Jeff Beck / Koln 2014 Youtube Selection / 1DVDR

Jeff Beck / Koln 2014 Youtube Selection / 1DVDR / Non Label

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Live at E-Werk, Koln, Germany 29th May 2014 


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The complete recording in the phenomenal and ultra high-quality shot of about mistaken and television broadcasting, the Cologne performance, one of the fan indispensable Germany of May 29, 2014 it is recorded in the press platen is the “KOLN 2014 youtube selection” will be attached specially. Oshimurakuwa By number of accrued is large, it is short and 48 minutes to match it also included the whole time, but there is a noteworthy thing is the splendor of the content. In without saying, the camera angles are caught playing with stunning zoom up stable image around Jeff. Since there is little stress Unlike Japan tour video, members of the figure that may be hidden in the silhouette of the audience in the front row, you can be Miiru on the screen with confidence. Shooting the same person all, we capture the Jeff A great zoom work from the front row, with the exception of one song. This is also a video image to be viewed in a well by the photographer to another, zoom in the video from the rear only Hammerhead. Sound quality is lost in the sound of the press CD indeed, but it is the level it is also no problem at all. Video title masterpiece of attention that has been recorded in stunning quality as if looking at the film footage of the movie at all. Playing movements and fine members did not know the only sound know clearly is also a strength of the video title, It is one of the must for fans who will complement the great video masterpiece press CD title “KOLN 2014”. Original menu with.
プレス盤に収録された2014年5月29日のドイツはケルン公演を、テレビ放送と見間違えるほどの驚異的・超高品質ショットで完全収録した、ファン必携の1枚「KOLN 2014 youtube selection」が特別に付属致します。惜しむらくは未収のナンバーが多いことで、全体の収録時間もそれにあわせて48分と短めですが、内容の素晴らしさは特筆すべきものがあります。カメラ・アングルは言うことなしで、ジェフを中心に安定した見事なズームアップ映像で演奏を捉えています。日本公演映像と違い、前列の観客のシルエットでメンバーの姿が隠れてしまうというストレスが殆どないので、安心して画面に見入ることができます。1曲を除いて全て同じ人の撮影で、前方列から見事なズームワークでジェフを捉えています。Hammerheadのみ別の撮影者による、後方からのズーム映像でこれも十分に観れる映像です。音質は流石にプレスCDのサウンドには負けますが、それも全く問題ないレベルです。まるで映画のフィルム映像を見ているかのような見事な品質で収録された注目の傑作映像タイトル。音だけでは判らなかったメンバーの細かい動きや奏法がはっきりと判るのも映像タイトルの強みであり、傑作プレスCDタイトル「KOLN 2014」を素晴らしい映像から補完してくれるファン必携の1枚です。オリジナル・メニュー付き。 

1. Loaded 2. Nine 3. Hammerhead 4. Band Introductions 5. Yemin 6. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
7. Brush With The Blues 8. You Never Know 9. Little Wing 10. Choral 11. Big Block 
12. Rollin’ And Tumblin’ 13. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers

Jeff Beck – Guitar Rhonda Smith – Bass, Vocal Jonathan Joseph – Drums Nicolas Meier – Guitar

COLOUR NTSC Approx.48min. 

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