Kansas / Nagoya 1980 / 2CDR

Kansas / Nagoya 1980 / 2CDR / Uxbridge

Live at Nagoya-shi Kokaido , Nagoya , Japan 15th January 1980

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The legendary performance “MONOLITH JAPAN TOUR 1980” realized in the original lineup. Introducing the finest live album that vacuum-packed the scene.
Included in this work is the performance of “January 15, 1980: Nagoya City Assembly Hall”. First, let’s check the position of the show from the schedule at that time.

・ January 11: Osaka Festival Hall
・ January 13: Kyuden Memorial Gymnasium
・ January 14: Osaka Festival Hall
・ January 15: Nagoya City Assembly Hall [this work] ・ January 16: Nippon Budokan

Above, all 5 performances. The Nagoya performance of this work was the fourth performance just before heading to the highlight of Nippon Budokan. This work, which recorded such a show, is an extremely wonderful audience recording. The freshness of the CD directly from the original master is amazing, but the clearness and direct feeling are overwhelming. Anyway, it is very thick and super clear. It doesn’t make you feel the reaction of the venue, and the feeling of a straight ball as if you are listening to the PA is awesome. Although the enthusiasm of the scene is sucked in realistically, the performance sound is so intense that once the performance starts, it overruns everything and drowns it out. There are scenes that are too powerful and over-peak, but they are also momentary and only in a few places on the phone. Although it is actually an audience recording, it is a close-fitting sound that can only be described as a “sound board.”
And, the ensemble with a complicated feeling of close contact is beautifully drawn. Even in the American prog-rock band group, it’s extremely dramatic …. Speaking of KANSAS at that time, it’s the extreme of hard prog that is comparable to even RUSH. The outstanding ensemble rushes like a tsunami, never mixes, and each person stands out. It’s a vivid recording that makes you feel as if you are standing between the members and experiencing each other’s breathing sensations.
And the set is also perfect. It’s a great test hits that is similar to the official masterpiece “TWO FOR THE SHOW”, but “Down The Road”, “Child Of Innocence”, “Sparks Of The Tempest” are also inserted, and “MONOLITH” New songs will also be shown. “People of the South Wind” in the top 40, “On The Other Side” which is deep and profound, and “How My Soul Cries Out For You” which is extremely rare at that time. Immediately before reaching “AUDIO-VISIONS” where the needle changes easily. It’s a stage that summarizes their progressive era, and it’s a perfect show that the original members have arrived at.
Moreover, the taste of live in Japan is irreplaceable. After “Point of Know Return”, you can listen to the Japanese MC of “Welcome to Kansas!”, But the performance is even more amazing. Asia for the first time for them, who had only played in North America and Europe until then. Not only is the passion to prove their music in front of the waves of black hair for the first time in their life, but also the confidence that they have begun to get a response in the fourth performance. Although it is in its heyday, the whole story is dominated by a fresh mood that is unfamiliar.

Anyway, the legendary first visit to Japan left with a wonderfully direct and powerful sound. The quality of 1980 is unbelievable, and it is an original recording that vacuum-packed a masterpiece that can only be found in 1980. A superb live album that has jumped over the huge time barrier of 38 years. Please enjoy it to your heart’s content.

オリジナル・ラインナップで実現した伝説の来日公演“MONOLITH JAPAN TOUR 1980”。その現場を真空パックした極上ライヴアルバムが登場です。

・1月15日:名古屋市公会堂 【本作】

そして、セットも極めつけ。オフィシャルの大名盤『TWO FOR THE SHOW』にも通じるようなグレイテスト・ヒッツなわけですが、そこに「Down The Road」「Child Of Innocence」「Sparks Of The Tempest」も差し込まれ、さらに『MONOLITH』の新曲群も披露される。トップ40入りした「People of the South Wind」、深く重厚な「On The Other Side」、そして当時ならではの激レア「How My Soul Cries Out For You」。身軽に変針していく『AUDIO-VISIONS』に至る直前。彼らのプログレ時代を総括するようなステージであり、オリジナル・メンバーがたどり着いた極めつけのショウなのです。
しかも、ライヴ・イン・ジャパンの旨みは何物にも代え難い。「Point of Know Return」の後には「ようこそカンザスへ!」の日本語MCも聴けますが、それ以上に熱演ぶりが凄い。それまで北米・ヨーロッパでしか演奏したことのなかった彼らにとって初めてのアジア。生まれて初めて黒髪の波を前に自分達の音楽を証明していく情熱が溢れ出すだけでなく、4公演目で手応えを掴み始めた自信も滲む。全盛期でありつつ、手慣れ感のないフレッシュなムードが全編を支配しているのです。


Disc 1(44:45)
1. Song for America 2. People of the South Wind 3. Point of Know Return 4. On the Other Side
5. Closet Chronicles 6. The Wall 7. Dust in the Wind 8. Child of Innocence

Disc 2(46:07)
1. Down the Road 2. Portrait (He Knew) 3. Member Introduction 4. Sparks of the Tempest
5. Carry On Wayward Son 6. How My Soul Cries out for You 7. Drum Solo
8. How My Soul Cries out for You (reprise) 9. Magnum Opus

Steve Walsh – keyboards, lead and backing vocals Kerry Livgren – guitars, keyboards
Rich Williams – guitars Robby Steinhardt – violin, vocals Dave Hope – bass
Phil Ehart – drums

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