Iron Maiden / Dortmund 1990 / 2CD

Iron Maiden / Dortmund 1990 / 2CD / Zodiac

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Live at Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany 21st December 1990

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It’s as if NWOBHM. “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD” swept the whole world with a fresh show like a reborn. It is a new excavation of the highest masterpiece that updates the highest peak ever.
This is wonderful! Speaking of “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”, rare tour which has continued to be a missing link in IRON MAIDEN, which also advanced official archives. Although there is also an official-class sound board “NO PRAYER OVER WEMBLEY”, it also includes excerpts of the show. Full lives had to rely on audience recordings. That’s why the world’s maniacs explore the best full recording. DEFINITIVE PARIS 1990 2ND NIGHT (Zodiac 248) “has been regarded as the apex. However, this work is a world new record master who has exceeded that top!
Such a work included in “Dortmund Performance December 21, 1990”. It is its superb audience recording. Let’s first check the position of the show from the whole picture of the world tour.

● 1990
· September 19 – November 23: Europe # 1 (43 performances)
· December 3 – 22: European # 2 (14 performances) ← ★ Coco ★
● 1991
· January 13 – March 19: North America (43 performances)
· March 26 – April 5: Japan (6 shows)
· June 29th: ROSKILDE FESTIVAL appearance
· September 5 – 21: Europe # 3 (3 performances)

【New excavation master of the highest peak in history】
This is the outline of “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD ’90 / ’91”. In 1990, only Europe tours were performed, and the Dortmund performance of this work was a concert of 13 concerts of “Europe # 2”. Several audience records have been known for some time in the show, but its quality is “good, but it is not the top, is it?” However, this work is a new master that was discovered only recently, and it was digitized directly from the Omoto cassette.
The quality of such a new master is superb. Of course, the top vertex “DEFINITIVE PARIS 1990 2ND NIGHT” must also be the highest version of a long standing standard recording, but this work goes further. What’s great is nothing but neat sounds and details. Although the direct feeling and the powerful strength of the core approximate, the natural sounding that reaches straight clearly is more beautiful in this work. It is a beautiful recording that stands up to “skimmer” between musical instruments because the separation feeling is too clear.
And the breath of the scene flowing in that “skimmer” is also wonderful. This work is sucked into audiences-like enthusiasm, but it is extraordinarily extensive. There is little annoying trouble for the nearby customers, cheering and choruses spreading throughout the venue spread to the spectacle. And the sense of the air at the scene is crystal clear, clear, and you can tell one voice one voice. For example, it is not a sandy beach filled with ocher color, but a high vision picture that seems to be clear all sand grains. The fact that the small grains are clear is clear, the sense of perspective becomes three-dimensional.

【The most unknown strong tour “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”】
Cool cool thing of “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD” drawn with this sound! Steel’s Buckinghami base forms a contour there, assembling a building that Nico’s geometric drumming can not be seen. And it becomes the wall, becomes the floor, the harmony of the twin guitar which becomes the ceiling. Even though the beauty of the ordered IRON MAIDEN architecture is as usual, each piece of the skeleton is destructive, and the wall is hard and concrete like a concrete hit. Decorative pure metal playing …… It is a denim & leather show just returned to the “NWOBHM band”.
Bruce · Dickinson is amazing. Since 1984, the voice ceased to come out year by year, but this tour quickly recovered. Due to solo activities, I also did voice training, high notes grew beautifully everywhere, and the powerful core of the 1980s has not been lost either. That is the “WORLD PIECE TOUR 1983” Carrier – high singing voice roars in the full story. Moreover, there is as much as I can on this day. The vertex sound board “NO PRAYER OVER WEMBLEY” was also wonderful, but this is not the best condition. Highly noisy, heavenly “Run To The Hills” high note … ….
Although this work is not only a top-name name recording but also a masterpiece, it is MC that the special feeling blurs. In front of “No Prayer For The Dying” I will tell you the memories of “DORTMUND HEAVY METAL FESTIVAL”, but I enumerated co-starring bands at the time, “Do you remember? JUADS PRIEST, SCORPIONS, OZZY OSBOURNE … …” I will go. Perhaps the best performance of the day may be a performance as a reminder of “that day”.

Originally, we should also talk about a set of new songs only for this tour and rare Yannick version “22 Acacia Avenue (with end solo)”, but it is not so much. Super supreme sound, plenty of NWOBHM feeling wild with bursting with its beautiful sound … …. Although it is a plentiful taste of “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”, it is one of the most masterpieces of all time even more.
I planned to write “audition one sound I want to listen next to the official-class sound board NO PRAYER OVER WEMBLEY” for audience recording only, but I stopped after all. This work is the top of “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD” that is unquestionable! It is a wonderful live album that overwhelms the official-class soundboard, and it is a daimyo’s famous masterpiece. It’s born with a majestic permanent preservation press 2CD!

まるでNWOBHM。生まれ変わったようなフレッシュなショウで全世界を席巻した“NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”。その史上最高峰を更新する最高傑作の新発掘です。
これは、これは素晴らしい! “NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”と言えば、公式アーカイヴも進んだIRON MAIDENにおいてもミッシングリンクとなり続けてきたレア・ツアー。公式級サウンドボード『NO PRAYER OVER WEMBLEY』も存在するものの、それもショウの抜粋収録。フルライヴはオーディエンス録音に頼るしかありませんでした。それだけに世界のマニアがベストなフル録音を探求。これまでの定説は『DEFINITIVE PARIS 1990 2ND NIGHT(Zodiac 248)』こそが頂点とされてきました。しかし、本作はその頂点を超えてしまった世界新記録マスターなのです!


これが“NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD ‘90/’91”の概要。1990年編はヨーロッパ・ツアーのみで、本作のドルトムント公演は「欧州#2」13公演目のコンサートでした。このショウは以前からオーディエンス記録が何種か知られてきましたが、そのクオリティは「良いんだけど、頂点じゃないよね」と言ったところ。しかし、本作はごく最近になって発掘された新マスターで、大元カセットからダイレクトにデジタル化されたものなのです。
そんな新マスターのクオリティは、極上。もちろん、これまでの頂点『DEFINITIVE PARIS 1990 2ND NIGHT』も長年の大定番録音の最高峰バージョンには違いないのですが、本作は更に上を行く。何よりも素晴らしいのは、端正な鳴りとディテール。ダイレクト感やパワフルな芯の逞しさは近似しているものの、真っ直ぐに届くナチュラルな鳴りは明らかに本作の方が美しい。分離感があまりにもクッキリとしているため、楽器間の“スキマ”まで浮き立っている美録音なのです。

【知られざる最強ツアー“NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”】
このサウンドで描かれた“NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”のカッコ良いこと! ニコの幾何学的なドラミングが見えない建築物を組み立て、そこにスティーヴのバッキバキ・ベースが輪郭を形作る。そして、その壁となり、床となり、天井となるツインギターのハーモニー。整然としたIRON MAIDEN建築の美しさはいつも通りとしても、その骨組み1本1本がえらくぶっとく、壁はコンクリート打ちっ放しのように無骨でハード。飾りっ気のない純メタルな演奏……まさに“NWOBHMバンド”に立ち返ったデニム&レザーなショウなのです。
さらにブルース・ディッキンソンが凄い。1984年から年々声が出なくなっていましたが、このツアーでは一気に回復。ソロ活動のせいか、ヴォイストレーニングでもしたのか、ハイノートはどこまでも綺麗に伸び、しかも80年代のパワフルな芯も失われていない。それこそ“WORLD PIECE TOUR 1983”ばりのキャリア・ハイな歌声が全編で轟くのです。しかも、この日は絶好調にもほどがある。頂点サウンドボード『NO PRAYER OVER WEMBLEY』も素晴らしかったですが、ここまで絶好調ではいない。どこまでも雄々しく、天翔る「Run To The Hills」のハイノート……。
本作は頂点的名録音なだけでなく、名演でもあるわけですが、さらに特別感が滲むのがMC。「No Prayer For The Dying」の前では“DORTMUND HEAVY METAL FESTIVAL”の想い出を語るのですが、そこで「覚えてるか? JUADS PRIEST、SCORPIONS、OZZY OSBOURNE……」と、当時の共演バンドを列挙していく。この日の絶好調ぶりは、「あの日」を思い出しての熱演なのかも知れません。

本来であれば、このツアーだけの新曲たっぷりのセットやレアなヤニック版「22 Acacia Avenue(エンドソロ付き)」についても語るべきなのですが、それどころではありません。超極上なサウンド、その美音で炸裂するワイルドでNWOBHM感たっぷりなショウ……。“NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”の旨みたっぷりではあるものの、それ以上にオールタイムでも屈指の大傑作なのです。
オーディエンス録音だけに「公式級サウンドボードNO PRAYER OVER WEMBLEYの次に聴きたい1本」と書く予定でしたが、やっぱり止めた。本作こそが問答無用の“NO PRAYER ON THE ROAD”の頂点! 公式級サウンドボードも圧倒する素晴らしいライヴアルバムにして、希代の大名盤。堂々の永久保存プレス2CDで誕生です!


Disc 1 (40:36)
1. Theme From 633 Squadron 2. Tailgunner 3. Public Enema Number One 4. Wrathchild
5. Die With Your Boots On 6. Hallowed Be Thy Name 7. 22 Acacia Avenue 8. Holy Smoke
9. The Assassin

Disc 2 (62:00)
1. MC 2. No Prayer For The Dying 3. Hooks In You 4. The Clairvoyant 5. 2 Minutes To Midnight
6. The Trooper 7. Heaven Can Wait 8. Iron Maiden 9. The Number Of The Beast
10. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter 11. Member Introduction 12. Run To The Hills
13. Sanctuary

Bruce Dickinson – Lead Vocal Steve Harris – Bass Dave Murray – Guitar
Janick Gers – Guitar Nicko McBrain – Drums

Zodiac 292

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