Led Zeppelin / A Live Adventure At The Fillmore West / 2CD With OBI Strip

Led Zeppelin / A Live Adventure At The Fillmore West / 2CD With OBI Strip / Wendy

Live At The Fillmore West San Francisco USA 10 Jan 1969. Digitally Remastered

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Led Zeppelin, whose predecessor was The Yardbirds, has been touring around Jimmy Page since 1968 and solidifying its shape as a band. The Yardbirds changed their name to New Yardbirds, and after a period of time, they called themselves Led Zeppelin as a completely new band. It was from the end of 1968 to the beginning of 1969 that he toured the United States for the first time with the release of his debut album. In the first place, the venue was held down as the Jeff Beck Group’s, but due to various circumstances it was not possible to perform, and Zeppelin was suddenly replaced by the same management. Even though it was 1968, the first day of the Denver performance was on December 26th, which was the end of the year, and it must have been a hectic one for the first US tour. However, Zeppelin put all his energy into live performances throughout his career, and even at this time, he had 36 performances until mid-February, and it is calculated that he stood on the stage almost without a break.

Prior to the tour, Peter Grant distributed the pre-release debut album “LED ZEPPELIN” to each radio station (the album was released on January 17th during the tour) to mobilize for this tour. From this first American tour, the event appeared on January 10, 1969 in Fillmore, the sanctuary of rock, and the four consecutive performances of Fillmore West, which is also famous for playing “For Your Love”. The stage of the second day is recorded. The stage that begins with “The Train Kept A Rollin” is a tremendous performance that fully condenses the charm of a youthful band, and is a masterpiece performance that blows everything away like a running Tenma. An enthusiastic performance that cannot be expressed in words. “As Long As I Have You” is also a wonderful perfection that will be handed down as an early masterpiece. In addition, big songs such as “Dazed And Confused” and “How Many More Times” continue, but he never gets tired of entering the world of performance. This is the feature of the early Zeppelin that runs with the momentum. It’s not about what’s good or what’s great, it’s all special and everything is overwhelming.

And what characterizes this day will be the final “For Your Love,” along with “The Train Kept A Rollin” and “White Summer,” which were the Yardbirds repertoire. A blues arrangement that is completely different from the original pop tune, with Robert’s vocals entwined in the background. Currently, there is no record that this song was performed on the Zeppelin stage other than this day, and of course there is only one take that can be heard here as a sound source. From this performance, which dared to change the arrangement, it is a valuable track that can tell the direction of the early Zeppelin, which had not yet debuted at this time.

In terms of content, it seems that this is almost a full stage, partly because it is an undercard appearance, and you can hear how he is playing with all his might in a small repertoire before the release of his debut album. In terms of sound quality, it can only be said that it is a miracle that the 1969 audience recording is left with such sound quality. It sounds awkward, but it’s a miracle that there was a person who was recording so well despite the new band who hadn’t made their debut at this point. As the title suggests, it is a miracle of Fillmore West.

前任者がヤードバーズだったレッド・ツェッペリンは、1968年からジミー・ペイジをツアーし、バンドとしての形を固めています。ヤードバーズは名前をニューヤードバーズに変更し、しばらくして、彼らは自分たちを完全に新しいバンドとしてレッドツェッペリンと呼びました。彼がデビューアルバムをリリースして初めてア​​メリカをツアーしたのは、1968年の終わりから1969年の初めまででした。そもそもジェフ・ベック・グループのように会場は抑えられていたが、様々な事情で演奏できず、突然ツェッペリンが同じ経営陣に交代した。 1968年でしたが、デンバー公演の初日は年末の12月26日で、初めてのアメリカツアーは忙しかったに違いありません。しかし、ツェッペリンはキャリアを通じて生演奏に全力を注いでおり、この時でも2月中旬まで36回の公演を行い、ほぼ休むことなくステージに立っていたと推定されています。

ツアーに先立ち、ピーター・グラントはプレリリースのデビューアルバム「LED ZEPPELIN」を各ラジオ局に配布し(アルバムはツアー中に1月17日にリリースされました)、このツアーに動員しました。この最初のアメリカツアーから、イベントは1969年1月10日にロックの聖域であるフィルモアで登場し、「ForYourLove」の演奏でも有名なフィルモアウェストの4回の連続公演が行われました。 2日目のステージが記録されます。 『The Train Kept A Rollin』から始まるステージは、若々しいバンドの魅力を存分に凝縮した驚異的なパフォーマンスであり、走る天満のようにすべてを吹き飛ばす傑作パフォーマンスです。言葉では言い表せない熱狂的なパフォーマンス。 「私があなたを持っている限り」もまた、初期の傑作として受け継がれる素晴らしい完璧さです。また、「DazedAndConfused」や「HowManyMore Times」などのビッグソングは続くが、パフォーマンスの世界に入るのに飽きることはない。これは、勢いで動く初期のゼッペリンの特徴です。何が良いのか、何が素晴らしいのかではなく、すべてが特別で、すべてが圧倒的です。

そして、この日を特徴づけるのは、ヤードバーズのレパートリーである「The Train Kept A Rollin」と「WhiteSummer」とともに、最後の「ForYourLove」です。ロバートのボーカルがバックグラウンドで絡み合った、オリジナルのポップチューンとは全く異なるブルースのアレンジ。現在、この曲がツェッペリンのステージで演奏されたという記録はこの日以外になく、もちろんここで音源として聴けるテイクは1曲だけです。あえてアレンジを変えたこの公演から、まだデビューしていない初期のツェッペリンの方向性を知ることができる貴重な曲です。


01. The Train Kept A Rollin
02. I Can’t Quit You Baby
03. As Long As I Have You
04. Dazed And Confused
05. How Many More Times

01. White Summer
02. Killing Floor
03. You Shook Me
04. Pat’s Delight
05. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
06. Communication Breakdown
07. For Your Love

Wendy. WECD-025/026

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