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Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan, 24th September  1971. Stereo/ Mono

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★ 924, the first appearance stereo source of surprise appears! (One monaural)
★ 3CD composed first compiled the first appearance source and 3CD of the source main (not net) composed
‘The second day of the year from the beginning of the year 71, September 24 The 6th set board of the Budokan performance’ 924 ‘!
★ Includes limited numbering
★ Jacket is the outer coating specification, CD label is the Permanent Specifications Love Panel of Picture Disc

Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 24th September 1971

From the first day of 1971 performance on the second day of September 24, the Budokan performance was recorded in two versions including the first stereo sauce “924” 6-disc settin board!

This Budokan second day performance has been converted to sound from the analog LP era, and LPs containing different sources from “IN CONCERT” (OG), “SUPER · STARS!” (LLX) are confirmed respectively. However, it was imagined that there were not so many fans who got the actual thing at the time as the two rare boards, and as for these two sound sources, in the CD in the remaster box of TDOLZ who reprinted these analog LP boards in ’99 It is not likely that there are many people who have heard it for the first time.
After releasing the analog LP, the new movement appeared in the sound source of this day since the beginning of the 1990’s when CD item release began to become active.
First of all, as a bonus in “DESTROYER: RE · MASTERED” (2CD) which copied and edited the Scorpio Archive Productions board from old nostalgia Bad Girl Songs in ’92, only one song “Since I’ve Been Loving You” Was recorded from hitsoli and tape, the third sound source first appeared on this day. And this became the sound source which became CD for the first time as “924” sound source. Moreover, this sound source, eventually it was recorded only once, still a mysterious sound source whose full length board does not come out. Although the sound image is a distant eye, it is a clear and stable class of clear, even superior sound source compared with another sound source released later.
In 93 ‘s announcement of performances continued to be active in 2003, “AFTERNOON DAZE” (3 CD) from “Mid Dogs” which is also nostalgic, and “PRETTY WOMAN” (3 CD) from the old cod nearly at the same time It appeared in the live full length board using the fourth sound source. These two items were the first time they revealed almost the entire appearance of this live wrapped in a veil even though the sound quality was severe. The editing process is different while released almost at the same time, and the old Tara said that it was an excellent title with complete recording.
However, as compared with the first day 23 performances where high-quality sound sources such as “FRONT ROW” were released at the same time, this 24th performance also has the severity of the sound source material, and the impression which is somewhat somewhat worse is not wiped out for the item, Will it be largely closed up from the ‘LIGHT & SHADE’ (3CD) of TDOLZ released in ’97? Here, the fifth and sixth sound sources with remarkably excellent sound quality first appeared. The 5th sound source was recorded from “Immigration” to “Dazzle”, probably assumed to be a tape owned by this label (I’m not sure, but it is probably so), since then I have repeated mastering and recording contents A sound source that will be used while changing. The sixth sound source was recorded after heaven there, and it is a fresh sound with a habit of low frequency range being crushed, fresh sound, greatly upgraded from the existing sound source. In ’01 TDOLZ’s successor WT “TIMELESS ROCK” from the immigrant to the dazzle appeared in this sixth sound source. From now on, this sixth sound source will be popular when releasing it as a comprehensive best sound source for the 924 sound source.
In ’08, 924 items were first released from EVSD. This is the first time surprisingly the items recorded with 3 CDs with the sixth sound source as the axis, passing this sound source all over. In the next ’09, 4 CD titles summarizing the 6th sound source and the 5th sound source appeared in the name of Scorpio by the TDOLZ · WT system. In recent years, NoCDel appeared 3 CD titles that featured the full 4th sound source in a few years ago a few years ago.

924 Performance We have looked back on the flow of related boards, but this time, this title released, the first stereo audience recording (Disc 1 – 3) and the sixth sound source most popular with the 924 sound source were featured (Disc 4-6), it is exactly the title which can be said as the 924 decision board.

First is the description of the first appearance stereo and audience recording part adopted for Disc 1-3.
This stereo sound source borrows cassette and CD it. Perhaps it seems to be about 1st Gen, it is a sound with a lot of hiss noise included, but surprisingly it is surprised that it is recorded with the first stereo sound of 924 performances (all past sound sources are monaural sound sources). It is a moody texture with a moody feeling, although clearly there is not a little to the sixth sound source, but the sound caught sufficiently close to the stage is preeminent sound with outstanding presence. As I mentioned earlier, it is almost a monophonic sound around “It I’ve Been Loving You”, “Black Dog” whether it is a sound that contains a lot of hiss noise and the position of the microphone changes a lot , Also in the vicinity, the low frequencies are also in danger of collapsing, the future will be suspicious, but the stereo sound returns again from “dazzling”, after that it is recorded as a stereo sound with a mockoff as well. Also, the elongation of the low region is wonderful, and per “heartbreaker”, “dazzle”, “Moby Dick”, “chest full” is recorded with a sound with a wonderful elongation all the time, the source 6 recorded on Disc 4-6 this time Given that there is a difficulty with the bassed sound of the bass range and the preferences can be divided, this is a miraculous recording. Cut was confirmed in several places in the content of the recording, and immigrants first get cut-in shoulder watermarks from the battle, but here it is unbelievably supplemented with source 6 without discomfort. Although it goes back and forth, the live intro part is connected with source 4 and source 6. Source 4 is not a net sound source but a proprietary acquired sound source, and a version that you can firmly listen to the host ‘s “John Bonham!” At the beginning. Probably recorded in the introduction part of “John Bonham” without fading processing is probably the second title after “No 924” of No Label board. Also, you can see that it is not a copy of the “924” board by looking at the texture of the sound and the pattern of hiss noise.
In addition to “the dazzling” is the final part, the “chest full” is the intro part, the organ solo of “Thank you” is launched, and the communication is filled with the source 6 as appropriate for the communication. Also there was a cut between several songs, so there was also a source peculiarly supplemented with source 6 and made a live pseudo perfect recording.

For Disc 4 – 6, compiled main source 6.
This is not a net sound source (* sound source which is not a CD copy of 924 sound source on ※ net is not distributed at all), natural sound similar to EVSD in sound. Although it is a natural sound, the collapse of the bass range is the same as before. Nevertheless it is unexpected to say the title which recorded this source 6 in a thorough manner, and there was a mistake in pitch adjustment in Tangerine in EVSD, and in TDOLZ · WT Scorpio it was a place where you liked more or less EQ processing . So this Disc 4 – 6 is aimed at the best version in Source 6 Natural Sound version. Regarding source 6, of course, you can understand that it is not a copy from a CD that originated, but from the timing of change from the source 4 to the source 6 of the intro part, and the length of various editing parts, it is not a copy to be copied. Between tracks between “Thank you” and “Communication” songs, the last part of the applause that seeks the encore of the live ending, etc. All previous episode has been faded etc. However this board is not yet As a result, it is recorded somewhat longer with editing cutout.
Anyway, if the bass or bass drum enters, it is familiar as a fan if it is a tremendous sound source of crashing of the bass range, and it is not impossible for it to become “that or?”, But the acoustic set is a wonderful sound balance, depending on listening It is like a line sound source, and this large explosion sound is also good if you think that it is listening before the stage.
In addition, copyright compensation is about 30 seconds near the CD time 9: 35-10: 06 on the main board (this is itself the first trial of this label).
The sound source to be used is source 5, it is a copy from the already-released WT system Scorpio. Only this source was not found among traders and it became a copy this time, but as mentioned earlier, the original use is only TDOLZ, WT series Scorpio, and the sound source which is not a CD copy of this sound source is not circulating in the underground I guess (I’m not sure) but I will.
Also, “Moby Dick” CD time 3: 20-3: 47 nearby was compensated with this stereo new source. In the past ex-patch boards, it was the only place where there was no surgery with only the source 4 which is tough in the sound quality, and the supplementation with this new source far better than the source 4 is slightly advantageous to this board We are.

Furthermore, since it is a good opportunity at the end of Disc 6, it is no credit, but the source 3 “Since I’ve Been” from the BGS board is specially remastered.
The first thing I thought about when providing the cassette of Disc 1 – 3 part of this time was to say that the identity of this cassette may be a full length board of the BGS board recorded sound source. As a result of digitizing the cassette and examining it, it was a completely new sound source, but why was only one song and only “Since I’ve Been” selected and recorded on the BGS board, extra I got interested. If Tapar is a survivor, you certainly would like to listen to episodes related to BGS board recording.


In addition, please refer to the following list of tracks regarding detailed editing points etc.
(※ Please acknowledge that the song itself is difficult to see.)
Attach a numbering sticker with limited numbering (1-200).
Jake is the outer coating specification, and the CD label appears on the Picture Disc permanent specification love board!


Live at Budokan, Tokyo, Japan 24th September 1971

1971年初来日公演よりその二日目・9月24日武道館公演を初登場のステレオソースを含む2バージョンで収録した大注目の”924″ 6枚組決定盤!

この武道館二日目公演はアナログLP時代から音盤化されており、「IN CONCERT」(OG)、「SUPER・STARS!」(LLX)とそれぞれ互いに別ソースを収録したLPが確認されています。もっとも、2種ともにレア盤であり当時現物を入手したファンはあまり多くはないと想像され、これら二つの音源に関しては’99年にこれらアナログLP盤を復刻したTDOLZのリマスターBOX内のCDにて初めて耳にしたという方が多いのではないでしょうか。
まずは’92年に懐かしのBad Girl Songsから、Scorpio系Archive Prouctions盤をコピー編集した「DESTROYER: RE・MASTERED」(2CD)の中にボーナスとしてなぜか「Since I’ve Been Loving You」1曲のみがヒッソリとテープから収録され、この日3つ目の音源が初登場。そしてこれが”924″音源として初めてCD化された音源となりました。しかもこの音源、結局収録されたのもそれ1回きりであり、未だに全長盤が出て来ない謎めいた音源。音像こそ遠目ですが後年リリースされる別音源と比べてもクリアで安定した部類の、なかなか優秀な音源。
続けて来日公演物の発表が活発化し始めた’93年には、これまた懐かしのMud Dogsより「AFTERNOON DAZE」(3CD)、そしてほぼ同時期に旧タラから「PRETTY WOMAN」(3CD)が4つ目の音源を使用したライブ全長盤で登場。音質は厳しいながらもベールに包まれた本ライブのほぼ全貌を初めて明らかにしたのが、これら二つのアイテム。ほぼ同時にリリースされながらも編集処理が異なり、旧タラの方が完全収録で優れたタイトルだったと言うもの。
もっとも、「FRONT ROW」などの高音質音源が同時期にリリースされた初日23日公演などにくらべ、この24日公演は音源素材の厳しさもあり、アイテム的にはいささか地味な印象はぬぐえず、大きくクローズアップされるようになるのは実質’97年にリリースされたTDOLZの「LIGHT & SHADE」(3CD)からではないでしょうか。ここでは音質が格段に優れた5つ目、6つ目の音源が初登場。5つ目の音源は「移民」から「幻惑」までの収録で、恐らくこのレーベルが所有するテープと推測され(確信なしですが、多分そうでしょう)、以降同レーベル系列から再三マスタリングと収録内容が変わりながら利用される事になる音源。6つ目の音源は、そこでは天国以降を収録したもので、低音域が潰れた癖のあるサウンドバランスながら鮮度の良いサウンドで、既発音源から大幅にアップグレード。’01年にはTDOLZの後継WTから「TIMELESS ROCK」で移民から幻惑までの部分がこの6つめの音源で登場。以降この6つ目の音源が924音源の総合的ベスト音源としてリリースの際にはポピュラーなものとなります。
そして’08年にはEVSDから924アイテムが初リリース。6つ目の音源を軸にした3CDで、この音源を全面に通して収録したアイテムは意外にもこれが初めて。翌’09年にはTDOLZ・WT系によるScorpio名義で6つ目の音源と5つ目の音源をまとめた4CDタイトルが登場。そして近年では数年前に実に久々に4つ目の音源を全編にフィーチャーした3CDタイトルがNo Labelから登場。


本ステレオ音源はカセットを借り受けCD化。恐らく1st Genくらいと思われ、ヒスノイズが多めに含まれたサウンドですが、何よりも924公演初のステレオサウンドで収録されているのが驚き(過去音源は全てモノラル音源)。モコっとしたムーディーな質感で、クリアさでは6つ目の音源には若干及びませんが、十分にステージに近くで捉えられたサウンドは臨場感も抜群のど迫力サウンド。先に触れた通りヒスノイズが多めに含まれたサウンドであることと、マイクのポジションが所々変わるのか、「Since I’ve Been Loving You」、「Black Dog」あたりでは、ほぼモノラルサウンドとなってしまい、またこのあたりでは低域も潰れ気味で先行きが怪しくなりますが、「幻惑」から再びステレオサウンドが復帰、以降は終盤までステレオサウンドでモコッとしながらも収録されています。また低域の伸びが素晴らしく、「ハートブレイカー」、「幻惑」、「モビーディック」、「胸いっぱい」あたりは終始素晴らしい伸びのあるサウンドで収録されており、今回Disc4-6に収録のソース6が低音域の潰れたサウンドに難があり好みが分かれることを考えると、これは奇跡的な録音と言えるでしょう。収録内容的にはカットが数カ所で確認され、まずのっけから移民がカットインで肩すかしを食らいますが、ここはめげずにソース6で違和感なく補填。また前後しますが、ライブイントロ部分はソース4とソース6で繋いでいます。ソース4もネット音源ではなく独自入手の音源で、出だしで司会者の「ジョンボーナム!」がしっかり聞けるバージョン。過去に「ジョンボーナム」の紹介部分にフェード処理があたらずに収録したものは恐らくNo Label盤の「924」に続き本タイトルが2つ目。またその「924」盤のコピーでもないことは音の質感やヒスノイズのパターンを見れば分かります。


さらにさらに、Disc6の最後には良い機会なのでノークレジットですが先述BGS盤からのソース3「Since I’ve Been」を特別にリマスター収録。
今回のDisc1-3部分のカセットを提供された際に最初に考えたのは、もしかしてこのカセットの正体はBGS盤収録音源の全長盤ではないか、と言うことでした。カセットをデジタル化して調べた結果、全くの新音源であったわけですが、BGS盤では何故1曲だけ、しかも「Since I’ve Been」だけが選ばれ収録されることになったのか、余計に気になって来てしまいました。もしテーパーさんがご存命であるならば、ぜひBGS盤収録にまつわるエピソードなんぞを聞いてみたいものですね。



Disc1-3 初登場Stereo Audソース メインで編纂

Disc 1 (52:09)
1. Introduction ※0:12までソース4、以降ソース6で補填
2. Immigrant Song ※頭からギターソロ2:11付近までソース6で補填
3. Heartbreaker
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You ※Monoぽく厳しくなる
5. Black Dog ※Monoぽく厳しくなる
6. Dazed And Confused ※終盤23:06付近からソース6で補填

Disc 2 (63:59)
1. MC
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Celebration Day
4. That’s The Way
5. Going To California
6. Tangerine
7. What Is And What Should Never Be
8. Moby Dick

Disc 3 (52:15)
1. Tuning ※ソース6で補填
2. Whole Lotta Love
3. Organ Solo ※頭ソース6で補填
4. Thank You
5. Communication Breakdown ※終盤ソース6で補填


Disc4-6 Mono Audソース6(例の低域の潰れるMono Aud)メインで編纂

Disc 4 (52:11)
1. Introduction
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Black Dog
6. Dazed And Confused ※曲中カット約30秒Src5で補填(ここのみ既発タイトルからのコピー)

Disc 5 (64:02)
1. MC
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Celebration Day
4. That’s The Way
5. Going To California
6. Tangerine
7. What Is And What Should Never Be
8. Moby Dick ※3:20-3:47新ソースで補填

Disc 6 (60:04)
1. Tuning
2. Whole Lotta Love
3. Organ Solo
4. Thank You
5. Communication Breakdown

6. Since I’ve Been Loving You

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-024

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