Bob Dylan / Nashville Skyline UK Original LP Mono / 1CDR

Bob Dylan / Nashville Skyline UK Original LP Mono / 1CDR  / Non Label
Taken from the original UK Mono LP (CBS, M 63601)

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Far from declining the popularity of monaural discs in the classic rock analog market, it seems that their popularity is unabated. Above all, the popularity of analog discs around 1968, which is the transitional period between monaural discs and stereo discs, seems to be rising further. And this time, we would like to introduce the UK monaural version of Nashville Skyline, which Bob Dylan released in 1969 with Johnny Cash as a guest to challenge country music. The monaural version of this album does not exist in the US version and is only released in the United Kingdom, some Europe, and some countries in South America. As you know, the Beatles white album released in 1968 and the Beggars Banquet of Stones have not been released in the US monaural version (Dylan’s album was not released in 1968). Even in the UK, the Beatles Abbey Road monaural version will not be released in 1969. However, on the other hand, Let It Bleed of Stones had a monaural version released, so I think there was still a lot of demand for the British monaural version. Is guessed. This album is not included in Dylan’s monaural box released in 2010, and this gift item using the British version monaural sound source can be said to be a very valuable item. This album is ranked 3rd on the chart in the US and 1st in the UK, and it seems that the work is highly evaluated. The session collection at this time is also on sale in the bootleg series. Please enjoy the Nashville Skyline approaching from the center!


1. Girl From The North Country
2. Nashville Skyline Rag
3. To Be Alone With You
4. I Threw It All Away
5. Peggy Day
6. Lay Lady Lay
7. One More Night
8. Tell Me That It Isn’t True
9. Country Pie
10. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You

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