Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / Wantagh 2000 / 1DVDR

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / Wantagh 2000 / 1DVDR / Non Label

Live at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY. USA 10th July 2000 PRO-SHOT

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Jimmy Page & THE BLACK CROWES has become a unique project in his career since LED ZEPPELIN. The big classic multi-camera pro shot is a gift release decision. The official live album was also a hit, but the “visual” video is extremely rare. This work is the most famous and big classic full pro shot loved by rock fans. This work was shot at “July 10, 2000 One Tough Performance”. This is a good opportunity to look back on the activities of Jimmy Page & THE BLACK CROWES. ・ October 9-19, 1999: North America # 1 (7 performances) “LIVE AT THE GREEK” 《About 8 months later》 ・ June 24-July 10, 2000: North America # 2 (8 performances) ← ★ Coco ★ 《About one month later》 ・ August 13-30, 2000: North America # 3 (7 performances) 《About 3 weeks later》 ・ September 23-October 3, 2000: North America # 4 (5 performances) The above is the outline of the tour. The official board and press DVD “LIVE AT THE GREEK 1999” were recorded in the final performance of “North America # 1”, and this work is the final day of “North America # 2” which was held eight months later. Because it was loved for many years, its quality is really wonderful. The screen is a little sweet from the modern sense of digital heyday, but the quality is more than enough for that time. Although it contains one slight distortion line derived from the video master, there is no other deterioration that seems to be deterioration. It is a stereo sound board with perfect sound. The brave figure of Jimmy Page at the end of the 20th century that can be witnessed with such quality is wonderful. Since the resurrection in “OUTRIDER”, there is no feeling of blank because he has continued his activities intermittently with COVERDALE / PAGE and PAGE / PLANT. Surrounded by the youthful and respectful members of THE BLACK CROWES, they will show off their ZEP numbers comfortably while taking on that action. All the songs are great, but the one you shouldn’t miss is “Whole Lotta Love”. In the middle stage, theremin solo is arranged to reproduce that sound world. The shooting staff also understands the meaning firmly, and expresses fantasy and intoxication with time-lapse, afterimages, and tilted angles. Then, the blood vessels stand out on the neck, and the riff is carved with a clenched expression. The enthusiasm is captured by a multi-camera, and it approaches with more persuasive power than the phrase. Moreover, there are plenty of delicious songs because the time is different. “Misty Mountain Hop” and “In The Light” were also heard on the Japanese edition bonus track, but including “The Wanton Song”, “Hots On For Nowhere” and “Bring It On Home”, the official edition and the press DVD “LIVE AT” Six songs that are not in “THE GREEK 1999” will be played. After finishing everything, Page talked to the audience with satisfaction while wiping the sweat. His feelings for music and a certain response are reflected in his expression. What’s packed into this work is “playing the guitar with your own song” … Page is enjoying such a natural joy to his heart’s content. Everyone knows that it is not a permanent project, but that is why it is a blissful moment. One piece that I drew it with multi-camera pro shot. We will deliver it to you this weekend.
LED ZEPPELIN以降のキャリアでも異色のプロジェクトとなったジミー・ペイジ&THE BLACK CROWES。その大定番マルチカメラ・プロショットがギフト・リリース決定です。公式ライヴアルバムもヒットした合体プロジェクトでしたが、“目で見る”映像は極めて希。本作は、そんな中でもっとも有名にして、ロックファンから愛された大定番フルプロショットです。
本作が撮影されたのは「2000年7月10日ワンタフ公演」。良い機会ですので、ジミー・ペイジ&THE BLACK CROWESの活動を振り返ってみましょう。

・1999年10月9日-19日:北米#1(7公演)『LIVE AT THE GREEK』

以上がツアーの概要。オフィシャル盤やプレスDVD『LIVE AT THE GREEK 1999』が収録されたのは「北米#1」の最終公演であり、本作はその8ヶ月後に行われた「北米#2」の最終日にあたります。
そんなクオリティで目撃できる20世紀最後のジミー・ペイジの勇姿が素晴らしい。『OUTRIDER』での復活以降、COVERDALE/PAGE、PAGE・PLANTと断続的ながら活動を続けてきただけにブランク感がまったくない。若々しくもリスペクト感たっぷりのTHE BLACK CROWESの面々に囲まれ、あのアクションをキメながら気持ち良さそうにZEPナンバーを披露していく。どの曲も素晴らしいですが、特に必見なのは「Whole Lotta Love」でしょうか。中盤ではテルミンのソロが配され、あの音世界を再現。撮影スタッフもその意味をしっかりと理解しており、コマ落としや残像、グルグルと傾くアングルで幻想感・酩酊感を表現する。そして、首に血管を浮き立たせ、食いしばるような表情でリフを刻む。その熱演ぶりがマルチカメラで捉えられ、フレーズ以上の説得力で迫るのです。
しかも、時期が違うからこその美味しい曲もたっぷり。「Misty Mountain Hop」や「In The Light」は日本盤ボーナストラックでも聴けましたが、「The Wanton Song」「Hots On For Nowhere」「Bring It On Home」を始め、オフィシャル盤やプレスDVD『LIVE AT THE GREEK 1999』にはない曲が6曲も演奏されるのです。


1. Intro. 2. Celebration Day 3. The Wanton Song 4. Misty Mountain Hop 5. Hots On For Nowhere
6. No Speak No Slave 7. Sick Again 8. What Is And What Should Never Be 9. Horsehead
10. Oh Well 11. Ten Years Gone 12. In My Time Of Dying 13. I Can’t Be Satisfied
14. Your Time Is Gonna Come 15. Remedy 16. The Lemon Song 17. In The Light 18. Shapes Of Things
19. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 20. Heartbreaker 21. Bring It On Home 22. She Talks To Angels
23. Out On The Tiles 24. Whole Lotta Love




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