Joni Mitchell / LA Rehearsals 1983 / 2CDR

Joni Mitchell / LA Rehearsals 1983 / 2CDR / Project Zip

Dress Rehearsal at A & M Studios, Los Angeles, CA February 20th 1983


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A premiere rehearsal performed before Joni Mitchell’s 1983 world tour has been recorded on the sound board! It was recorded at the Los Angeles A & M studio on February 20, 1983, and also features songs from the album “Wild Things Run First” at that time, as well as covers from Marvin Gaye’s “Sorry Rumors”. It is a featured title that captures precious dress rehearsal almost in concert as it is backed by a talented musician such as Michael Landau who plays harder guitar than Pat Metheny in the past!


01. Cotton Avenue
02. Coyote
03. Free Man In Paris
04. Edith And The Kingpin
05. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
06. Precious Love
07. Shine Your Light On Me Miss Liberty
08. God Must Be A Boogie Man
09. For Free
10. Big Yellow Taxi

01. A Case Of You
02. Amelia
03. Raised On Robbery
04. Help Me I’m Falling
05. Ladies’ Man
06. Anima
07. Refuge Of The Roads
08. (You’re So Square) I Don’t Care
09. Solid Love
10. Down At The Chinese Cafe
◆Dress Rehearsal at A & M Studios, Los Angeles, CA February 20th 1983

Project Zip.PJZ-731A / B

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