Led Zeppelin / Lead Poisoning / 5CD

Led Zeppelin / Lead Poisoning / 5CD / Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-026A-E

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Live At Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 16th March 1973.

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★ Completely recorded the first uncut containing the best sources and editing them as the main. It is a press decision board of ’73 Vienna performances that draws a line to the previous episode!
★ Bonus recording of the first appearance source of surprise (Aud source 4) (No net sound source is used at all)!
★ Limited numbering entry!
★ Jacquet is the outer coating specification, CD label is the permanent specification of Picture Disc love compilation board!

Live at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 16th March 1973

★ Collection Disc Summary
Disc 1 – 2. A pseudo-complete board editing multiple Auds around Src 1. The title which adopted Aud Src 1 in the latter part of the live show for a while
Disc 3-4 · · · Real bonus disc. I edited the first appearance of mono Aud sauce and made it a pseudo perfect disc
Disc 5 · · · the latter part of the live showed on SB (not a net tone generator) main

★ Used sound source overview (※ This is not a net at all this time)
Src 1 … Mono Aud. It was an Aud sound source that I heard from the LP era, and it appeared in the 1990s with the old CD, Old Tara, TDOLZ etc in the CD already burned. This main sound source.
Src 2 … Mono Aud. The second Aud sounds first debut in the cobra board LEAD POISONING in the 1990s, this time a very few adoption such as live intro.
· Src 3 ··· Mono Aud. The third Aud sound source that first appeared in cobra board Wrench In The Works around 2000. This sub sound source.
· Src 4 · · · Mono Aud. This is the 4th Aud sound source of this live with the new sound source which appears for the first time. In addition to recording the version edited on the main tone generator center on Disc 3-4 besides, between “chest full” and “heart breaker” songs that can not follow with the above 3 sound sources on Disc 2, Disc 5 are compensated.
· Sound board · · · monaural · SB which recorded live part of the live part ·


1973 Europe tour · familiar March 16 The decision board which recorded Vienna performances appeared!
Including the first audience recording of the first appearance, the first time-series lacking no-cut complete disc!

This live has been released since the analog LP era, and it seems that 73 European tours have been released the most since it was in the CD era.
Not only is the fourth new sound source appearing but this time it is unused though the audience recording is also distinctive as well as being characteristic compared to the neighboring performances, but in reality there is also a fifth audience recording The more you do (!).
Also, sound board recording (monaural) also exists from the dawn of CD at the latter half of the live recording, and if you include an unused Aud sound source, there are actually six sound source materials.

However, despite the large number of sound source materials and items released, decisive titles that combine sound quality and recorded content remained absent at all. In each release such as Flying Disc, Old Tara, TDOLZ, Cobra from the 1990’s to the early 2000’s, some certain evolving matters such as the appearance of new sound sources and upgraded sound quality could be confirmed, but in 2000 Since entering, the sound formation using the fan item of the net was patterned with most titles (excluding a very small part), and these included certain weaknesses, and evolution was also substantially stagnant . It has been a daunting situation for almost ten years now, but this is the main board which will be the decision board to put an end to it.

This board is made up of three concepts, and if you try to explain again once again, it becomes below.
· Disc 1-2 · · · Aud recording reproduced best version. The main part of this title.
· Disc 3 – 4 · · · Audience recording of new sound source featuring Src 4, editing mainly (real bonus treatment)
· Disc 5 · · · Recording the latter part of the live using the soundboard recording as much as possible. Disc to be distinguished from Disc 2 of this time according to taste of sound.

Disc 1 – 2 and Disc 5 reproduce the best version of this performance, Disc 3 – 4 is a bonus treatment
It is a constitution.


For editing Disc 1 – 2, edit Src 1 as the main sound quality, Src 3 as the sub-source, Src 2 as the sub-source, Src 2 at the next, and Src 4 at the missing part. Src 1 is a high-quality sound source of texture similar to frequently used soundboard, mainly in live early stage, even though it has already been developed, but features a lot of cuts. In making this CD this time, we edited to pull Src 1 as much as possible and record it. So on Disc 1, for example, “Song Remain” will be recorded in Src 1 in the early stage and then switched to Src 3, but since the title pulling Src 1 as much as possible has been indeed 20 years since TDOLZ (but connected to Src 2 in TDOLZ) Case of for the first time.
With respect to the latter part (Disc 2) part after the dazzle, in recent years only the edits of the sound board main due to the influence of the net fan item, Aud editing thing centered on Src 1 has surprisingly been the only TDOLZ edition in the past, It was a rough thing, so the recording concept of Disc 2 this time is very fresh and decisive.
It is also a terrible surprise that CD recording in “heaven” Src 1 was also good since TDOLZ even though the sound is good, but it may be the point that tells the fact that there was no definite title that summarized this live I do not. For fans who wanted editing to respect Src 1, this Disc 2 part is a very tasty point.
Also, Src 3 which is a sub-source this time is also good, although it is a slightly habitable sound with the guitar on the front, it is characterized by less cut than Src 1. I think that the connection between Src 1 and Src 3 can be appreciably viewed with a careful crossfade without much discomfort.
The interval between “chest full” and “heart breaker” is supplemented for about 2 minutes at Src 4 which first appeared this time. It is a part that was missing in all existing plays, if it is said that it is a musical piece waiting for an encore, it is up to that but it is important point in current ZEP items to fill as little as possible even with a small gap. Completely recording of the first uncut in history was realized while simulating by this interpolation padding.

About editing Disc 3-4, it is the part that featured Audience Recording Src 4 of new sound source as described above. Although it is a noteworthy new sound source, in terms of sound quality Src 1, Src 3 is not underestimated, and if there are two types of Src 1, Src 3, it is also possible to cover the majority of the live in general, so I wrote ahead of time The only point that has the only uncut recorded between the songs of “chest full” and “heart -” is (lol). Since this is my first appearance soundtrack this time, I recorded the edited versions of this Src 4 main here. Although it is something many cuts suddenly suffered from another source suddenly, since it is treated as a bonus disc, please understand. At the moment there is no distribution on the net, probably it will be the first and final CD.

Disc 5 contains sound board recording. Soundboard recorded “dazzle” from the middle, this time the missing part was compensated with the Aud sound source and the one after the “daze” was reproduced with the uncut recorded. It becomes the sound board version of Disc 2 (or Disc 4).
Please distinguish it from Disc 2 (or Disc 4) according to your preference.
This soundboard material also uses a natural master rather than the net provided collector. Originally best is probably Scorpio’s board, but there was slightly raised level mastering, but this board discriminates against mastering like crushing the waveform. Also, in the net version of recent years, the texture of digital odor is hard to hear, there are many stains such as there is a connection at the beginning of heaven and so on, but here you can enjoy an edited version with the best sound all the time without such problems.


In addition, please refer to the following music list for detailed editing places / comments.
(※ Please acknowledge that the song itself is difficult to see.)

Attach a numbering sticker on the front of the case with limited numbering (No.1-200).
Jake is the outer coating specification, and the CD label appears on the Picture Disc permanent specification love board!


Main Source: Source 1 (Missing is compensated in the order of Src 3, 2, 4)


Live at Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria 16th March 1973

Disc 1-2・・・Src1を中心に複数Audを編集した疑似完全盤。ライブ後半部にAud Src1を採用したタイトルは久々
Disc 3-4・・・実質ボーナスディスク。初登場のモノAudソースをメインに編集し疑似完全盤とした
Disc 5・・・ライブの後半部分をSB(ネット音源ではない)メインで収録してみせたもの

・Src1・・・Mono Aud。LP時代から聞けたAud音源で、既発CDでは旧タラ、TDOLZなどで90年代に登場。今回のメイン音源。
・Src2・・・Mono Aud。90年代にコブラ盤LEAD POISONINGで初登場した2つ目のAud音源で、今回はライブイントロなど極少々の採用。
・Src3・・・Mono Aud。2000年頃にコブラ盤Wrench In The Worksで初登場した3つ目のAud音源。今回のサブ音源。
・Src4・・・Mono Aud。今回初登場の新音源で本ライブ4つ目のAud音源。Disc3-4に本音源中心に編集したバージョンを収録したほか、Disc2、Disc5のにおいて上記3音源でフォローできない「胸いっぱい」-「ハートブレイカー」曲間を補填。








Disc1-2の編集についてですが、音質ベストのSrc1をメインに、サブソースにSrc3、その次にSrc2、さらに足りない箇所にSrc4の順序で編集。Src1は既発でもライブ序盤を中心に頻繁利用されるサウンドボードにも似た質感の高音質音源ですが、カットが多いのが特徴。今回のCD化にあたり、なるべくSrc1を引っ張り収録する編集を施しました。よってDisc1では例えば「Song Remain」序盤1分半ほどはSrc1で収録し、その後Src3に切り替わることになりますがSrc1を極力引っ張ったタイトルはTDOLZ以来(但しTDOLZではSrc2に接続)で実に20数年ぶりのケース。







Main Source: Source 1 (欠落をSrc3、2、4の順序で補填)

Disc 1 (58:32)
01. Introduction ★0:00-0:41 Src2で補填 ※出だしはコブラより長い(EVと同じ長さ)
02. Rock And Roll
03. Over The Hills And Far Away
04. Black Dog
05. Misty Mountain Hop
06. Since I’ve Been Loving You
07. Dancing Days
08. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
09. The Song Remains The Same ★1:31以降 Src3で補填
10. The Rain Song ★丸ごとSrc3

Disc 2 (75:11)
01. MC ★丸ごとSrc3
02. Dazed And Confused ★0:00-4:42 / 25:45-25:49 Src3で補填
03. Happiness Is A Warm Gun ★今回敢えてトラック分け
04. Stairway To Heaven
05. Whole Lotta Love ★13:05以降 Src3で補填 / 23:41以降(演奏後の曲間部) Src4で補填
06. Heartbreaker ★0:00-0:08 Src2で補填 / 0:08以降はSrc3


Main Source: Source 4(New Sourceメイン・欠落をSrc1、3、2、4の順序で補填)

Disc 3 (58:32)
01. Introduction ★0:00-0:41 Src2で補填
02. Rock And Roll ★0:00-2:11 / 2:26-2:31 / 2:41-2:48 Src1で補填
03. Over The Hills And Far Away
04. Black Dog
05. Misty Mountain Hop
06. Since I’ve Been Loving You ★3:11-3:24 Src1で補填
07. Dancing Days ★0:31-0:45 Src1をオーバーダブ
08. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp ★2:32以降 Src1で補填
09. The Song Remains The Same ★0:17 Src1をオーバーダブ
10. The Rain Song ★8:16以降(演奏後の曲間部) Src3で補填

Disc 4 (75:06)
01. MC ★Src3
02. Dazed And Confused ★0:00-0:16 Src3で補填 / 9:33-11:07 / 14:01-14:07 Src1で補填
/ 3:55-3:59 Src3でオーバーダブ / 14:32-14:36 Src1でオーバーダブ
03. Happiness Is A Warm Gun ★今回敢えてトラック分け
04. Stairway To Heaven ★1:03-6:45 Src1で補填
05. Whole Lotta Love ★0:06-0:10 / 19:24-19:40 Src1でオーバーダブ
06. Heartbreaker


Main Source: Soundboard (欠落をSrc1、3、4の順序で補填)

Disc 5 (75:08)
01. MC ★Src3
02. Dazed And Confused ★0:00-4:42 Src3で補填 / 4:42-5:12 Src1で補填
03. Happiness Is A Warm Gun ★今回敢えてトラック分け
04. Stairway To Heaven ★10:18以降(演奏後の曲間) Src1で補填
05. Whole Lotta Love ★0:00-6:22 Src1で補填 / 24:27以降(演奏後の曲間) Src4で補填
06. Heartbreaker ★7:58以降(演奏後のエンド部) Src3で補填

Graf Zeppelin. LZSC-026A-E

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