Led Zeppelin / Live In Japan 1971 / 6CD

Led Zeppelin / Live In Japan 1971 / 6CD / Non Label
Live at Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan 29th September 1971

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This time, it is called “929” because it is shabby, but the first day in Osaka on the first day in Japan, where ZEP mania in Japan can easily understand which performance is based on only those numbers. Since the LP era, ZEP has built an unwavering position as a great source that will convey to the future that ZEP has had a spectacular show in Japan. Not only on this day, but for the first visit to Japan performances, it has been testified that performances other than Hiroshima were recorded on a multitrack by a record company, and for 929, the sound source of the multi-recording which finally became holy cup finally finally unearthed What I called was a new place in my memory.
It was a shocking sound source, but it was a monophonic sound quality, and it is regrettable that the content was far from complete recording.

As a result, the value of the 929 sound source, which has conventionally been called sound board recording, is not faded. Unlike multi-track sound sources, this one has a distinctive balance such as “the sound of the drums is loud”, “pick up Bonso conversations” and “the plant and page conversations can be heard well in the acoustic part”. A sound source that is presumed to have been recorded by drawing a line from a microphone placed on the stage as the center. However, the cheers of the audience are also picked up with good salted plum, and it is not a kind of console-connected sound board by any means. After all it is the sound recording state that it is the sound source recorded by the original setting.

By the way, the era of this sound source and LP was a situation where OG board and copy board derived from it were full. However, the presence value of substream items that convey the seriousness of this sound source and the performance of 929 in place of the OG board which can not be obtained casually is enough, and this sound source is actually heard in titles other than the OG board There are a lot of people. As an exceptional existence other than them, “DAZE AND CONFUSED” was excavated on the UFO label acetate board “LIVE IN JAPAN 1971 UN-RELEASED VERSION”, and the full-length version of “Black Dog” was revealed while the cut was in addition became. However, this item was acetate, and the whole film was mono-clad.

Another compilation “UNBURIED DEAD ZEPPO’S GRAVE” made it clear that ZEP’s only live version of “Friends” was shown in the compilation LP, and additionally, the plant uttered the passage of “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” of Platters I also heard the scene that was out.
And since 1989, suitable for the beginning of the CD era, the excavation of the 929 full-length version proceeds. I could hear all the songs played on this day until 1993. Especially the appearance of the new song “Rock And Roll” before the release, which was played last in the last, was in a state of being monaural, but the same song was played in Japan, and it was recorded in the conventional sound source familiar to mania The point that became clear was shocking enough.

Beginning with the LP “YOU SHOCKME” in 1989, the excavation of parts not heard in OG and UFO was very groundbreaking in terms of content, but had major problems in sound quality. It was ironic. The sound quality has fallen to such an extent that it can not be compared with the OG board anyway, and the level of hiss noise is large. It seems that there was a danger that such a bad condition would have been noticed at the beginning of the sound worse than the excavation of a new part. On the contrary, in the 90’s, only such poor sound quality versions were gaining in breadth, and in the end it was not unfortunate that CD-quality items appeared.

There is no sign of catching up with the OG board level after the 21st century, and finally, multi-source editing boards such as NIGHT HAWK board with the main LP will appear. At the moment, the concept of putting together the 929 and the OG board was very revolutionary.

At the same time, however, the low-source version of the 929 sound source was finally spreading among the sound source trades activated by the appearance of the CD-R, especially among ZEP traders in Japan. In other words, the sound quality deteriorated sound source of the 90’s was the result of the generation of a version that fell off the generation via overseas in the era of sound source trade by cassette. In that respect, the version here was a sound source derived from within Japan, so the situation improved dramatically compared to the 90’s version. Soon after, riding the wave of sound source trading on the net, the 929 low gene version fled to the world and became the source of several items.

However, the item based on the better copy of the tone quality that surpasses even such a low generation version appears in 10 years ago from now. And in the 2010s, based on this version, there is also a feeling that the focus has been on how many different sources can compensate for the defect. However, there are items where equalization of parts of the Low Generation 929 version is not working well, and there are also items where compensation by another sound source has been blurred, and the situation where the sweetness of stuffing remains by all means continues. I wonder if it was not the current situation.

It is this item that appeared there. The main thing is that the collector provided a master of Better Copy, which has been used for CD items over the last decade. This version of 929 is not as fresh as an OG board, but instead it features a crisp bass with the word whammy fit perfectly, and a stereo feeling with a higher degree of separation than the OG board. The charm of this sound source that still reproduces one of the ultimate performances in ZEP live history with real force more than multitrack recording before all sound quality still shines still.

In this release, it is limited to conservative equalization, and there is no mane to suppress roughness and noise more than necessary. As for the already-released board, quiet parts such as the middle of “Heartbreaker” and the intro of “Dazed And Confused” are equalized to give a metallic texture like melamella, Hulhüll, or hiss noise is increased due to equalization, but this time Unlike them, they are extremely mild and ear-friendly. The finish is worthy to be called the definitive version even with this listening comfort. However, the highlight of this release, it is in the thorough adjustment of the missing part that is occurring in this sound source!

One of the most famous cut points of this sound source is “Black Dog” and so on. Rather, it is a cut after the winging section of “Dazed And Confused” (CD time around 15:03-15:15), which was thought to have been done just by diverting from UFO acetate until now, but here in seconds In the audience recording is diverted and finished to the true longest version. Another famous cut “Pennies from Heaven” part of the same song is also a defect that requires hybrid supplementation of both acetate and audience, but even if you try to connect the existing items, if they are not correct due to the deviation of each pitch There were many. However, since it corrects after correct with either correct pitch this time, it is not a comparison with the existing one. Speaking of the pitch, the 929 sound source itself also corrects the pitch that was fluctuating in “Immigrant Song”.

It is natural that I did a thorough compensation and the re-examination of the adopted sound source for such work. Above all, there were many diversions from the NIGHT HAWK board, such as UFO acetate part, but this time it was compensated again after digitizing from rare acetate, and various audience recordings were not from the net Use the version provided by all collectors.

Furthermore, the master cassette of the nostalgic MUD DOG “IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME” was obtained for the live-finished parts of the finalized parts, and it was digitized with the current technology 25 years later, and the sound quality was higher than at that time It is also a big point to realize the recording. That flat and rough monaural part was thick and deep. Of course there is no bubble noise that has been seen in the past, and this part has a bonus recording of the unedited version on another disc.

We use various audience recordings positively for deficit except music and performance part. The thorough compensation is natural from the part before the band appearance first, as you refer to the separate section. It is the longest recording of the scene which asks for an encore from “Communication Breakdown” to “Organ Solo” starting after all. Certainly it may be a enthusiastic editorial, but it is impressive enough as a document that captures the audience who is so enthusiastic that they do not seem to be a Japanese concert venue in 1946.

In this way, the 929 Best Version, which was compiled with detailed and careful editing, is stored on the first three discs, and the remaining three contain only the main part of the 929 sound source that has become the main part. It goes without saying that this proves that the 929 body is a definitive version that is not a simple, pre-production copy, but when listening to the resumption of recording from “Black Dog” or “Dazed And Confused”, The famous legend about this recording, the episode “Peter Grant stopped recording when coming close”, is felt very realistic. Furthermore, since this was not equalized, it was limited to pitch correction and shortening of some silent parts, so it is also ideal as a sample of the 929 sound source. And above all, are there any other sound sources that would rather enjoy the recording of the cut part?


【wrap up】

★ September 29, 1971 Osaka performance the second day performance.

Direct recording of treasured stereo SB tapes brought from Kansai collectors.
Realizing the first pseudo-nonstop perfect recording as the title of stereo SB main including the interval between songs by the mastering of the whole body!

The cut part (3 places) which failed to be compensated by the already released board is newly compensated this time, and furthermore, full use of Aud sound source and Encore waiting part is also completely recorded!

The first three cards are fully edited by editing! The last three images are recorded in the state of not being compensated for the stereo SB tape adopted in the main this time!

★ A familiar stereo SB tape is used as a main, and the missing parts are complemented and edited by making full use of sub SB Mono, analog OG board, or several Aud sound sources, achieving pseudo complete recording!
The materials used for the compensation are not all for the net and for “already-used CDs”.
This time, OG LP and acetate board SB Mono sound source are all newly digitized from the actual item.
The SB MONO tape sound source used in “Whole Lotta Love” and later is a new digitized sound source from a cassette tape that was once used in “It’s Been A Long Time” (1CD) of Mud Dogs Records.
Aud sound source (4 types) is also not from the net but from the tape.
Since the best material at the moment is used at the present time, and detailed compensation editing has been done compared to the previous issue, it will definitely be the definitive board as an item with the SB stereo tape as the main.


[Sound source arrangement]

Soundboard Stereo 1 … This is the stereo SB of the tape source recorded on the main screen.
Speaking of the definitive edition SB of 929, it was this sound for a while.It has a thick bass range and is natural but it is characterized by its stereo panning being bold.

Soundboard Stereo 2 … familiar OG
It is stereo SB of LP record board.It is thought that the tape is not in circulation by the clear sound of preeminent freshness.
Above stereo SB tape
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さてこの音源、LPの時代はOG盤と、そこから派生したコピー盤だらけという状況でありました。しかし気軽に手に入れられないOG盤の代わりに本音源と929の演奏の凄まじさを伝えてくれた亜流アイテムの存在価値は十分にあり、実際にOG盤以外のタイトルでこの音源を聞かれた人も多いのでは。それら以外の例外的存在としてUFOレーベルのアセテート盤「LIVE IN JAPAN 1971 UN-RELEASED VERSION」にて「DAZE AND CONFUSED」が発掘され、さらにはカットが入りつつも「Black Dog」の全長版が明らかになりました。もっとも、このアイテムはアセテートだった上に全編がモノラルというオチがついたのですが。

もう一つ「UNBURIED DEAD ZEPPO’S GRAVE」というコンピLPで「Friends」のZEP史上唯一のライブバージョンを披露していたことが明らかとなり、おまけにプラントがプラターズの「Smoke Gets In Your Eyes」の一節を口ずさんでいた場面も聞けました。
そして1989年からはCD時代の幕開けに相応しく、929全長版の発掘が進みます。1993年までの間でこの日演奏されたすべての曲が聞けるようになりました。中でも最後に演奏されたリリース前の新曲「Rock And Roll」の登場はモノラル化していた状態が惜しまれましたが、日本で同曲が演奏され、マニアが親しんできた従来の音源に収録されていたことが明らかとなった点は十分に衝撃的だったのです。

1989年のLP「YOU SHOCKME」を皮切りに始まった、OGやUFOで聞かれなかったパートの発掘は内容面において非常に画期的だった半面、音質面においては大きな問題を抱えていたのが皮肉でした。何しろOG盤とは比べ物にならないほど音質が落ちており、ヒスノイズのレベルは盛大なもの。こうした状態の悪さが災いし、当初は新たなパートの発掘よりも音の悪さの方で注目されてしまったきらいがあったように思われます。それどころか90年代はそうした音質の悪いバージョンだけが幅を利かせることになってしまい、結局CDに相応しいクオリティのアイテムが登場することは叶いませんでした。

21世紀を迎えてからもOG盤レベルに追いつく気配はなく、遂にはLPをメインとしたNIGHT HAWK盤のような複数ソース編集盤が登場する事態となります。今となってはOG盤をメインにして929をまとめ上げるといったコンセプトは非常に画期的でした。




今回のリリースに当たっては控えめなイコライズにとどめており、粗さやノイズを必要以上に抑えてしまうようなマネは一切されていません。既発盤は「Heartbreaker」の中間や「Dazed And Confused」のイントロといった静音部がイコライズによってメラメラ、ヒュルヒュルと金属的な質感が漂ったり、あるいはヒスノイズが強まってシャーシャーいってましたが、今回はそれらと違って極めてマイルドで耳に優しい仕上がりとなっている。この聞き心地だけでも決定版と呼ぶに相応しい仕上がり。ところが今回のリリースにおける目玉、それは本音源に生じている欠損部の徹底したアジャストにあるのです!

この音源の一番有名なカットポイントの一つ「Black Dog」などは当たり前。むしろ今まではUFOアセテートからの流用だけで済んだと思われていた「Dazed And Confused」のボウイング・セクション終了後(CDタイム15:03-15:15付近)のカットですが、ここでは秒単位でオーディエンス録音まで流用して真の最長版へと仕上げています。同曲もう一つの有名なカット箇所「Pennies from Heaven」パートもアセテートとオーディエンス両方のハイブリッド補填が求められる欠損ですが、既発アイテムはいざ繋げてみても、それぞれのピッチの狂いまで正せていない場合が多かった。しかし今回はどちらの正確なピッチで正した上で補填していますので、既発とは比べ物になりません。ピッチと言えば929音源本体でも「Immigrant Song」で変動していたピッチをしっかり補正。

こうした作業に向けて徹底的な補填と採用音源の洗い直しを行ったのは当然のこと。中でもUFOアセテートのパートなど、既発盤はNIGHT HAWK盤からの流用が多かったのですが、今回は改めてレアなアセテートからデジタル化した上で補填しましたし、各種オーディエンス録音に関してもネットからではなく、すべてコレクターから提供されたバージョンを使用。

さらにはライブ終盤のモノ化したパートに関しては懐かしのMUD DOG「IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME」のマスターカセットを入手、それを25年が経過した現在の技術でデジタル化したところ、当時よりも高音質な収録を実現させているのも大きなポイントでしょう。あの平坦で粗かったモノラル・パートに厚みと深みが出たのです。既発で見られたプチプチノイズも今回はもちろんなし。しかもこのパートは別のディスクに未編集版をボーナス収録しておきました。

楽曲や演奏部分以外の欠損には各種オーディエンス録音を積極的に使用。その徹底した補填は別項を参照いただくとして、まずバンド登場前のパートからして既発よりナチュラル。何と言っても「Communication Breakdown」から「Organ Solo」が始まるまでのアンコールを求める場面を最長収録。確かにマニアックな編集かも知れませんが、昭和46年の日本のコンサート会場とは思えないほど熱狂する観客を捉えたドキュメントとして十分に感動的。

こうして実に緻密で行き届いた編集でまとめた929ベストバージョンを最初の三枚のディスクに収め、残りの三枚にはメインパートとなった929音源本体だけを収録。これによって929本体が安直な既発コピーでない決定版であることが証明できるというのはもちろんですが、「Black Dog」や「Dazed And Confused」での録音停止から再開の様を聞いていると、この録音に関する有名な伝説である「ピーター・グラントが近づいてくると録音を止めた」というエピソードがとてもリアルに感じられるのです。さらにこちらはイコライズを施さず、ピッチ補正といくつかの無音部の短縮だけにとどめましたので、929音源本体の標本としても最適。そして何より録音しそびれたカット箇所がむしろ楽しめてしまう音源なんて、他にありますか?







★お馴染みのステレオSBテープをメインに、足りない箇所はサブのSB MonoやアナログOG盤、またはAud音源数種を駆使して補填編集し、疑似完全収録を実現!
今回はOG LPやアセテート盤 SB Mono音源は全て現物から新たにデジタル化したものです。
「Whole Lotta Love」以降で使用されるSB MONOテープ音源はかつてMud Dogs Recordsの『It’s Been A Long Time』(1CD)で使用されたとされるカセットテープからの新規デジタル化音源です。



Soundboard Stereo 1・・・今回メインで収録されているテープソースのステレオSB。

Soundboard Stereo 2・・・お馴染みOG

Soundboard Mono 1・・・サンキューの終盤からR&RをSBで唯一してるのがこのSB Mono テープ。
今回過去にMud Dogs盤で使用されたとされるカセットテープからの採用。
Mud Dogs盤当時と比べ、デジタル技術の進化もあり音の厚みと深みが違います!

Soundboard Mono 2・・・アセテート盤で、幻惑一部や黒犬の演奏後の曲間部に本盤のみSB収録の部分あり、重宝される。今回アセテート盤からダイレクトにデジタル化し補填に使用(※今回初CD化パートもあり)。

Aud Source 1・・・H-Bomb、TDOLZでお馴染みのステレオAud。以前は唯一全長収録された音とされていましたが、近年の調査により移民からモビーディック迄がこの録音であると是正されました。

Aud Source 2・・・TDOLZ、スコルピオなどでお馴染みのモノラルAudで、ライブ開始前のイントロ部分からモビーディック途中まで(天国、セレブは未収)を中心に収録した録音で、音質的にはAud音源の中でベストなのが本音源。今回もAud音源を使用する際は最優先で用いられている。

Aud Source 3・・・H-Bomb、TDOLZ、スコルピオなどでコミュニケーションから終盤で使用されていたモノラルAudで、かつてはソース1と見なされていたもの。


Aud Source 4・・・H-Bomb、TDOLZ、スコルピオなどで「胸いっぱい-」部分で使用されていたステレオ音源。


Complete Version

Disc 1 (67:28)
1. Introduction ★0:00-4:07 Aud2
2. Immigrant Song
3. Heartbreaker
4. Since I’ve Been Loving You
5. Black Dog ★1:21-1:47 Aud2 / 5:53-5:56(演奏後) 初のアセテートSB Monoでの補填(※既発は全てAud補填)

6. Dazed And Confused ★15:03-15:15 アセテートSB Mono+Aud1(※既発盤はここで欠落あり) / 22:59-23:07 アセテートSB Mono
/23:07-23:44 Aud1 / 28:23-30:34 アセテートSB Mono / 30:34-31:08 Aud1
/32:00-32:04(演奏後) Aud3(※既発盤は未補填)

Disc 2 (73:12)
1. MC
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Celebration Day
4. That’s The Way ★3:02-3:28Aud2
5. Going To California ★5:21-5:47 Aud2
6. Tangerine
7. Friends
8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
9. What Is And What Should Never Be ★3:39-4:03
10. Moby Dick ★2:22-6:04 OG LP盤 / 6:04-11:49 Aud2

Disc 3 (65:58)
1. MC
2. Whole Lotta Love ★5:52-6:31 Aud4 / 19:07-21:14 SB Mono / 21:14-21:16 Aud3(※既発盤は欠落あり) / 21:16-22:17 SB Mono / 22:17-23:02 Aud4 / 29:36-31:29 OG LP盤
3. Communication Breakdown


4. Organ Solo
5. Thank You ★4:57以降 SB Mono
6. Rock And Roll ★丸ごとSB Mono (1:48-2:15Aud1補填)



Unedited Version

Disc 4 (58:44)
1. Immigrant Song
2. Heartbreaker
3. Since I’ve Been Loving You
4. Black Dog
5. Dazed And Confused

Disc 5 (61:59)
1. MC
2. Stairway To Heaven
3. Celebration Day
4. That’s The Way
5. Going To California
6. Tangerine
7. Friends
8. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
9. What Is And What Should Never Be
10. Moby Dick

Disc 6 (63:39)
1. MC
2. Whole Lotta Love
3. Communication Breakdown
4. Organ Solo
5. Thank You ★カットアウト

Bonus Tracks: Mono Soundboard
※本編で使用されたSB MonoのNo EQマスターからの収録

6. Organ Solo ★イントロカットイン
7. Thank You
8. Rock And Roll ★曲中カットあり

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