Kiss / Rockford 1982 New Years Eve / 2CDR

Kiss / Rockford 1982 New Years Eve / 2CDR / Shades

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Live at Metro Center, Rockford, IL. USA 31st December 1982

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“CREATURES OF THE NIGHT TOUR / 10 TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR 1982-1983” which was the last tour of the make-up era with Vinnie Vincent. The valuable live album is upgraded. It is contained in this work “Rockford Performance December 31, 1982”. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the tour whole picture.

· December 29 – 31: North America # 1a (3 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
· January 1 – February 4: North America # 1 b (23 performances)
· February 1 – March 1: North America # 2 (12 performances)
· March 9 – April 3: North America # 3 (15 shows)
· June 18 – 25: South America (3 performances)

Over all, 56 performances. Tour start is for 1982, but it is only three performances at the end of the year. Continuous performances are organized as it is until the beginning of the year, and the real is “Tour of 1983”. Meanwhile, the rockfield performance of this work was a New Year ‘s Eve concert in 1982, it was a very early stage of tour 3 performances.
This work, which contains such a show, is an extremely wonderful audience album with precious preciousness. Recording has been called “as if it is a sound board” for a while, but it is remastered by overseas Coremania. It is one that raised it to a more vivid sound. In fact, it is clear clear sound that flows out of this work. There is no difference in the audience recording that sucked in real enthusiasm, but the venue reverberation is hardly felt, the core of the musical sound comes out and jumps in. Vinnie’s virtue, which is the point of this tour, is also brilliant and clearer at the edge. What is amazing beyond such a guitar is vocal. Although it seems that there is some distance from the bass of the bass dra, the distance is not felt in the vocal, and it is clear to one word of the lyrics clearly. It is a direct singing voice like a sound board, together with the clearness without echo.
Drawing with such a clear sound is valuable and a first performance of new-born KISS. Of course, the large song of the 70’s is the axis, but there is a new song group of heavy metallic ‘CREATURES OF THE NIGHT’ shining. Fifty songs which are more than half of the album are played and fresh anyhow. “Creatures Of The Night” and “I Still Love You” are also delicious, but the precious thing is “Rock And Roll Hell”! Although it can be said as a hidden masterpiece co-worked with Brian Adams and Jim Valence, the first three performances were played on this tour. This work is the last performance. As a matter of fact, although it has been replayed several times in 1995 and 2016, still whether there are ten times in total. That’s what I can hear with Vinnie’s guitar, the originator.
In addition, this work is wonderful that the real presence that witnessed such fresh KISS is also wonderful. The enthusiasm of the site is also inhaled clearly, and the scent of “1982” is really real. That enthusiasm is also honest and refreshing, and it is really pleasant. Currently “CREATURES OF THE NIGHT” is also a popular album for the no-make era, but at the time the chart was struggling. However, the enthusiasm contained in this work is like a lie at all. Even if it makes a nearby voice, I do not talk with my friends separately, I am amazed at one song and give me full cheers. Enjoy KISS ‘s show all the while, keep an eye on the stage for a moment … … Such a mood will come out from the speaker.

A new-born KISS who took in heavy metal and started running for re-break in the 1980s. It is a masterpiece that draws the 3 performances that become the start dash with vivid sound. Ultra precious “Rock And Roll Hell” is featured, but it is a live album of a huge ass that can not be fitted so much alone. Please, enjoy it.


ヴィニー・ヴィンセントを迎え、メイクアップ時代(当時)最後のツアーとなった“CREATURES OF THE NIGHT TOUR/10TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR 1982-1983”。その貴重なライヴアルバムがアップグレードで登場です。本作に収められているのは「1982年12月31日ロックフォード公演」。まずは、ショウのポジションをツアー全体像から確認してみましょう。


それほどのクリア・サウンドで描かれるのは、貴重にして初々しい新生KISSの熱演。もちろん、70年代の大代表曲が軸となるわけですが、そこにヘヴィメタリックな『CREATURES OF THE NIGHT』の新曲群が輝く。アルバムの半数以上となる5曲が演奏されており、とにかくフレッシュ。「Creatures Of The Night」「I Still Love You」といったところも美味しいものの、猛烈に貴重なのは「Rock And Roll Hell」! ブライアン・アダムスやジム・ヴァランスと共作した隠れ名曲とも言えるナンバーですが、このツアーで演奏されたのは最初の3公演のみ。本作は、その最後の演奏なのです。実のところ、1995年や2016年にも数回再演されてはいるものの、それでも合計で10回あるかどうか。それがオリジネイターであるヴィニーのギターで聴けるわけです。
さらに、本作はそんなフレッシュなKISSを目の当たりにした臨場感も素晴らしい。現場の熱狂もクリアに吸い込んでおり、“1982年”の薫りが実にリアルなのです。その熱狂がまた素直で清々しく、実に気持ちいい。現在では『CREATURES OF THE NIGHT』もノーメイク時代の呼び水として人気のあるアルバムですが、当時のチャートでは苦戦していた。ところが、本作に封じ込まれた熱狂はそれがまったくウソのよう。近くの声にしても別に友達と話し込むこともなく、1曲1曲に驚喜し、全力の声援を贈っている。KISSのショウを心底楽しみ、一瞬もステージから目を離せない……そんなムードがスピーカーから吹き出してくるのです。

ヘヴィメタルを取り込み、80年代の再ブレイクに向けて走り出した新生KISS。そのスタートダッシュとなる3公演目を鮮やかなサウンドで描ききった名作です。超貴重な「Rock And Roll Hell」が目玉ではありますが、とてもそれだけでは収まりきらない激アツのライヴアルバム。どうぞ、存分にお楽しみください。

Disc 1(47:46)
1. Intro. 2. Creatures Of The Night 3. Strutter 4. Calling Dr. Love 5. Firehouse
6. I Love It Loud 7. Cold Gin 8. War Machine 9. I Want You 10. Vinnie Vincent Solo
11. Rock And Roll Hell

Disc 2(52:25)
1. Shout It Out Loud 2. I Still Love You 3. Gene Simmons Solo 4. God Of Thunder
5. Eric Carr Solo 6. Love Gun 7. Paul Stanley Solo 8. Black Diamond
9. Rock And Roll All Nite 10. Detroit rock City

Gene Simmons – Bass, Vocal Paul Stanley – Guitar, Vocal
Eric Carr – Drums, Vocal Vinnie Vincent – Guitar

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