛び出すのです。また、A・コリンズは自身のキャリアを振り返り「1969年にウェストコーストに行き、すべてが変わった。ロックとの出会いだ。グランドファンクレイルロード、スリードッグスナイト……そこからいろいろ吸収して自分のスタイルを変えていったんだ」と語る。1969年のA・コリンズと言えば、インペリアル・レーベルと出会い、復活に向けて動き出した時代。1978年の大復活アルバム「ICE PICKIN’」で一世を風靡した凶暴・凶悪サウンドの原点にはロックの影も潜んでいた……それを本人の口から聞くとは。そんなA・コリンズ、そしてファンク導入でブルースを進化させていったA・キングだからこそ、ゲイリー・ムーアのブルースに対しても柔軟に受け入れられたのでしょう。
そして、その両巨頭とゲイリーの共演も見どころ。A・コリンズとは「Too Tired」「Farther On Up The Road」、A・キングとは「Stormy Monday」、3人そろっての「Caldonia」です。「LIVE AT MONTREUX 1990」では観られないA・キングとの「Stormy Monday」「Caldonia」が美味しいところですが、やはり圧倒的に目を惹くのはA・コリンズとの掛け合いバトル。歪みギターの本家本元ギター・スリムの直系でもあるA・コリンズと、歪みブルースの最先端であるゲイリー。ともにワイルドで名を成した新旧ギターヒーローの掛け合い。ゲイリー・ファンならずとも、ギター・ファン、ブルース・ファンの魂にゾクゾクくるシーンです。


1. Introduction 2. Oh Pretty Woman 3. Walking By Myself 4. All Your Love 5. Still Got The Blues
6. Too Tired (with Albert Collins) 7. Farther On Up The Road (with Albert Collins)
8. Texas Strut 9. Moving On 10. Midnight Blues 11. King Of The Blues
12. Stormy Monday (with Albert King) 13. Caldonia (with Albert Collins & Albert King)


GARY MOORE: Guitar / Vocals DON AIREY: Keyboards ANDY PYLE: Bass GRAHAM WALKER: Drums
FRANK MEAD: Saxophone / Harmonica NICK PAYN: Saxophone NICK PENTELOW: Saxophone

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