Judas Priest / Okayama 2018 / 2CDR

Judas Priest / Okayama 2018 / 2CDR / Shades
Live at Okayama Shimin Kaikan, Okayama, Japan 25th November 2018

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Following the first issue of last week’s “TAJIMI 2018 (Shades 992)”, the latest PRIEST IN THE EAST is released at once! It is a rush of a masterpiece live album that a nationwide name recordingist hung on his arm !!
In such a situation, it is contained in this work “November 25, 2018: Okayama Municipal Hall”. It is the finest audience recording of their first Okayama performance. This Japan tour is a rave praise storm, even in recent years. First of all, let’s check the position of the show from the schedule.

· November 21: Zepp Sapporo
· November 23: “TAJIMI 2018”
· November 25: Okayama Municipal Hall 【this work】
· November 26: “OSAKA 2018”
· November 28: “TOKYO 2018”
· November 29: “TOKYO 2018” & “MUSASHINO FOREST ARENA 2018”

Over, all six performances. Four live albums have appeared at once in this week, and the Honshu collection was completed together with “TAJIMI 2018” last week. Among them, this work is a sister version of “TAJIMI 2018”. The reason is a recordingist. As well as that masterpiece that made this work a thing, “West Japan’s strongest taper”. It is a master of familiar familiarity with our HR / HM title, but this time Steel God does not stop at Tajimi 1 performance and also participates in Okayama. It was recorded with that splendid skill. Actually, although the sound of this work closely resembles “TAJIMI 2018”, it is more vivid. The sense of air is clear to crystal clear, the core of riff is strong like a bullet, and shout penetrates like a laser beam. Of course, it is not the power sound of the sound pressure plunge but the vividness because detail is extremely clear. Despite the high density metal ensemble, it is clear that clearance between the instruments, breath feeling, and three-dimensional feeling are clear. It is a thin “Okayama municipal hall” familiar to the outside sauce · concert, but “strongest” Mr. does not even do things … …. As expected it is said to be “to record with better sound than the scene”.
In addition, this work is exquisite to the enthusiasm of the audience. While feeling pressure on the cheers between the songs and the fluttering of the texture, it gets quiet during the performance. Besides, there is no close voice to the great cheers! I do not talk or scream. Although the proof of the audience recording is engraved in the ringing of the snare, it seems that it is an official board which mixed as finely as possible, the fineness of the grain of the great cheers, the wide spectacle, and the incoming timing. It is also beautiful contrasting with dynamic performance sounds. This time we come to Japan for masterpieces, but this work is the only one that has beautiful beauty till the great cheers.
Moreover, since the spectacle in which the sound draws is plentiful in the closed room, it makes me happy. Because of the lack of the venue, only the venues that can be said to be exceptional this time. Especially Tajimi and Okayama are small venues that are less than 2,000 at maximum. The singing voice of Rob filling the space is wonderful, and a sense of intimacy blurs even in the great cheers. It is not a scene where you can see the JUDAS PRIEST class normally, but the feeling of that feeling is really delicious.

Although the content of the show closely resembles “TAJIMI 2018” and “OSAKA 2018”, we omit it, but also in Okayama the famous performance which is highly acknowledged as “the best tour of the 21st century” in various places. It is a masterpiece that vacuum packed the whole story with a closed feeling and a miraculous sound.
It is OK to list it as a sister work with “TAJIMI 2018”, and listen as a famous secret room full of plenty. It is a live album that you can enjoy at any venue this time. And if you actually experienced the Okayama performance you will be surprised to be surprised as “Does this sound so good?” Please enjoy yourselves at night, where you can feel Steel God close to you.

先週の第一報『TAJIMI 2018(Shades 992)』に続く、最新PRIEST IN THE EASTが一挙リリース! 全国の名録音家が腕によりをかけた傑作ライヴアルバムのラッシュです!!

・11月21日:Zepp Sapporo
・11月23日:『TAJIMI 2018』
・11月25日:岡山市民会館 【本作】
・11月26日:『OSAKA 2018』
・11月28日:『TOKYO 2018』
・11月29日:『TOKYO 2018』&『MUSASHINO FOREST ARENA 2018』

以上、全6公演。今週は一挙に4本のライヴアルバムが登場し、先週の『TAJIMI 2018』と併せて本州コレクションが完成しました。その中でも本作は『TAJIMI 2018』の姉妹編となるもの。その理由は録音家。本作をモノにしたのは、あの傑作と同じく“西日本最強テーパー”氏。当店のHR/HMタイトルでお馴染みの名手中の名手ですが、今回の鋼鉄神は多治見1公演に止まらず、岡山へも参加。その見事な手腕で録音されたのです。実際、本作のサウンドは『TAJIMI 2018』に酷似していながらも、さらに鮮やか。空気感がクリスタル・クリアに透き通り、リフの芯は弾丸のように力強く、シャウトはレーザー光線のように突き抜ける。もちろん音圧攻めのパワー音ではなく、ディテールが極めてクッキリしているからこその鮮やかさ。密度の高いメタル・アンサンブルにも関わらず、楽器間のスキマや呼吸感、立体感までハッキリと分かる。外タレ・コンサートには馴染みの薄い“岡山市民会館”なのですが、“最強”氏はモノともしない……。さすが「現場より良い音で録る」と言われる名手です。
さらに、本作はオーディエンスの熱狂まで絶妙。曲間やキメの煽りではワァッと沸き上がる大歓声に圧力を感じるのに、演奏中は静寂となる。しかも、その大歓声に間近な声が一切ない! 話し声も奇声も絶叫もしないのです。スネアの鳴りにオーディエンス録音の証は刻まれているものの、大歓声の粒の細やかさも、広いスペクタクルも、入ってくるタイミングも、まるで計算ずくにミックスしたオフィシャル盤かのよう。さらに端正にしてダイナミックな演奏音との対比まで美しい。今回の来日は傑作揃いではありますが、大歓声まで均整の美を湛えているのは本作だけです。
しかも、そのサウンドが描くスペクタクルが密室感たっぷりだから嬉しくなってしまう。会場不足のためか、今回は異例とも言える会場ばかり。特に多治見と岡山は、最大でも2,000人を下回る小さな会場。その空間に充ち満ちるロブの歌声が素晴らしく、大歓声にも親密感が滲む。普段ならJUDAS PRIESTクラスを観られる現場ではなく、そのハコ感が実に美味しいのです。

ショウの内容は『TAJIMI 2018』や『OSAKA 2018』にも酷似しているので割愛しますが、各所で「21世紀のベスト・ツアー!」と絶賛されている名演は岡山でも全開。その一部始終を密室感と奇跡的なサウンドで真空パックした大傑作です。
『TAJIMI 2018』と共に姉妹作として揃えても良し、密室感たっぷりの名盤として聴くも良し。今回どの会場に足を運ばれた方でも楽しめるライヴアルバムです。そして、実際に岡山公演を体験された方なら「こんなに音が良かったっけ!?」と驚かれるであろう1本。鋼鉄神を身近に感じられる夜、どうぞじっくりとお楽しみください。

Disc 1 (48:57)
1. Pre-Show: War Pigs 2. Firepower Intro 3. Firepower 4. Running Wild 5. Grinder 6. Sinner
7. The Ripper 8. Lightning Strike 9. Desert Plains 10. No Surrender 11. Turbo Lover
12. The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)

Disc 2 (52:54)
1. Night Comes Down 2. Guardians 3. Rising From Ruins 4. Freewheel Burning
5. You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ 6. Hell Bent for Leather 7. Painkiller
8. The Hellion 9. Electric Eye 10. Breaking the Law 11. Living After Midnight

Rob Halford – Vocals Richie Faulkner – Guitar Andy Sneap – Guitar, Vocals Ian Hill – Bass
Scott Travis – Drums

Shades 994

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