Jimi Hendrix / New York Pop Festival 1970 Complete Audience Recording / 1CD

Jimi Hendrix / New York Pop Festival 1970 Complete Audience Recording / 1CD / Non Label
Downing Stadium, Randall’s Island, NY, USA 17th July 1970

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Jimi Hendrix, where the release of live sound sources in 1969, including the best-selling “THE COMPLETE WOODSTOCK” continued, is the appearance of the best live sound source in 1970 after a long time. It ’s the New York Pop Festival on July 17th. In his late years, July was the peak of live activities under the name of the Cry of Love Tour, and official soundtrack recordings were enriched, including Atlanta and Hawaii in Rainbow Bridge. It is. Among those in Hawaii, “MAUI 1970”, which has been evaluated as a sound board definitive edition as well as Woodstock, is also the best seller.
】 New York Pop is as if it was split between these two classics. This is also a show where official multi-track recording has been realized, but it was released from there that only “ Red House ” was adopted for “ THE JIMI HENDRIX CONCERTS ” live compilation . In addition, even deep echoes that seemed unnecessary were added.
】 Because it is such a sound source, a long version of the sound board has leaked, items based on it have also been released from the LP era. However, due to the nature of rough mix, it has instability of the mix, and “ Red House ” is diverted from the previous echo mix, and further to “ All Along the Watchtower ”, it is released in a state of being replaced with audience recording Something remains unhappy. However, the audience recording that completely recorded the stage of New York pop has been on the market between traders, and this is literally the finest sound source.

Anyway, the sound quality is unmatched by any other Jimigen Audience in 1970. The most amazing of them is the sound image that is surprisingly on. It was a 70-year festival recording that was captured with such a powerful sound image. This is a god recording that you want to describe as if it were a sound board. Still, it is attractive because it captures the realism of a rock festival in America, typical of the hippie era. For a while after the performance of Jimi, the surrounding audience is noisy, but this is the atmosphere of the 70-year American festival itself. More than that, the performance and the voice of Jimi are captured with overwhelming sound pressure, so the miraculous recording state that you can hear even the noisy presence is wonderful.
Actually, when this limited press CD was released, it was said that it was an ideal sound source without any additional work. There may be no other Jimi’s audience recordings, though there are stereo soundboard recordings of the same day, but there are no closes. The audience recording that recorded his stage has a surprising number when considering the times, but among them, it is top class without a multiplier.

Also noteworthy is the wonderful performance of Jimi and the band. It is very rare that “ Stone Free ” is played on the Cry of Love Tour, but it is unfolding as if it seems to cut into a noisy venue The best part. As if this opening decided the voltage of the day, the performance of a stunning upper atmosphere continues. At the front and back Atlanta and Maui, I got the impression that Jimi was playing carefully, but this day was a different dimension. Even so, I can feel even the margin to play the riff of “Sunshine Of Your Love” of cream and “Satisfaction” of Rolling Stones between “Fire”.
And as Jimi listened to the incandescent guitar in “Red House”, it was valuable as a document to convey even the sense of reality that the formerly noisy venue began to calm down. It’s clear that Jimi has never been so excited because of the noisy atmosphere, and there is no other show in 1970 that has been attacked so hard.
“American national anthem”, which has been infiltrated among fans a year since the premiere at Woodstock the previous year, was played as an introduction before “Purple Haze” on that day, It is also interesting that only the medley development. Jimi is really generous and superb.
Other famous sound sources such as Isle of Wight and Berkeley also existed in 1970, but because of the existence of multitrack recordings, hidden performances that have only been certified as “ masterpiece audience recordings ” only among manias so far And a famous sound source. Even if the sound board of the same day appears in the official future, it will be impossible to convey the power of such a vivid performance and the sense of urgency. Anyway, please enjoy the upper performance that you can hear at a stretch with the sound image that is real and on the verge of the sound board. This is a live sound source of Jimi’s later years that is outstanding in both sound quality and performance!

(Remastered memo)
★ Sound quality is the best and the pitch is right, so you just relaxed the loud microphone contact sound that you can visually check, and nothing else.

大ベストセラー「THE COMPLETE WOODSTOCK」を始めとして1969年のライブ音源のリリースが続いていたジミ・ヘンドリックス、今回は久々に1970年の極上ライブ音源の登場です。それは7月17日のニューヨーク・ポップ・フェスティバル。彼の晩年において7月はクライ・オブ・ラブ・ツアーという名の下で行われたライブ活動がピークに達した時期で、オフィシャルでもアトランタにレインボー・ブリッジのハワイといった具合でサウンドボード録音が充実しています。中でもハワイの方はウッドストックと同様にサウンドボード決定版との評価を得た「MAUI 1970」がこれまたベストセラー。
これら二つの定番の間に割って入ったかのような存在がニューヨーク・ポップ。こちらもオフィシャルなマルチトラック・レコーディングが実現したショーなのですが、そこからリリースされたのは「炎のライブ」こと「THE JIMI HENDRIX CONCERTS」ライブ・コンピに「Red House」一曲が採用されたのみ。おまけに不必要と思えるほど深いエコーまで加えられていたのでした。
そうした音源ですので、サウンドボードのロングバージョンが流出、それを元にしたアイテムもLPの時代からリリースされています。しかしラフミックスという性質上ミックスの不安定さなどを抱えており、なおかつ「Red House」が先のエコーミックスから流用、さらに「All Along the Watchtower」に至ってはオーディエンス録音に差し替えという状態にてリリースされるといった不満が残るもの。ところがトレーダー間にはニューヨーク・ポップのステージを完全収録したオーディエンス録音が以前から出回っており、これが文字通り極上の音源なのです。


さらに特筆すべきはジミとバンドが織りなす演奏の素晴らしさ。クライ・オブ・ラブ・ツアーにおいて「Stone Free」が演奏されるというのは、それだけでも非常にレアなのですが、まるで騒然とした会場に切り込んでみせるかのような激しさで繰り広げられているのが圧巻。このオープニングが一日のボルテージを決定づけてみせたかのごとく、俄然アッパーな雰囲気の演奏が続きます。前後のアトランタやマウイではジミがじっくりと弾いている印象を受けましたが、この日はまるで別次元。それでいて「Fire」の合間でクリームの「Sunshine Of Your Love」とローリング・ストーンズの「Satisfaction」のリフをサラリと弾いてみせる余裕すら感じられる。
そして「Red House」において白熱のギターをジミが聞かせたことで、それまで騒然としていた場内が落ち着きを戻し始める臨場感までも伝わってくる点はドキュメントとしても貴重。その騒然とした雰囲気だからこそジミがいつになく奮起したのは明らかで、これほどまでに激しく攻めてくる1970年のショーは他に見られません。
前年のウッドストックでの名演から一年、すっかりファンの間でも浸透した「アメリカ国歌」はこの日「Purple Haze」の前の導入として弾かれましたが、その前に「蛍の光」に少しだけメドレーした展開というのも面白い。本当に余裕たっぷりで絶好調なジミ。



1. Intro
2. Stone Free
3. Fire
4. Red House
5. Message Of Love
6. Lover Man
7. All Along The Watchtower
8. Foxy Lady
9. Ezy Ryder
10. Star Spangled Banner
11. Purple Haze
12. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Jimi Hendrix – Guitar, Vocal
Mitch Mitchell – Drums
Billy Cox – Bass

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