Paul McCartney & Wings / LA Forum 1976 1st Night / 2CD

Paul McCartney & Wings / LA Forum 1976 1st Night / 2CD / Non Label

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Live at the Forum, Inglewood, CA. USA 21st June 1976

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Wings’ over-America tour, which monopolized the topic of the American rock world in 1976, that Chiakakura was a three night continuous performance at that LA Forum. There is not such a suitable venue as the finale of the tour of the crowning group. Moreover, since it is the tour of the tour that attracted attention throughout the United States, it is Taikinakaku, so all sound sources also exist for three days. On the second day there is quite a good sound quality audience recording, and in addition to the “WINGS FROM THE WINGS” sound source released as a gift item this time on the last day, Mike Millard’s A blessed situation that exists even to sound sources. However, only on the first day there are only audience recordings with poor sound quality that can not be compared with other days.
This sound source is also easy to obtain on the Internet in recent years, and there are not a few maniacs who are extinguished by the poor sound actually. In the meantime, the sound was far away and the mania had crushed the hiss noise with intensive equalization when spreading it on the net, as if the sound was heard from the aquarium or the aquarium, it was in a state of hearing . By the time the 21st century ceased, there was a label that released such CD-R of Clapton with such equalization, but if you think so, you can imagine how poor and unnatural the sound quality was .

Even so, although the sound source of the first day was finally realized by the appearance of the item that set the LA three days last year, the press CD implementation has been realized, but if you consider the badness of this sound, it can only be said to be aggressive. Although it was the first day of the LA Forum which had only so much a quality sound source, this time also the maniac who went to see the show of the day that day in 1976 from Japan wrote it! Pictures taken from the audience on the day were affixed to the cassette label released at the time of this release, and it is said that he was surely witnessing the first day of the LA Forum. Are not you envious of anything?
Therefore, it is a new excavation audience recording that captured the first day of the LA Forum released at the limited press CD this time with the San Diego performances this time. However, the sound quality is inferior to that of San Diego, and since it is a texture sticky overall, it is fact that it is for maniacs. Nevertheless, it is also a fact that it is a level that can not be compared with the sound source which has been circulating in the past so that it can be heard as music. The contours of the performance were so blurred that the earlier sound sources did not know what they were doing. The difference between it and this is the sound source of this time. Rather, a typical analog boot tick sound quality will make you feel even nostalgic.
Also there is a problem that two songs of Encore are not recorded from the end of “Opening” Venus And Mars “and” Band On The Run “, and in this release, compensation using the previous sound source was actually tried It was. However, because it is that villainy sound quality, using it for the missing part makes it harder to hear. As there is no other sound source, it is easier to hear it by editing featuring only this sound source without compensating more … It is a translation that led to such a conclusion. Especially since there are fewer defects than San Diego in the first place.
Thanks to scenes of member introductions (at this time the horn section was introduced with BGM) and “Letting Go”, scenes and songs that were not heard in San Diego are high in points.

To my best the performance and the excitement of the venue are truly amazing. Although it is indeed a rough and quality monaural and audience recording, it is in a state where you can listen to the performance much more than the previous sound source, so you can feel the special excitement and the greatest wings of wings. On the contrary, this day when the venue welcomes wings, the day will be the best excitement without any multiplication in the three days of the LA Forum, as well as being the best among the over and america tours. Even so, the advantage of this sound source is that the performance will not be drowned out.
Just because he introduces Jimmy · McCulloch ‘s song “Medicine Jar” song, how much this day’ s excitement is amazing is the voice that is similar to screaming. Then the reactions of new songs and wings and numbers are also amazing. This is the realistic feeling unique to the live group of the active group who got the peak of popularity in 1976. Paul also obviously hustled before such excitement, and it is a pleasant scene that the audience sings singing of the American national anthem in front of a crying point “Yesterday” from tears of tears for the audience (this is the scene seen also in Atlanta etc ) Is seen, and the response when singing “Yesterday” from there is tremendous again.
And while “Richard Cory” of the acoustic corner was the last day of the LA Forum, Denny Rain sang the song title “John Denver” to crowd the audience, whereas this day changed to “Harry Nilsson” It is also interesting to be there.
Although it is surely coarse sound quality audience recording, the obvious value of the first day of the LA Forum, which had been literally buried in veil literally due to bad sound, is too high. Thanks to that, I became able to hear clearly the scenes mentioned so far. By the way, the first day of the LA forum is June 21st. On the same day a year later, another British band was playing a spectacular performance at the LA Forum (= Eddie’s Day), but one year ago Paul led Wings, performing the best performance That will be clarified by this sound source!

1976年のアメリカのロック界の話題を独占したウイングスのオーバー・アメリカ・ツアー、その千秋楽はあのLAフォーラムにおける三夜連続公演でした。絶頂を迎えたグループのツアーのフィナーレとしてこれほど相応しい会場はありません。しかも全米中の注目を浴びたツアーの千秋楽ですので、三日間すべての音源も存在しています。二日目はなかなか良好な音質のオーディエンス録音が存在しますし、最終日に関しては今回ギフト・アイテムとしてリリースされる「WINGS FROM THE WINGS」音源に加え、近年はすっかりメジャーになったマイク・ミラードの音源まで存在する恵まれた状況。ところが初日に限って他の日とは比べ物にならないほど劣悪な音質のオーディエンス録音しか存在しないとは。

またこちらはオープニングの「Venus And Mars」と「Band On The Run」の終盤からアンコールの二曲が未収録という問題があり、今回のリリースに際しては先の音源を使った補填も実際に試みられました。ところがあの極悪音質ですので、欠損箇所にそれを使うとむしろ聞き辛くなってしまう。他の音源が存在しない以上、いっそのこと補填なしに今回の音源のみをフィーチャーした編集で行った方がずっと聞きやすい…そういった結論に至った訳です。そもそも欠損箇所はサンディエゴよりも少ないのだからなおさら。
おかげでメンバー紹介の場面(この頃になるとホーン・セクションをBGM付きで紹介していた)や「Letting Go」といった、サンディエゴでは聞かれなかった場面や曲まで収められているのがポイント高い。

どれほどこの日の盛り上がりが凄いかって、ジミー・マカロックが歌う「Medicine Jar」の曲名を彼が紹介しただけでも絶叫にも似た声が上がるほどなのです。そうなると新曲やウイングス・ナンバーの反応も凄まじいばかり。これが1976年に人気の頂点を極めた現役グループのライブならではの臨場感というもの。そんな盛り上がりを前にポールも明らかにハッスルしており、観客にとって感涙からの号泣ポイントたる「Yesterday」の前ではアメリカ国歌のさわりを歌ってじらすという愉快な場面(これはアトランタなどでも見られた光景)がみられ、そこから「Yesterday」を歌い出した時の反応がまた凄まじい。
そしてアコースティック・コーナーの「Richard Cory」がLAフォーラム最終日だとデニー・レインが曲名を「ジョン・デンバー」と歌って観客を沸かせていたのに対し、この日は「ハリー・ニルソン」と変えているのがまた面白い。


Disc 1 (57:44)
1. Rock Show 2. Jet 3. Let Me Roll It 4. Spirits of Ancient Egypt 5. Medicine Jar
6. Maybe I’m Amazed 7. Call Me Back Again 8. Lady Madonna 9. The Long and Winding Road
10. Live and Let Die 11. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me) 12. Richard Cory
13. Bluebird 14. I’ve Just Seen a Face

Disc 2 (57:43)
1. Blackbird 2. Yesterday 3. You Gave Me the Answer 4. Magneto and Titanium Man
5. Go Now 6. My Love 7. Listen to What the Man Said 8. Let ‘Em In
9. Time to Hide 10. Silly Love Songs 11. Beware My Love 12. Band Introduction
13. Letting Go 14. Band on the Run

Paul McCartney – vocals, bass guitar, guitar, piano Linda McCartney – vocals, keyboards
Denny Laine – vocals, guitar, bass, piano Jimmy McCulloch – vocals, guitar, bass
Joe English – vocals, drums, percussion

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