Kiss / Download 2008 / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR

Kiss / Download 2008 / 1DVD+1Bonus DVDR / Zodiac

Download Festival, Donington, UK 13th June 2008 Plus Ltd Bonus DVDR “Download 2008 Multi Cam”. Audience Recording / Stereo SBD

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In commemoration of the 35th anniversary of the formation, KISS in 2008 held a large-scale tour “ALIVE 35 WORLD TOUR” after a long absence. Introducing a full video (with the finest sound board) that allows you to experience the highlight performance in a superb view.
The highlight performance is “June 13, 2008: Donington Park Performance”. It is a transcendental audience shot when appearing in the UK’s largest rock festival “DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL”. KISS first visited Donington in 1988 during the MONSTERS OF ROCK era, and this work was also the third sacred place performance on its 20th anniversary.
Also, the 35th anniversary tour is left on the official live album “ALIVE 35”, but this work can be said to be the video version. To explain what that means, let’s look back at the schedule at the time and confirm the position of the show.

● 2008
・ March 16-22: Oceania (4 performances)
・ May 9-June 28: Europe (30 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
・ August 4-31: North America # 1 (4 performances)
● 2009
・ April 3-17: South America (7 performances)
・ June 27-July 28: North America # 2 (10 performances)
・ September 25-October 5: North America # 3a (8 performances)
<< October 6th, “SONIC BOOM” released >>
・ October 7th-December 13th: North America # 3b (39 performances)

This is the 2008/2009 KISS. This work is the 21st performance of “Europe” arranged in the first half of the tour. As a matter of fact, the official edition “ALIVE 35” was also produced from the Stockholm performance of the “Europe” leg, and this work is a show two weeks later. This work shot on such a stage is an extraordinary super high quality image. As I mentioned at the beginning, the official sound board is also used for audio, but even that is only a small part of the appeal. Anyway, it is a superb view where you want to line up “super” in a row, and there are plenty of direct shots of the members so that you do not know the shooting position. It should be a certain distance because it is high enough to meet the members without looking up (Donington Park has a stage at the bottom of the slope, and because it is set up like a natural Coliseum, it gets higher and easier to see as you go back) However, the zoom feels like the distance of the 10th row. Furthermore, the sense of stability that clearly uses a tripod is also outstanding. I shake the camera left and right with the zoom that fills the screen with the half of Jean and Paul, but I don’t feel any camera shake. It is a marvelous image whose visibility does not change even if you follow the highlights violently.
This alone is amazing, but what is even more surprising is another voice. I wrote earlier that “the sound board” mo “has been adopted”, but in fact, in addition to the finest sound board, the original sound from the camera itself is also recorded, which is also amazing sound quality. It’s so crazy that “Which is the sound board?” Of course, the sound of clapping is close, and the loud cheers create a super-realistic sense of presence between songs. However, the essential performance sound and singing voice are very thick and close. It doesn’t appear on the screen, but it’s probably right next to the PA towers set up in various parts of the venue. The sound is picked up directly without any reverberant component only outdoors. In terms of sound quality, even at the sound board level, the sense of presence is 100% real … In fact, it is a super delicious sound that makes you want to listen to it in the main with the sound board aside.
What is drawn with such visual beauty is a full show where you can experience the daimyo board “ALIVE!” On-site. As a matter of fact, the set is very similar (the song order is different) because it is two weeks after “ALIVE 35”. However, since it is also a video work, let’s organize it while comparing it with “ROCK THE NATION LIVE!”

● “ALIVE!” Classics (13 songs in the main set)
・ KISS: Deuce / Strutter (★) / Nothin’To Lose (★) / 100,000 Years / Cold Gin (★) / Black Diamond (★)
・ HOTTER THAN HELL: Got to Choose / Hotter Than Hell (★) / Parasite / Let Me Go, Rock’N’ Roll (★)
・ DRESSED TO KILL: C’mon And Love Me (★) / She / Rock And Roll All Nite
● Since 1976 (6 encore songs)
・ DESTROYER: Shout It Out Loud / Detroit Rock City
・ LOVE GUN: Love Gun
・ DYNASTY: I Was Made for Lovin’You
・ LICK IT UP: Lick It Up
* Note: “★” marks are songs that cannot be seen in “ROCK THE NATION LIVE!”.

… And it looks like this. In addition to the selection that cannot be seen in “ROCK THE NATION LIVE!”, The show composition is even more intense. The main set is based on the theme of “ALIVE!” And plays all songs except the three songs “Firehouse”, “Watch in’You” and “Rock Bottom”. The order of the songs is also reminiscent of a historical masterpiece (although it is not the same, so it is not a reproduction). In “ALIVE 35”, “Cold Gin” was an encore, but in this work, it is played properly in the main set. At that time, you can experience the hot topic “ALIVE!

Speaking of DOWNLOAD festival, KISS was scheduled to appear in the 2020 version, but the festival itself was canceled due to the influence of Corona. Revenge appearance has been decided in the 2021 version, and the trend is drawing attention. Now, I would like you to look back on this superb video work. It is exactly “moving ALIVE!”. Please enjoy with the superb view & the best sound board (+ α)!

★ You can select two sound sources, ultra-high-quality audience recording and stereo sound board. Both are the strongest! !!

結成35周年を記念し、久々の大規模ツアー“ALIVE 35 WORLD TOUR”を実施した2008年のKISS。そのハイライト公演を超・絶景体験できる(極上サウンドボード付き)フル映像が登場です。
そのハイライト公演とは「2008年6月13日:ドニントン・パーク公演」。英国最大のロックフェス“DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL”に出演した際の超絶級オーディエンス・ショットです。KISSがドニントン初見参だったのはMONSTERS OF ROCK時代の1988年で、本作はその20周年にして三度目の聖地公演でもありました。
また、35周年ツアーは公式ライヴアルバム『ALIVE 35』にも残されているわけですが、本作はその映像版と言っても良い。その意味をご説明するためにも、ここで当時のスケジュールを振り返ってショウのポジションを確かめておきましょう。

《10月6日『SONIC BOOM』発売》

これが2008年/2009年のKISS。本作はツアー前半に配された「欧州」の21公演目にあたります。実のところ、公式盤『ALIVE 35』も「欧州」レッグのストックホルム公演から制作されており、本作はその2週間後のショウなのです。そんなステージで撮影された本作は、尋常じゃない超ハイクオリティ映像。冒頭でもご紹介した通り、音声にオフィシャル級サウンドボードも採用されているのですが、それでさえ魅力のごく一部でしかない。とにかく「超」をズラズラと並べたい絶景でして、撮影ポジションが分からないほどメンバーの直写ドアップがたっぷり。見上げずメンバーと視線が合う高さなのでそれなりに距離があるはず(ドニントン・パークは斜面の底にステージがあり、天然コロシアムのような設営のため、後ろに下がるほど高くなって見やすくなります)なのですが、ズームは感覚的には10列目くらいの距離感なのです。さらには明らかに三脚を使用している安定感もバツグン。ジーンやポールの半身で画面がいっぱいになるズームのまま左右にカメラを振るのですが、手ブレをまるで感じない。激しく見どころを追っても見やすさが変わらない驚異の映像なのです。
それほどの映像美で描かれるのは、大名盤『ALIVE!』を現場体験するようなフルショウ。実のところ、『ALIVE 35』から2週間後なのでセットは酷似している(曲順は異なります)。ただ、映像作品でもありますのでここでは時期の近い『ROCK THE NATION LIVE!』と比較しながら整理してみましょう。

・KISS:Deuce/Strutter(★)/Nothin’ To Lose(★)/100,000 Years/Cold Gin(★)/Black Diamond(★)
・HOTTER THAN HELL:Got to Choose/Hotter Than Hell(★)/Parasite/Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll(★)
・DRESSED TO KILL:C’mon And Love Me(★)/She/Rock And Roll All Nite
・DESTROYER:Shout It Out Loud/Detroit Rock City
・LOVE GUN:Love Gun
・DYNASTY:I Was Made for Lovin’ You
・LICK IT UP:Lick It Up
※注:「★」印は『ROCK THE NATION LIVE!』では観られない曲。

……と、このようになっています。『ROCK THE NATION LIVE!』では観られないセレクションもさる事ながら、それ以上に強烈なのはショウ構成。メインセットは『ALIVE!』をテーマにしており、3曲「Firehouse」「Watchin’ You」「Rock Bottom」以外の全曲を演奏。曲順も歴史的大名盤を彷彿とさせる(同じではないので再現ではありませんが)。『ALIVE 35』では「Cold Gin」がアンコールになっていましたが、本作ではちゃんと本編セットの方で演奏されています。当時、話題となった「目で観るALIVE!」を極上体験できるのです。



1. Opening
2. Deuce
3. Strutter
4. Got To Choose
5. Nothin’ To Loose
6. Hotter Than Hell
7. C’Mon And Love Me
8. Parasite
9. She
10. 100,000 Years
11. Cold Gin
12. Let Me Go Rock ‘N’ Roll
13. Black Diamond
14. Rock And Roll All Night
15. Shout It Out Loud
16. Lick It Up
17. I Love It Loud
18. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
19. Love Gun
20. Detroit Rock City

COLOUR NTSC Approx.124min.
Dual Audio Option (Original Audience Recording / Stereo Sbd)

Paul Stanley – Guitar & Vocal
Gene Simmons – Bass & Vocal
Tommy Thayer – Guitar
Eric Singer – Drums



KISS / Download 2008 Multi Cam / 1DVDR / Non Label
Live at Download Festival, Donington, UK 13th June 2008

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“ALIVE 35 WORLD TOUR” is not only the 35th anniversary of the formation, but also the live experience of the famous board “ALIVE!”. The main press DVD is a video work that allows you to witness the highlight performance in a superb view. However, this show is also known for leaving “another masterpiece video”. To celebrate the permanent preservation of the apex video, the other masterpiece will also come with a special bonus.
That’s why this work was shot in the same way as the main press DVD “June 13, 2008: DOWNLOAD Festival Performance”. The main press DVD won permanent preservation due to its transcendent visual beauty and sound board audio, but this work is not defeated by its special feeling. Suddenly it starts with Paul’s interview pro shot on the day, but more than that is the show itself. After all, it’s an audience shot of multi-camera editing.
The quality is also wonderful. The main shot is to the right of the stage. In addition, one supplementary camera is used on each side, and a total of three angles are used. Moreover, I’m afraid that each one has a superb view. It’s a pity that the image quality deteriorates when it’s super-up unlike the main press DVD (I mean, the main story is abnormal), but the unobstructed view is not defeated. This is probably the power of multi-cameras. It seems that there were scenes that were difficult to see one by one, but it is easy to see from beginning to end by connecting only the superb views, and depending on the scene, we make full use of screenshots and split screens.
And the sound is also the best. The main press DVD contained two types, an official sound board and a superb audience, but this work should be said to be in between. Although it is an audience recording to the last, there is almost no breath of the audience up close, and it is a sound board-like recording with a very thick core and fine details. In the main press, there is also a genuine sound board sound, so the audience emphasized the sense of presence, but if the line recording had not been excavated, it would have been replaced with the sound of this work.
The “ALIVE to see with the eyes” drawn with such quality is exceptional. The image quality, the coolness of one angle, and the “experience” of being a one-camera make the main press DVD more attractive, but the multi-camera is still delicious. It’s hard to get bored by switching the viewpoint, and the mood of the venue is also realistically conveyed by including the distant view (it was too close to understand in the main press DVD).
While enjoying the real thrill of “experiencing the daimyo board” ALIVE “on site” on the main press DVD, you can enjoy the show from a wider variety of perspectives. It is a masterpiece as a bonus. A video work carefully created by overseas enthusiasts. Please fully experience it together with the main press DVD of the transcendental experience.

結成35周年というだけでなく、大名盤『ALIVE!』の生体験が叶った“ALIVE 35 WORLD TOUR”。本編プレスDVDは、そのハイライト公演を超・絶景で目撃できる映像作品です。しかし、このショウは「もう1つの傑作映像」が残された事でも知られている。頂点映像の永久保存化を祝し、もう一方の傑作も特別ボーナス付属決定です。

1. Intro (Paul Stanley Comments)
2. Opening
3. Deuce
4. Strutter
5. Got To Choose
6. Nothin’ To Loose
7. Hotter Than Hell
8. C’Mon And Love Me
9. Parasite
10. She
11. Guitar Solo
12. 100,000 Years
13. Drum Solo
14. Cold Gin
15. Let Me Go Rock ‘N’ Roll
16. Black Diamond
17. Rock And Roll All Night
18. Shout It Out Loud
19. Lick It Up
20. I Love It Loud
21. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
22. Love Gun
23. Detroit Rock City

COLOUR NTSC Approx.127min.

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