Led Zeppelin / Madison Square Garden 1970 Revisited / 4CD

Led Zeppelin / Madison Square Garden 1970 Revisited / 4CD / Non Label

Live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA 19th September 1970 Afternoon & Evening Shows


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Madison Square Garden is a famous performance alongside Blueberry Hill in 1970’s ZEP live recordings, and has also become a sensation in the same year’s live activities. The show on September 19 has two stages. I had a big stardom in the United States and had already graduated from the box office twice a year as in the previous year, but the MSG performance originally scheduled for June will give priority to the appearance of that bus festival. It was said that it was an apology to American fans because it was canceled.
Both of these two stages have audience recordings, and the best way to contain both sound sources would be the “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1970” released in 2017. It was a long time since it was sold out about two years ago because the two sound sources were made into a press CD in a very natural state, and the performance content was outstanding above all.
Like “DESTROYER”, this is one of the evergreens in the ZEP live sound source, which should always be distributed. Therefore, of course, there were voices requesting a recurrence, and at the same time, recurrence was being considered immediately after Sold Out. It was a famous sound source that captured the intense stage of the 1970 ZEP. In this case, mere recurrence does not have any art. So, just like the reissue of “DESTROYER”, we thoroughly re-examined the sound source before this release.

First is the first show. It is impossible to correct dropouts that occurred frequently from the “Thank You” interlude of “recorder 2” that was the main source to the end of the song (I’m sorry that this part was not recorded in “recorder 1”) However, at the end of the live, the noise from the left channel, called the “zarzer”, which was annoying after switching from the MC of the plant in front of “Whole Lotta Love” to “recorder 1” was alleviated. Of course, it is possible to eliminate this problem with equalization, but if you do that, the sound quality will change, so here we will adjust the noise balance precisely to suppress instability We make it easy to hear.
The performers tend to have a preconceived notion of a show that is less likely to be held since the incandescent second show was ahead of schedule, and it certainly reflects the average score of the 70-year US tour. However, it is terrible that the average score itself is high in 70 years ZEP. The voice of the plant is a scream explosion from opening to the best, and pagination is riding around it.
“Recorder 2” is attractive because it captures such a page guitar with a large balance. Speaking of 70’s ZEP, it features a set list that starts “Dazed And Confused” as soon as the live starts, but there is a spectacular thing that exactly fits the word that the play that can hear the page is exactly played. You can enjoy even more outstanding guitar play, as his fingers are on the balance, with the fingers moving like a slick motion.
And in front of the famous “What Is And What Should Never Be”, the plant’s grievous MC reports the sudden death of Jimi Hendrix. The MSG audience who has been waiting for ZEP since the cancellation in June is really enthusiastic, but here it is quiet and listening to the plant MC.
Even so, ZEP who returned to the performance and returned to the performance cuts the stage slightly shorter, taking into account that there is a second time, but still the “ Communication Breakdown ” played in response to the encore has a terrible explosion, and the tune is similar The Guess Who’s “American Woman” is a great place to include (although Plant just wrote the song name), which is a precious scene following the Honolulu show about two weeks ago was.

As for the second show, it was one of the great excavation sources of ZEP live in the early 21st century. The Phoenix of April was excavated at the same time, and I feel nostalgic that the 1970 live excavation continued at that time. Not only did he unveil the veil of the MSG Second Show, which had been wrapped in veil until then, but the performance was so wonderful that all the items were released.
Regarding this sound source, “MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1970” was considered the best, but for this reoccurrence, the sound source was reviewed from scratch.
What turned out to be, despite the fact that the original was a monaural recording, most of the titles released in the past have a strange sound spread that sounds like pseudo stereo and a staggered stereoscopic sound when heard on headphones It was. This was close to instability due to azimuth misalignment of the tape deck head. Therefore, this time, by making the sound source monaural again, the original solid and warm state that the sound source had was revived.
By returning to this real monaural state, the outline of the performance has become a crispy and extremely solid speaker quality that shines with extremely speakers. Regarding this, I would like you to play at a loud volume and get a full feel for it.

What stands out is the terrific ZEP performance at the second show. There is a lot of enthusiasm for refining the sad news of Jimihen’s sudden death and making the last stage of 1970 a great one. The engine is fully open due to the avalanche from the opening “Immigrant Song” to “Heartbreaker”, and the plant’s scream is particularly strong here. The free deployment of “Bring It On Home,” which Paige and Bonzo used as a place for rhythm-based improvisation throughout the year, shows the budding of their “rhythm play” that begins to escalate the following year.
However, it was a big explosion play after “Whole Lotta Love” after all when the sound source was discovered. Jeff Beck group’s “Rice Pudding” riff opened from the intro of that intro, and the plant suddenly started from the “Some Other Guy” familiar with the Beatles before debut, which was also done at the LA forum two weeks ago, “The Train “Kept A Rollin” is singing out, and the surprising development that a band follows immediately is a goosebumps no matter how many times you hear. “Out On The Tiles”, taking advantage of this momentum, is not only extremely valuable as the second live version after LA, but also by screaming and back who would not be able to sing without a 70-year plant Power riffs are impressive.
Up to this point, the excitement was worthy of Senshu Raku, but the rock and roll medley since the time of the bass festival was just the end, and this time it started with “Girl Can’t Help It”. And “Blueberry Hill” sung in the middle of “How Many More Times” is a plant that uses more screams than at the LA Forum. Such a magnificent performance is transmitted more vividly by eliminating the instability of the sound that has been neglected until now. A moist (but still great) first show, a second show that shows all the power of ZEP. We will release them in a state suitable for calling them the final version!

(Sound processing)
★ Afternoon Show

Phase correction
Petit noise removal
After the chest full, part of the noisy part called Zaza on the left channel, Mono on one channel

★ Evening Show

Phase correction
The original is a strange panned sound source (except for Elemaji already, it should have been strangely panned)
The original recording should be monaural, so I restored it to the original real monaural, so it’s much easier to hear.

それら二回のステージはどちらもオーディエンス録音が存在し、両方の音源をベストな形で封じ込めたのが2017年リリースの「MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1970」でしょう。非常にナチュラルな状態で二つの音源をプレスCD化していたこと、そして何より演奏内容が抜群であったことから、2年ほど前にSold Outとなって久しいタイトル。
「DESTROYER」がそうであったように、これもまたZEPライブ音源におけるエバーグリーンの一つとして、常に流通させておくべき存在ではないでしょうか。よって再発を望む声も当然ながら寄せられていたと同時に、Sold Outの直後から再発が検討されていました。それも1970年ZEPの強烈なステージを捉えた名音源ときた。こうなると単なる再発では芸がない。そこで「DESTROYER」の再発と同様、今回もリリース前に音源の徹底的な洗い直しを行いました。

まずはファースト・ショー。メイン・ソースとなった「recorder 2」の「Thank You」間奏から曲の終盤にかけて頻発していたドロップアウトなどは修正不可能(「recorder 1」でこのパートが録音されなかったのが無念)ですが、ライブ終盤、「Whole Lotta Love」前でのプラントのMCから「recorder 1」に切り替わってから耳障りだった周期的な「ザーザー」という左チャンネル寄りのノイズを緩和。もちろんこの問題自体をイコライズにてもみ消すことは可能ですが、それをやってしまうと音質が変化してしまいますで、ここではノイズのバランスを緻密に調整することで不安定さを抑えた形で聞きやすくさせています。
「recorder 2」はそんなペイジのギターを大きめなバランスで捉えてくれているのが魅力。70年ZEPと言えばライブが始まってすぐに「Dazed And Confused」を始めるというセットリストが特徴ですが、そこでペイジが聞かせるプレイが正に弾きまくり、という言葉がぴったり当てはまる壮絶なもの。もう指がスラスラ動いているという感じで、彼のギターがオンをオンなバランスで捉えてくれていることから、なおさら卓越したギター・プレイが楽しめるのです。
そして有名な「What Is And What Should Never Be」の前における、ジミ・ヘンドリックス急死の報を告げるプラントの悲痛なMC。6月のキャンセルからZEPを待ちわびていたMSGのオーディエンスは本当に熱狂的なのですが、ここばかりは静まり返ってプラントのMCを聞き入っている。
それでも気を取り直して演奏に戻ったZEPは二回目があることを踏まえ、やや短めにステージを切り上げるのですが、それでもアンコールに応えて演奏された「Communication Breakdown」は爆裂ぶりが凄まじく、曲調が似ていてインクルードさせるにはぴったりなゲス・フーの「American Woman」が登場(とはいってもプラントが曲名を発しただけですが)するのは約二週間前のホノルル公演に次いだ貴重な場面でした。

こちらの音源に関しても「MADISON SQUARE GARDEN 1970」がベストとされていましたが、これまた再発に関しては音源を一から見直し。

そして際立つのがセカンド・ショーでの凄まじいZEPの演奏ぶり。ジミヘン急逝という悲報から気を取り直し、1970年最後のステージを素晴らしいものにしようという気迫がみなぎっている。オープニング「Immigrant Song」から「Heartbreaker」にかけての雪崩れ込みからしてエンジン全開であり、特にプラントのスクリームがここでも強烈。またこの年を通してペイジとボンゾがリズム主体インプロ駆け引きの場としていた「Bring It On Home」の自由な展開は、翌年からエスカレートし始める彼らの「リズム遊び」の芽生えを感じさせるもの。
しかし音源が発掘された当初から話題となったのは何と言っても「Whole Lotta Love」以降の大爆裂プレイ。それのイントロからしてジェフ・ベック・グループの「Rice Pudding」リフから幕を開け、二週間前のLAフォーラムでもやっていた、デビュー前ビートルズでおなじみ「Some Other Guy」からプラントが突如「The Train Kept A Rollin」を歌い出し、すかさずバンドがついてくるという意外すぎな展開は何度聞いても鳥肌モノ。この勢いを借りての「Out On The Tiles」もLAに次ぐ二つ目のライブ・バージョンとして極めて貴重なだけでなく、70年のプラントでなければ歌えないであろうスクリーミングとバックの三人によるパワー・リフが迫力満点。
ここまでも千秋楽に相応しい盛り上がりでしたが、とどめとばかりにバスフェスの時以来の単体ロックンロール・メドレーが、しかも今回は「Girl Can’t Help It」からスタート。そしてまさかの「How Many More Times」の途中で歌われた「Blueberry Hill」はLAフォーラムの時よりもスクリームを多用して歌い切るプラント。こうした壮絶な演奏も、今までおざなりにされてきた音の不安定さを解消したことで、さらに鮮烈に伝わってきます。しっとりとした雰囲気の(それでも絶好調な)ファースト・ショー、ZEPが持てる力のすべてを出し切ったセカンド・ショー。それらを最終決定版と呼ぶに相応しい状態にてリリースいたします!

★Afternoon Show


★Evening Show


Afternoon Show

Disc 1 (68:39)
01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Dazed And Confused
05. Bring It On Home
06. That’s The Way
07. Bron-Yr-Aur
08. Since I’ve Been Loving You
09. Organ Solo
10. Thank You

Disc 2 (43:26)
01. MC
02. What Is and What Should Never Be
03. Moby Dick
04. Whole Lotta Love
05. Communication Breakdown

Evening Show

Disc 3 (70:27)
01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Dazed And Confused
05. Bring It On Home
06. That’s The Way
07. Bron-Yr-Aur
08. Since I’ve Been Loving You
09. Organ Solo
10. Thank You

Disc 4 (74:36)
01. What Is And What Should Never Be
02. Moby Dick
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Out On The Tiles
05. Communication Breakdown
06. The Girl Can’t help It / I’m Talking About You / Twenty Flight Rock
07. How Many More Times

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