Led Zepplein / Detroit 1972/ 1CD

Led Zepplein / Detroit 1972/ 1CD / Non Label
Live at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, USA 6th June 1972 (Repaired Edition)

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New excavation live sound source buzzing among ZEP mania all over the world is Detroit performance of June 6, 1972. The oldest sound source in the 1972 American Tour was the next day’s Montreal tour, but this excavation finally gave us a glimpse of the first day of the tour. However, as you can see from the expression “I can see a glimpse”, unfortunately I did not try to show the complete recording of the show. The recording starts from the last part of the acoustic part “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”, and the recording was started from the middle of the show.
Still the point that 1972-likeness is caught everywhere is a big attraction of the new excavation sound source, but the sound quality is a typical vintage audience. In the first two songs, the edges of the sound tend to crack, and above all, the overall sound quality is also muddy. However, there is no distortion like the second day of Seattle. KRW_CO who received this sound source guessed that “it seems to be a master or first generation”, but at least the cut that occurs at the end of “Dazed And Confused” has been processed for fade-in / out At least this is unlikely to be a master tape, given the fact that it was in circulation.

Not only the original sound but also the version remastered by KRW itself was coupled when it was released, but as a result of performing equalization to try to emphasize the outline of the performance, he was in a state to increase hiss noise. It is On the contrary, despite the fact that it was released with the notice of “pitch corrected”, it was said that the pitch was actually insane … do it.
In addition, because it is a cassette recording audience that has been buried for 45 years, there is a problem that the drop of the sound level of comma several seconds occurs frequently everywhere due to the deterioration of the tape. So this time, we will do thorough restoration based on the original sound when releasing the press CD. To be clear, it has been revived to be more easily heard than the two versions published by KRW_CO.

The pitch that was good for me was not only low, but it happened up to a fluctuating phenomenon while saying that KRW_CO had corrected, but it was thoroughly adjusted. In addition, as the original sound Moko Moko antiques such as the round-out sound quality is subjected to no disgusting equalization and it becomes much easier to hear, but it is not even that hiss noise is pushed to the front like KRW_CO remaster. I believe that these points alone are much easier to hear than the original sound source.
However, after all, the closing is a subtle sound drop due to the innumerable tape degradation. I corrected this thoroughly, but it was about 100 points or so, and by adjusting this, I polished it into a state where it could be heard as “music”.

As I mentioned at the beginning, although it is the recording from the middle of the show, it is still a glimpse of the fun of 1972, and the first day of the tour. What’s interesting is “Dazed And Confused”. In this tour, it is an annual pattern to expand “The Crunge”, “Walter’s Walk”, or both in the middle, but there is no latter as of this day. However, Bonzo is trying to send a signal to Page at the scene where “The Crunge” is likely to start (the situation is also clearly understood!), But Page is passing through once without trying to get on. Only then for a moment Bonzo began to beat the rhythm of the song, but eventually he stopped.
A scene that seems to be the first day of the tour, it seems like it has been developed and hasn’t been developed, so I wonder if the excitement will be left over … The plant that has been cut there. He greeted the next development with his ad-lib sang the lyrics of the familiar “Turn On Your Love Light” at the Grateful Dead. The pattern of singing the same phrase “Whole Lotta Love” or “Communication Breakdown” was occasionally seen in ZEP’s live history, but it is very rare that it is sung in “Dazed And Confused”. .
“Whole Lotta Love” medley is also interesting. Here, the plant sings Johnny Preston’s “Running Bear” following the familiar “Hello Mary Lou”! If it is a mania, this development will be a pattern seen only in Amsterdam and Brussels performed before the US tour, and the pattern can be heard in “EUROPEAN WARM UP SHOWS 1972”. In other words, at this point in time we still felt the warm-up feeling of those two shows.

It is a highly valuable sound source just to capture the scene only on such a tour first day, but many people have already been heard about the first appearance sound source after a long time in America in 72 years. The scene of “Turn On Your Love Light” was a thrilling scene only when the plant was attacking. Also, ZEP’s Detroit, Cobo Hall is famous among mania in 1973, but the stage of 72 years is fresh at the same venue.
However, I hoped to ask for this excavating, but it is good, but there are not a lot of mania that I felt that it was a sound source that was quite hurdle high. In that respect, it is sure to be absolutely surprised at this thorough overhaul! It has been reborn into a state that is clearly audible. As it is the first appearance sound source of the topic anyway, there is a possibility that the item may appear from others, but it is absolutely only this title that the sound source was precisely adjusted to this point and promoted to the state sufficient for press CD release!

(Remastered note)
★ Fixed 30-70% slower than semitones.

★ As the problem is a small sound drop of tape deterioration, it was processed so that it did not bounce and be heard on hearing. (I processed over 100 places.)

世界中のZEPマニアの間で話題沸騰中の新発掘ライブ音源が1972年6月6日のデトロイト公演。これまで1972年アメリカ・ツアーにおける最古の音源は翌日のモントリオール公演でしたが、この発掘によって遂にツアー初日の模様が垣間見られるようになったのです。ただし「垣間見られる」という表現からも解るように、残念ながらショー完全収録とはいきませんでした。録音はアコースティック・パート最後の「Bron-Y-Aur Stomp」から始まっており、ショー中盤から収録が開始された音源。
それでも1972年らしさが随所で捉えられている点が新発掘音源の大きな魅力なのですが、音質は典型的なビンテージ・オーディエンス。最初の二曲では音のエッジが割れ気味ですし、何より全体の音質がこもり気味でもある。とはいってもシアトル二日目ほどの歪みはない。今回の音源を入手したKRW_CO曰く「マスターあるいはファースト・ジェネレーションだと思われる」と推測していましたが、少なくとも「Dazed And Confused」の終盤に生じるカットがフェイドイン・アウトの処理が施された状態で出回ったことを考えると、少なくともこれがマスター・テープである可能性は低いと思われます。



最初に触れたように、ショー中盤からの収録ではあるものの、それでも1972年、しかもツアー初日ならではの面白さは随所で垣間見られます。何と言っても面白いのが「Dazed And Confused」。このツアーでは中間で「The Crunge」か「Walter’s Walk」が、あるいはその両方へと展開するのが恒例のパターンですが、この日の時点ではまだ後者は無し。それでいて「The Crunge」が始まりそうな場面でボンゾがペイジに合図を送ろうとしている(その様子もはっきり解る!)のですが、ペイジが乗ろうとせずに一度はスルー。その後一瞬だけボンゾが同曲のリズムを叩き始めますが、結局止めてしまいました。
この何ともツアー初日らしい場面、展開しそうで展開しなかったことから盛り上がりを欠いたまま過ぎてしまうのか…そこに切り込んできたのがプラント。彼がグレイトフル・デッドでおなじみ「Turn On Your Love Light」の歌詞をアドリブで歌ったことで次なる展開へと迎えたのです。同曲のフレーズを「Whole Lotta Love」や「Communication Breakdown」の合間で歌うというパターンはZEPのライブ史においてたまに見受けられましたが、「Dazed And Confused」の中で歌われるというのは非常にレア。
その「Whole Lotta Love」メドレーがまた面白い。ここでプラントはおなじみ「Hello Mary Lou」に続いてジョニー・プレストンの「Running Bear」を歌っているのです!もうマニアならお解りでしょう、この展開はアメリカ・ツアーの前に行われたアムステルダムとブリュッセルだけでみられたパターンであり、その模様は「EUROPEAN WARM UP SHOWS 1972」で聞くことが可能。つまり、この時点ではまだそれら二回のショーのウォームアップ感を引きずっていたのですね。

こうしたツアー初日ならではの場面を捉えているというだけでも大変に価値の高い音源ですが、何しろ72年アメリカにおける久々の初登場音源ということで既に聞かれた方も多いでしょう。例の「Turn On Your Love Light」の場面など、まだプラントが攻めていた時期ならではのスリリングな場面でした。それにZEPのデトロイト、コボ・ホールといえば1973年がマニアの間で有名ですが、同会場で72年のステージというのが新鮮。




1 Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
2 Dazed And Confused with Let It Shine
3 What Is And What Should Never Be
4 Moby Dick
5 Whole Lotta Love (Includes: Thermin solo, Boogie Mama, Hello Mary Lou,
Running Bear, You Got The Love I Need, The Shape I’m In, I’m Going Down Slow)
6 Rock And Roll

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