U2 / Tokyo Dome 1989 1st Night Master / 2CD

U2 / Tokyo Dome 1989 1st Night Master / 2CD / Wardour
Live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan 25th November 1989

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U2 in 1989, when the entire earth was obtained with successive hits of “THE JOSHUA TREE” and “RATTLE AND HUM”. The best original recording that recorded the visit to Japan is now available.
Included in this work is “November 25, 1989: Tokyo Dome Performance”. It is the masterpiece audience recording. Only a monumental Japan tour is archived with numerous masterpieces in our shop. First, let’s organize the collection from the schedule at that time.

・ November 23: Yokohama Arena “WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN”
・ November 25: Tokyo Dome ← ★ This work ★
・ November 26: Tokyo Dome “LOVE RESCUE ME”
・ November 28: Osaka Castle Hall
・ November 29: Osaka Castle Hall
・ December 1: Osaka Castle Hall “OSAKA 1989 FINAL NIGHT”

Above, all 6 performances, 3 performances in Kanto + 3 performances in Osaka. The highlight was the Tokyo Dome performance, which just opened in the previous year, and U2 stood on the “Big Egg” stage as the 8th set of artists. This work is an audience recording that recorded the first day.
This work, which recorded such a show, is a beautiful recording away from the dome. It is a recording that was once introduced as “LOVE COMES TO DOME”, but it is an upgraded version. “LOVE COMES TO DOME” was also an original master, but it was a 1st generation cassette master. On the other hand, this work is the ultimate version that was made into a CD from the original DAT master handed over from the recording person.
Actually, the upgrade is amazing. At the time of “LOVE COMES TO DOME”, I didn’t think it was a tough Tokyo Dome, but the Omoto DAT was even more vivid. The air is more transparent and details are clearly improved. This is the first time that I found out that the bass edge was particularly great and was lost during dubbing on the conventional board. Of course, it doesn’t mean the sense of distance that is mistaken for a sound board, but it sounds like the distance sense itself is tens of meters closer. “LOVE COMES TO DOME” was a dimension that was “great for the early Tokyo Dome”, but this work is a sound that makes you wonder if “this is really a dome recording !?”.
The U2 that was enjoying the spring of our world is depicted in the upgrade sound. Speaking of “LOVETOWN TOUR”, Dublin performance has been officially announced as “LIVE FROM THE POINT DEPOT”, so let’s organize the set while comparing.

・ MLK / Pride (In The Name Of Love)
● THE JOSHUA TREE (5 songs)
・ Where The Streets Have No Name / I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For / Running To Stand Still
・ Songs that cannot be heard at LIVE FROM THE POINT DEPOT: With Or Without You / Bullet The Blue Sky
● RATTLE AND HUM (8 songs)
・ God Part II / Desire / All Along The Watchtower / All I Want Is You / Van Diemen’s Land / Angel Of Harlem / When Love Comes To Town (★) / Love Rescue Me (★)
● Other (3 songs)
・ I Will Follow “BOY” / 40 “WAR”
・ Songs you can’t listen to at LIVE FROM THE POINT DEPOT: People Get Ready (THE IMPRESSIONS cover)
* Note: Stars marked with “★” are with B.B. King.

… and it looks like this. The three songs that are not in “LIVE FROM THE POINT DEPOT” are also delicious, but more than that, the mood unique to Japan that goes through the whole story is wonderful. After all, from the opening “Where The Streets Have No Name”, Bono appeared as “Oshino Shinobu, Tokyo!”. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” Speaking of MC between songs, Bono’s comment diverges from the rich “1989 resentment”. “Bullet The Blue Sky” led by the American National Anthem “Tonight we feel the power to tear the iron curtain (from the East and West Cold War). Tonight we feel the power to carry out the transformation of China! “At the beginning of” Love Rescue Me “,” Let’s change everything with rock and roll. Let’s have power. “” East Berlin, Czechoslovakia in the communist sphere, singing for people who live behind iron curtains. ” And this song is dedicated to the Chinese people, the brave people who fought the regime in Beijing, “he sent a powerful message. “The people who fought in Beijing” refers to the Tiananmen incident that occurred half a year before the show.
”People Get Ready” is even more special. In the middle of the song, Bono says (Is someone who wants to play my guitar) (in English) and then shouts twice in Japanese, “Play my guitar.” The audience appears on the stage and plays, whether it was pre-selected or not, but this person is particularly skilled at outside guitars. Bono also shouted with excitement, “Let’s listen to this guy’s guitar,” and the inside of the dome was a great excitement, “Oh, yeah !!”. The highlight of the heat and the further heating is with B.B. King. First, B.B.King’s back members appear on the stage and show off the gorgeous “Angel Of Harlem” with brass, followed by Odai B.B.King. They will perform together in “When Love Comes To Town” and “Love Rescue Me”.

As of 2019, 30 years after this work, the first visit to Japan in 13 years is coming soon. As the Tiananmen incident was told in this work, there may be an ale to democratize Hong Kong this time. It is an original DAT master that jumps over 30 years of time and brings U2 of the greatest heyday. A great masterpiece live album that is no longer suitable for the historical “THE JOSHUA TREE”, which is imminently reproduced. Please enjoy carefully with permanent preservation press 2CD.

★ From the original DAT master. In addition to improving sound quality, you can listen at the correct pitch for the first time. (The previous ones were nearly semitone high.)

『THE JOSHUA TREE』『RATTLE AND HUM』の連続ヒットで地球を丸ごと手に入れていた1989年のU2。その来日公演を記録した極上オリジナル録音が登場です。

・11月23日:横浜アリーナ 『WHEN LOVE COMES TO JAPAN』
・11月25日:東京ドーム ←★本作★
・11月26日:東京ドーム 『LOVE RESCUE ME』
・12月1日:大阪城ホール 『OSAKA 1989 FINAL NIGHT』

そんなショウを記録した本作は、ドーム離れした美録音。かつて『LOVE COMES TO DOME』としてご紹介したこともある録音なのですが、そのアップグレード盤なのです。『LOVE COMES TO DOME』もオリジナル・マスターではありましたが、それは1stジェネのカセット・マスター。それに対し、本作は録音者本人から譲られた大元DATマスターからCD化した究極バージョンなのです。
実際、そのアップグレードぶりは目を見張る。『LOVE COMES TO DOME』の時点で音響の厳しい東京ドームとは思えなかったのですが、大元DATはさらに鮮やかだった。空気感が一層透き通り、細部までクッキリとディテール・アップ。特に低音のエッジが素晴らしく、従来盤ではダビングの際に失われていた事が今回初めて分かったのです。もちろん、サウンドボードと間違える距離感ゼロというわけではありませんが、距離感そのものまで数十メートル近づいたように聞こえる。『LOVE COMES TO DOME』は「初期の東京ドームにしては素晴らしい」という次元だったのに対し、本作は「これが本当にドーム録音!?」と耳を疑うくらいのサウンドなのです。
そのアップグレード・サウンドで描かれるのは、我が世の春を謳歌していたU2。“LOVETOWN TOUR”と言えば、ダブリン公演が『LIVE FROM THE POINT DEPOT』として公式化されたこともありますので、比較しながらセットを整理してみましょう。

・MLK/Pride (In The Name Of Love)
・Where The Streets Have No Name/I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For/Running To Stand Still
・LIVE FROM THE POINT DEPOTで聴けない曲:With Or Without You/Bullet The Blue Sky
・God Part II/Desire/All Along The Watchtower/All I Want Is You/Van Diemen’s Land/Angel Of Harlem/When Love Comes To Town(★)/Love Rescue Me(★)
・I Will Follow『BOY』/40『WAR』

……と、このようになっています。『LIVE FROM THE POINT DEPOT』にはない3曲も美味しいところですが、それ以上に全編を貫く日本ならではのムードが素晴らしい。何しろ、オープニングの「Where The Streets Have No Name」からしてボノが「押忍、東京!」と登場。「I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking Forの冒頭でも「皆さん、こんばんは」と日本語MCを挟む。曲間MCと言えば、ボノのコメントが濃厚な“1989年の薫り”を発散している。アメリカ国歌に導かれた「Bullet The Blue Sky」では「今晩ここで、僕達は(東西冷戦の)鉄のカーテンを引き裂くパワーを感じる。今晩、僕達は中国の変革を遂行させるためのパワーを感じる!」と語り、「Love Rescue Me」の冒頭では「ロックンロールですべてを変えていこう。パワーを持とう」「共産圏の東ベルリン、チェコスロヴァキア、鉄のカーテンの後ろで暮らす人々のために歌う。そしてこの曲を中国の人たち、北京で体制と戦った勇敢な人たちに捧げる」と力強いメッセージを送る。「北京で戦った人たち」とは、ショウの半年前に起きた天安門事件のことです。
さらに特別なのが「People Get Ready」。曲の途中でボノが「誰か僕のギターを弾きたい人いるかい」と(英語で)言いだし、今度は日本語で「俺のギター、弾いてくれ」と2回シャウトする。事前に選ばれていたのか、観客がステージに現れて弾くのですが、この人が殊の外ギターが巧い。ボノも「この男性のギターを聴こうじゃないか」と興奮気味に叫び、ドーム中が「Oh, yeah!!」と盛大に盛り上がるのです。その熱気を受けてさらに加熱するハイライトがB.B.キングとの共演。まずはB.B.キングのバックメンバーがステージに現れてブラス入りのゴージャスな「Angel Of Harlem」を披露し、その後に御大B.B.キングが登場。「When Love Comes To Town」と「Love Rescue Me」で共演するのです。

本作から30年が経った2019年現在、13年ぶりの来日公演も間近に迫っています。本作で天安門事件が語られたように、今回は香港民主化デモへのエールがあるかも知れません。そんな30年の時間を飛び越え、一大全盛期のU2を連れてきてくれるオリジナルDATマスターです。歴史的な『THE JOSHUA TREE』完全再現が差し迫った“今”に、これ以上なく相応しい大傑作ライヴアルバム。どうぞ、永久保存プレス2CDでじっくりとお楽しみください。


Disc 1 (43:03)
01. Where The Streets Have No Name
02. I Will Follow
03. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
04. MLK
05. With Or Without You
06. God Part II
07. Desire
08. All Along The Watchtower
09. All I Want Is You
10. Van Diemen’s Land

Disc 2 (48:06)
01. The Star Spangled Banner
02. Bullet The Blue Sky
03. Running To Stand Still
04. People Get Ready
05. Angel Of Harlem
06. When Love Comes To Town with B.B. King
07. Love Rescue Me with B.B. King
08. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
09. 40


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