Jimi Hendrix Experience / Are You Experienced Original UK Mono LP / 1CDR

Jimi Hendrix Experience / Are You Experienced Original UK Mono LP / 1CDR / Non Label
Taken from the original UK LP (Track Record 612 001, Mono)

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The biggest album in rock history, “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED”. One of the miracle that reprints the original mono version is the gift release decision.
What is contained in this work is a masterpiece board in the masterpiece board which should be called a treasure of the 20th century. The UK original 1st press LP “Track Record 612 001, Mono”. In our shop, we have introduced many of the highest ever edition of the masterpiece of the masterpiece shining in rock history. PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATHetcetc ……. This work is its “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED” version.
First of all, let’s start from the beginning for those who do not know the reprint title so far. Not only rock, the great music history has been pursuing the best sound. It is the best sound because it is a great performance, I want to listen to the most original sound. Such instinct driven maniacs gather up the different versions of each media such as LP, CD, cassette, etc., and are searching for the top with “Who is the best?” The highest peak sound may be discovered from the unexpected media of the unexpected country, but it becomes the approximate index “1st press LP of the producing country”. A master record is produced from a master tape, but in the case of other countries, a copy of the production country is distributed, whereas in the production country, the original is used. Therefore, the sound closest to the master is recorded in “1st press LP in the producing country”.
And overseas, there is a mania that specializes in digitizing such 1st press machines. This mania’s commitment is ultimate. It will continue searching for the best LP without hesitation and money, and reproduce it on high-end equipment used by professionals and digitize it. It also sticks to the first play, continues to pursue the best sound. This work is “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED” edited by such core mania. PINK FLOYD, BLACK SABBATH, it is the latest work of the mania which let the great board of RAINBOW play.
In fact, that particular commitment has appeared in the sound of this work. Analogue generation is accompanied by needle pachi, and it is inevitable if it is also a 60’s record. However, there is no such thing in this work. Usually, although noiseless is said to cause noise once and then process the noise digitally, this work is completely unprocessed as it is digitized. Despite not adding the hand … Not ……, it is so glossy and natural sound that there is no need to add the hand from the beginning. Indeed, it is packed with the original sound of the highest peak ever.
The original mono “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED” that I got in such a process … This is just the best. Because the mix itself is different, it is different from the stereo board in the first place. There is no point in comparing them one by one, but if you mention only one song “Red House”. There is no intro “Oh, Yeah!” Voice on the stereo, and there are no vocal effects applied at the mountain level. The guitar sound is also extremely natural, and it is completely different from the stereo board that sounds from the inside of the bowl. I feel the presence that Strato is playing at once and the reality that I feel even the vibration of the strings. Moreover, this work is the ultimate “Track Record 612 001, Mono”. The freshness is overwhelming, and it is clear to the vibe of the moment when the note disappears in the empty sky, one long tone and one grudge of the guitar. We never touch the actual material of the master tape, but this must be the master sound. The overwhelmingly realistic sound spreads so as to be so sure.
Such a main story is an experience of a miracle, but this work has also recorded four original singles. As you know, “Hey Joe”, “Purple Haze” and “The Wind Cries Mary”, which were single released, were cut on the British edition of “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED”. This work is a complete collection of three singles + four of “A Burning Of The Midnight Lamp”, including B-face songs. Of course, each is the UK first edition, and it is digitized with the same accuracy as the main title “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED”.

There are many masterpieces in the history of rock, but is there such a decisive one? A major miracle board “ARE YOU EXPERIENCED” that repainted the history overnight. It is one piece that began to draw the original monophonic board with the highest sound ever recorded. This is the treasure of 20th century music. Please do not hesitate to correct the collar and face the soul.

ロック史上最大の名盤『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』。そのオリジナル・モノラル盤を復刻した奇跡の1枚がギフト・リリース決定です。
本作に収められているのは、20世紀の至宝とも言うべき名盤中の大名盤。その英国オリジナル1stプレスLP『Track Record 612 001, Mono』です。当店では、これまでもロック史に輝く名盤の史上最高峰版を多数ご紹介してきました。PINK FLOYD、LED ZEPPELIN、DEEP PURPLE、BLACK SABBATHetcetc……。本作は、その『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』版なのです。
そして、海外にはそんな1stプレス盤を専門にデジタル化しているマニアがいます。このマニアのこだわりは究極的。手間も資金も惜しまずに最高状態のLPを探し続け、それをプロが使用するハイエンドの機材で再生してはデジタル化。それも初回再生にこだわり、最高のサウンドを追究し続けている。本作はそんなコアなマニアが送り出した『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』編。PINK FLOYDやBLACK SABBATH、RAINBOWの大名盤を甦らせたマニアの最新作なのです。
そうした工程で甦ったオリジナル・モノラルの『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』……これはまさに至高。ミックス自体が異なるので、そもそもステレオ盤とは別物。いちいち比較する意味もないのですが、1曲だけ挙げるなら「Red House」。ステレオ盤にあったイントロの「Oh, Yeah!」声がなく、山びこレベルでかけられていたヴォーカルのエフェクトもない。ギター・サウンドも極めてナチュラルで、靄の中からぶ厚く鳴り響くステレオ盤とはまったく違う。ストラトがすぐそこで鳴っている存在感、弦の振動まで感じる現実感まで実感するのです。しかも、本作は究極の『Track Record 612 001, Mono』。その鮮度は圧倒的で、ギターの軋み1つ、ロングトーン1つ、そのノートが虚空に消える刹那のヴァイヴまで鮮明。私たちがマスター・テープの現物に触れる事は決していないわけですが、これこそマスター・サウンドに違いない。そう確信するほど圧倒的にリアルなサウンドが広がるのです。
そんな本編だけでも奇跡の体験なのですが、本作はさらにオリジナル・シングル4種も収録しました。ご存じの通り『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』の英国盤にはシングル・リリースされた「Hey Joe」「Purple Haze」「The Wind Cries Mary」がカットされていた。本作はそのシングル3種+『A Burning Of The Midnight Lamp』の4種をB面曲も含めて完全収録。もちろん、それぞれが英国初回盤であり、本編『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』と同様の精度でデジタル化されています。

ロックの歴史に名盤は数あれど、これほど決定的な1枚があったでしょうか。一夜にして歴史を塗り替えた奇跡の大名盤『ARE YOU EXPERIENCED』。そのオリジナル・モノラル盤を史上最高峰サウンドで描きだした1枚です。これこそ、20世紀音楽の至宝。どうぞ襟を正し、魂で正対していただけたら光栄です。

Taken from the original UK LP (Track Record 612 001, Mono)

1. Foxy Lady
2. Manic Depression
3. Red House
4. Can You See Me
5. Love Or Confusion
6. I Don’t Live Today
7. May This Be Love
8. Fire
9. 3rd Stone From The Sun
10. Remember
11. Are You Experienced

Taken from the original UK 7″ single (Polydor 56139)

12. Hey Joe
13. Stone Free

Taken from the original UK 7″ single (Track Record 604001)

14. Purple Haze
15. 51st Anniversary

Taken from the original UK 7″ single (Track Record 604004)

16. The Wind Cries Mary
17. Highway Chile

Taken from the original UK 7″ single (Track Record 604007)

18. A Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
19. The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice

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